Giant Trees With Lights & Music In Singapore

June 9

Giant Trees With Lights & Music In Singapore

Giant Trees With Lights & Music In Singapore

Last night I went along to the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore for a truly spectacular nightly show.  The gardens feature gigantic trees, one so large it has a restuarant on top.

As the sun goes down they let loose with a stunning music and light show which is truly astonishing.

I took a short video to give you a taste and spur you along into building your busienss so you can come and experience this breathtaking show.

The point of showing you this video is to help you realize that the world is full of amazing things to see and do.  Working at a job for 40 odd years takes up most of your time and keeps you enslaved making someone else rich.

You are in a business right now which can break all those bonds and give you freedom of time and money.  Please trust me on this, it’s really worth it.

Figure out the price you are going to have to pay to be free.  For example, if you needed 12 downline members who were actively growing their businesses to begin to be free, then that is the price you need to pay.  Go find those 12 people now and get it over and done with.

It’s like a bandaid, you can take years and years doing it slowly or you can just rip it off and be free years earlier.

I dont know how many people you need in your business to be free, most comp plans are pretty awesome though in that they really are structured so you only need a few good people.

So stop procrastinating, stop playing with product catalogues, stop learning all about the juice or the tonic or whatever….just get on the phone and call some leads and do some presentations and make some money.

The faster you build your business the faster the rewards come to you.

Maybe its getting to the point where your partner can quit their job, or where you can afford to expand your business into new areas, or begin making extra payments on your mortgage.  Whatever it is, really drill down into your dream and internalize it.

Thats the force which will make you do this thing.  Nothing else but a real internalized dream can make you build this.

We do want to help you and be part of your journey. As you probably know our site is jampacked with free MLM training and we often offer excellent offers on leads.

We want this to be a long term relationship with you and your group.  Since 2003, when I first launched Apache Leads, we have helped thousands of Networkers, just like you reach their goals and dreams.

"Giant Trees With Lights & Music In Singapore" By Don Reid


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