MLM Leads Are NOT Magic Beans


MLM LEADS are a great tool but they are not magic beans.  Like any tool it’s up to the person using the tool to learn the skills required to get the best from the tool.

Carpenters spend years learning how to use the tools of their trade, Doctors, Pilots, Lawyers, Bus Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Sales People, everyone needs to learn the skills of their trade.

MLm or Network Marketing is no diffierent yet every single day I speak to new people on live chat and they come across as way too  know it all to be teachable.  The irony of them being on live chat asking for help escapes them totally.   Got to laugh.

Here’s two tips that I mentioned in the video above which bear repeating here.

Tip 1: The absolute BEST MLM Leads are the Premium MLM Leads.  There is simply no question about that.  They are the best because they had to spend some time completing a comprehensive survey form.  The questions they gave are included with the lead so you can really establish a solid trusting relationship.  In the case of the Australian Premium MLM Leads we even went a step further and phone interviewed them.  No one else on this planet is going the extra yards like Apache Leads does.

Tip 2: Your skill level is tied exactly to your success level.  If you only want a little success then great, don’t bother getting any training.  If you truly want to grow a busienss which can support the life style you and your family deserve then YOU NEED TO CHANGE.  What?!?!?

YES you need to change because the knowledge and skill levels you already possess got you this far in life.

Are you happy with where your lifestyle is right now this very moment?


Good that’s the first step to improving.  I know it’s an old saying and you might have heard it before but it’s deadset true and you might as well accept that and start applying it to yourself.


We are all a sum of the books we have read and the people we hang out with.  That’s why we are all at where we are today.

Apache Leads has invested a great deal of time and money for you.  We have provided you with some top class training manuals for free.  Did you read them….did you?  Downloading them (sadly) does not magically transfer the information to your brain.  You need to dust those books off and crack them open and devour the information and then practice practice practice.

You’re maybe thinking I’m harping on and being a bit tough in the post, it’s because I give a shit and want you to achieve the success you deserve. I see thousands of networkers come and go, it’s a 90 day cycle.  More quit than make it big.  You know this right?

Which side of the ledger will you be on …. the quitters or the winners?

Please do comment below with your toughest struggle right now and I will do my best to help out.

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Links to Information Mentioned In The Video

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