12 Fatal Mistakes Network Marketers Make

- Second Edition -

12 Fatal mistakes network marketers make 2nd edition


Digital Copy Of The "12 Fatal Mistakes Network Marketers Make" Book Where You’ll Learn:

  • How a silly trick of sticky tapping a logo to a steering wheel made my mentors business explode
  • Why as a very experienced salesperson I had to learn to be humble and listen to get the things I wanted
  • What to do if your immediate upline is no good and why this is the difference between success and failure for you.
  • How simply edifying your upline will get your own downline to respect you and listen to what you tell them.
  • Discover the worst decision you can ever make in Network Marketing. 97% of Networkers do this business killing mistake.
  • Why the follow up is like sex and how not to be “that guy”
  • How “busy work” kills your business.
  • Where to seek advice and accountability. You need both to succeed in Networking.
  • The one thing you must do every day for 15 minutes to be a success.
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Don is a fantastic mentor. Soak up his knowledge and expertise while you can!

This short book is filled with a wealth of information that will inspire you, clarify many things, and help you focus on what is truly important and necessary. In my humble opinion, this is a very well rounded book and contains gems that could be used for success in every Network Marketing venture.

—Ryan Bourke

There is no fluff in this book, only value. Read the book, take the action, and you will find success.

Don Reid has done it again!!

The pages of this book are not only value packed, but actionable.

There is no fluff in this book, only value. Read the book, take the action, and you will find success.

—Brian Gardner

So so helpful. Thank you, Don! You are the best. Seriously.

I just finished reading this book and "Woah." Don has done it again.
"If you want to help people, then help people." ~Don Reid
This book is a quick, down-and-dirty read that hits home on every single page. And I LOVE that he really meets the reader where they're at, particularly the struggling new entrepreneur. So so helpful.
Thank you, Don! You are the best. Seriously.

—Cheryl Lambert

Don delivered on his promise . . . by the end of the book you'll be inspired, ready, and able to grow your business fast!

The book was easy to read because it's so conversational. It's like Don is chatting with you. And he's honest - very transparent the whole way through.  I recommend.

—Sharon Shaw


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