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December 27

The Next Financial Crisis Is On The Way

The Next Financial Crisis Is On The Way

Hidden Secrets Of Money

Call me an alarmist, but i kid you not, the next financial crisis is on the way.  A few months ago, I watched a series of videos which are freely available on YouTube.  The video series explains exactly how the monetary system works and why it’s the biggest scam in history.

The series is presented by Mike Maloney and is called “The Hidden Secrets of Money” I have no affiliation with Mike, nor am I offering any financial advice.  I simply learned a lot from these videos and have taken some action to prevent a repeat of what happened to me in the crash of 2008.

Every single day we are all being scammed and sadly, many people are being forced into slavery, without even knowing or understanding why.

Maybe you think I’m being over dramatic or exaggerating, if only I was. As I said, I watched these videos a few months ago, and was shaken to the core.  There is a huge chance the next crash is going to be much worse than 2008.

You will learn why in the videos.  In 2008, $2Million of my investments simply disappeared.  Well not disappeared as wealth only transfers from one to another.
Bankers and Wall Street took my money.  They took a lot of peoples money, houses and assets. That’s exactly what they will be doing again soon.

That was not cool.  I was not alone, to date the crash of 2008 was the biggest theft in the history of the world and the next one is going to be even bigger.

What can you do about it?

That’s a good question and I don’t have all the answers as it’s not generic to everyone, however, some of the actions you should take are these:

  1. Don’t be an employee.  Employees will simply be laid off and will be on the breadline, they will have nowhere to turn to.

  2. Build a business.  Having a profitable business right now will give you funds to buy gold and silver.  Like they say “it’s too late to dig the well when you are thirsty”  That means you need to be building your business with total focus and urgency right now.  Excuses don’t matter anymore, get off the couch and do it.

  3. Buy gold and silver.  These precious metals are only going to skyrocket in value when the crash comes.  China and Russia are currently buying as much gold and silver as they can lay their hands on.  In fact, they buy more than the world can produce each year.  They are also divesting of the US dollar as fast as they can.  They don’t want to be holding it when it collapses to the it’s real value.

  4. Get rid of your mortgage.  Don’t give the banks a chance to come and take your house.  Either sell it and rent or pay it off now.  If you live in your house and it does not earn you an income, contrary to what people will tell you, it is a liability, not an asset.  It’s an asset to the mortgage holder, not you.  If you don’t believe me or don’t understand read Rich Dad, Poor Dad

  5. Credit card debt, loans, car loans, etc.  Well this is up to you.  You could keep paying them until the crash and then simply stop paying them or if it’s at all possible, cut the credit cards in half, stop using them and get debt free.  That’s probably the more honorable approach, but the other way works too.  Just sayin’.

I don’t have anything to sell you in this article, the point is to help you prepare for the inevitable. You can choose to conclude all the predictions are wrong or you can accept that economies are cyclic and another crash is going to happen sooner or later.
In this case most likely sooner.

If you choose the later, then watch the videos with your partner and make a plan.  A plan which will minimize the damage and maybe even improve your wealth.

All crashes have two sides to them.  Those who didn’t plan lose out, like I did in 2008. Ouch!

Those that make provision for a crash in their plans can actually make a lot of money.
You can count on billionaires becoming even richer, right? The thing is, do something fast as time is of the essence as they say in old timey contracts.

Remember, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when because the next financial crisis is on the way already. The reason I write articles like this is

Everything we do, is to help home business owners reach their goals of financial freedom faster. We believe that making it easier and faster for you to succeed is our reason for being here.

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Article: Anticipating the Impending Financial Crisis: Minimizing Impact


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