The Real Secret of How to Build a Network Marketing Business

The Real Secret of How to Build a Network Marketing Business

Warning: In this post I speak frankly and don’t pull any punches. If you prefer more gentle and rose colored talk, this post is not for you. Please click away. This post is just for the big kids who are tired of hearing all the pumped up talk that never leads to anything. If you want the real truth then read on…

Here’s how most network marketing businesses go; the member signs up and is all excited. She comes to some meetings, she gets some product and maybe even tries to prospect from friends and family.

But then the “busy” work begins. Joining chats on social media, watching YouTube videos about prospecting, generating leads, making calls, talking to other members about the products, on an don it goes.

While its necessary for all of us to be social and for members to know about the products, not one of those things is actually working in the business. It’s busy work plain and simple.

After doing all those things she is feeling tired from all the work but pretty satisfied that she got a lot done on the business today.

There is only one activity that builds a network marketing business.
Talking to prospects.

Yes I hear you say, you know that already. But… the vast majority of networkers do not talk to anywhere near enough prospects. Let’s look at some numbers and see just how many prospects networkers need to be talking to

How many hours did you work in your business last week?

When asked that question lots of people hum and har because they just don’t kepe track of it and they like to include the time spent on busy work. Don’t count that. We are talking about time spent building your business, that means talking to prospects.

So, how many hours did you work in your business last week?

Let’s say you could have spent 12 hours in the whole week to build your business. With 12 hours you want to invest 80% of that time talking to people. In round figures that’s 10 hours to talk to people.

How many dials an hour can you make?

With new people in the business they can usually do 15 per hour. Someone who has been around and made calls can do 20 per hour.

Lets look at the numbers so far.

12 hours x 20 calls = 200 calls per week.

4.3 weeks in a month so that’s

200 calls by 4.3 = 860 calls

A statistic which is very true over all niches is that 16% of the time you will be talking to the right person.

In other words out of 100 calls you will speak to 16 people who are excited and qualified

The numbers show this

860 x 16% = 137

That’s 137 excited and qualified prospects you should be speaking with each and every month.

Here’s another question: If you spoke with 137 excited and qualified people EVERY month, where do you think your business would be now?

Everybody hears this “it’s a numbers game” and it really is as you have just seen from the formulae above.

It doesn’t matter how many rallies, how many videos, how many chats on Facebook that you have, it all comes down to these numbers 200 x 4.3 = 860 x 16% = 137 hot prospects!

Are you excited??

You should be, because it’s there in black and white, the real secret to building a huge networking business, it’s all yours and now that you know it, you can go and do it and get the things you want in life

Now all you need is some network marketing leads Aw come on, you knew I was going to say that in the end

About the Author Don Reid

Don Reid, an experienced MLM builder and Entrepreneur, he founded Apache Leads in 2003. Born in Australia, Don currently lives in Cambodia, when he is not traveling on his many adventures around the world

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