MLM & Home Business Leads That Stink and How You Spot The Good Ones

MLM & Home Business Leads That Stink and How You Spot The Good Ones

There are a lot of MLM Lead Companies out there and at a quick glance they all look the same.  It’s always the same promises of big rewards, and growing your downline exponentially – all you have to do it sign your mortgage away to the guy in the clown suit.

And yet extremely successful MLM distributors use purchased network marketing leads to create their empire.  The system works, so how can you avoid losing the bank to bad MLM lead companies?  It’s pretty simple actually.

See how long they have been in business.

A fly by night operation is usually not in business for very long because they don’t want to take the heat from their clients for selling bad leads.  You want to work with an established company that has been in the MLM Leads industry for a while.

Check to see if they guarantee their leads.

A company that won’t stand behind their product or services is’nt worth doing business with.  If they offer a no hassle guarantee on their home based business leads, and the guarantee seems reasonable then they are more than likely willing to stand behind their services.  Be careful because fly by night operations will still quote a guarantee and then close up shop with your money before you know it.

Do not buy leads that have been given an incentive.

A lead that has been offered a bribe is no lead at all.  Home based business lead companies use a variety of methods to gather your leads, and when there is an incentive present you can guarantee that a majority of their sign ups did it for the bribe at the end of the survey.  You want quality network marketing leads of people who are interested in a work at home business opportunity, not someone who signed up to win a free iPod.

Check the internet for credibility and complaints.

This is one of the sure fire ways to check whether or not a company has ripped off someone else.  If you do an internet search on a company and find pages and pages of complaints then you know something is wrong.

Take a look at the complaints that were given, and read them with an open mind.  It is possible that someone is merely complaining to get attention or they are being unreasonable, but when there are pages of complaints against a company then it can’t just be one bad apple.

Of course it is harder to find a track record of complaints against a brand new company which is why I recommend that you use a home business based lead company that has been around for a while.  It is easier to see when they have made a mistake or scammed someone because their track record can be made public by anyone with a blog site.

Buying work at home leads doesn’t have to be a scary endeavor if you take a little time to look into the company that you are going to do business with.  You wouldn’t hand your money to someone you didn’t know and expect to return in an hour with them waiting for you – why would you give your money to a MLM lead company that you didn’t know?

If you are going to visit their website to make your purchase, you might as well look around and ensure that you are getting your money’s worth in quality gold leads.

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"MLM & Home Business Leads That Stink and How You Spot The Good Ones" By Don Reid

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