MLM Training: The Biggest Mistake New Network Marketers Make

June 9

MLM Training: The Biggest Mistake New Network Marketers Make

MLM Training: The Biggest Mistake New Network Marketers Make

MLM Training: The Biggest Mistake New Network Marketers Make

Don’t Let This Happen To You

I first got into MLM in 1992 when I was recruited into Amway. Seeing how the Amway business really worked as opposed to how I thought it worked was very interesting and exciting. This was my chance to get the hell out of debt and finally get the things I wanted in life.

One of the first things my new sponsor asked me to do was to make a list of everyone I know. All my friends, family and business associates. The idea was to make a big list and then call them up and go show them “the plan”. I did it, I made a big list.

I called people on the list and went and showed them the plan.
How do you think that worked out?

I was pretty good at showing the plan, I did it the same way my sponsor did and I used the same props as he used. I dressed the same, I did everything the same.

But the meetings did not go well. In fact, they always became very awkward. My friends would listen to me do the presentation for them and then politely (mostly) they would decline any further involvement. They didn’t want any more information and sure didn’t want me to ever raise the subject again.

Some even were quite rude and ridiculed me for my stupid choices and my desire to make a better life.

Now it needs to be remembered that none of these people were idiots nor were they bad. So what was the problem, what was causing this reaction?

The following quote is attributed to Jesus. No, I’m not going religious on you, in fact I’m an atheist, in case you wondered. It doesn’t matter who said it, what’s important is what was said: A prophet has no honor in his own country

Spoken by Jesus to the people of Nazareth, the town where he grew up. They refused to believe in his teaching because they considered him one of themselves and therefore without authority to preach to them.

That’s exactly what happens when you first join an MLM business and you try to show the business to people who know you. You have no credibility with them, you are not rich, you have not built a business and they may have even seen you drunk at a party running around in your underwear.

Don’t let this happen to you, it’s a road to humiliation, sadness and quitting the business. Just as important is to make sure you do not let this happen to your new team members.

Teach them a great script and how to deliver it in a professional way. Show them how to handle objections and how to answer questions. Teach by showing. Demonstrate how to buy some leads. How to make calls to leads and how to do followups.

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"MLM Training: The Biggest Mistake New Network Marketers Make" By Don Reid

Article: Common Pitfall of New Network Marketers | Apache Leads


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