That Time We Went To China

May 12

That Time We Went to China

apache leads - peak tram

That Time We Went to China

Part One – Hong Kong

Just last night we returned from a couple of weeks in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Macau.  Technically all of those places are in China.

Theary had never been to any of the places on the tour so it was great fun watching her eyes light up at each new experience.  Even if you have been to a place before, when you go with someone for their first time, it’s really great fun.

Mind you, I had only been to Hong Kong previously and on a day trip to mainland China and that was way back in 1997.  So I was confident a lot had changed in China since then.

Our trip was from Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Bangkok (Thailand), Hong Kong, Shanghai (China), Beijing (China), Macau, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phnom Penh.

Apache Leads Hong Kong and China

Starting Out

We hit the trail the 1st September 2017.  We had an early morning flight out of Phnom Penh with Bangkok Airways to Bangkok.  Always a nice airline with their own lounges which are free for their passengers.

We chose to not go into Bangkok on this trip and so stayed in transit.  The point of that is it means you don’t need to go through immigration, customs and baggage pick up.

It’s much easier and way less stressful which is a big thing when traveling as it can be very stressful and lead to a not so great time being had.  So when planning a trip, try to look for the ways which will make it easier, also it’s less expensive to stay in transit than go into a city.  Of course if you have not been to that city then sure, take a night or two out and explore.

The leg from Bangkok to Hong Kong was with Cathay Pacific who are based in Hong Kong.  I organised this flight with points I had with Alaska Airlines.  I only had to pay for the taxes.  It was a 2.5 hours flight and….. Click HERE to Continue and Get The Full Story

"That Time We Went to China" By Don Reid


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