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January 24

How To Increase Results From Presentations

How To Increase Results From Presentations

Part of my role is to speak with Network Marketers on a daily basis.  I’ve done it since 1992.  In that time I’ve spoken with thousands about the issues and challenges they face each day.

These daily chats have revealed a particular problem area.  The presentation.

I do have a recommendation which will increase your presentation results and I’ll get to that in a moment.  First allow me to set the context for you.

I started in MLM last century, back in 1992 which was before the internet.  There was no Google, no smart phones, no wifi, no leads sites.

In those days we used to do “prospecting”, that is we would find prospects from people we bumped into in our everyday lives.  We would then call them at some stage and arrange to meet them (usually in their home) and present the business opportunity to them (Presentation)

Our wise upline would drum into us that we needed to have all the decision makers attend the presentation.  By decision makers I mean anyone who is going to decide on whether or not they are going to take up the business opportunity.

Those interested parties could be their wife, husband, partner, life partner, sister, brother etc etc.  It means anyone who is going to have an influence on the outcome.

The worst scenario would be to show the biz op to a guy and he is all excited.  He then tells his wife about it.  She is not excited.  In fact, she is afraid and wants no part of this “scam pyramid scheme”.  The wife makes sure he understands it’s a scam and he will lose money.

Which way do you think he is going to go?

Yes, you’re 100% correct, he’s out and never coming back.

The whole exercise was a waste of time and effort and now you feel somewhat depressed and upset about it.

This is exactly why our upline used to hammer it into us to get both the husband and wife to the presentation.  Of course, these days we are very accepting of many types of relationships.  I’m saying husband and wife for simplicity only.

During the phone call setting up the time/date for the presentation we would ask something like this:  “Bob, do you have a better half?”  If they answer in the affirmative then we would say something like: “Great. Bob, it is very important that your wife be at our meeting.  She needs to see the same information and opportunity as you do.  It’s the best and fairest way to ensure you both have a solid understanding.  Will your wife be able to attend Bob?”

Of course we would sometimes need to do a bit of back and forth to get a date/time suitable to everyone.

We would then attend the meeting with our wives/husbands and go through the presentation.  Having everyone's partner involved increased the success hugely.

Ok now that we do have the internet, things have changed.  We no longer need to go to peoples’ homes and show a presentation.  These days most MLM companies have provided videos which do the presentation for you.

What I’m hearing from a large number of networkers is they get the prospect/lead to watch the presentation video and then the prospect disappears.  They either don’t answer calls or texts or they do answer but are now no longer interested.

What do you think has happened between watching the presentation and the follow-up call?

Yes, they spoke to their “better half” who blew them out of the water.

This can be invited by simply using the same lines we did back in the day.  By getting both parties involved and watching the presentation you have a much better chance of recruiting a happy, excited couple into your group.

Summary:  Don’t make it a deal breaker but try reasonably hard to get both partners to the presentation and for both to be at the follow-up.

You can use any wording you like to make it happen.  Here’s an example to help you.

“Bob, is there someone in your life who would help you decide to go ahead with the business?” (Stop talking and wait for the answer)

“Yes, my wife Julie”

(With enthusiasm say) “Great! Would you please ask her to come and watch the short presentation video with you?  That way she is up to speed with you and will be more helpful in helping you decide”

This has been free training on a subject that I’ve not seen anywhere else.  I’m positive it can help you get to the beach faster with your partner.  If you feel this has been worthwhile and beneficial to you, would you please share it, it means a lot to me.

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