What Makes A Good Landing Page?

June 2

What Makes A Good Landing Page?

What Makes A Good Landing Page?

You are busy making a living, building your business and just living life so we wanted to give you some short cuts to success.

Landing Pages (lead capture pages) have rapidly evolved over the last 2 years and unless you are plugged into some of the big time internet marketing gurus you may not have kept pace with what’s working now.

Your business needs new people, new leads every day. Well designed landing pages are the most cost effective way to build your email list and your leads list. The better your landing page works, the less expensive each lead is to you.

Allow me to explain why I’m even writing this article for you. In addition; if you are one of our guaranteed signups clients then this going to have a huge effect on how quickly your order is filled. If you have a landing page that is really popping then the traffic we send to your page will yield a higher percentage of people that signup as opposed to a boring page.

The problem is that most mlm companies do not build good landing pages. I’ve seen a ton of them and very few are interesting let alone compelling. Most a quite boring and want to bang on about product or some boring facts about the company…. Who cares! Not the visitors, they don’t care about the company’s growth or its amazing tonic which cures world hunger.

They only want to know one thing: What’s in it for them! That’s such an important thing to remember. But not many web designers even know it, let alone remember itWhat else is it that most web designers don’t know about landing pages? Glad you asked, cause it’s a fair bit they don’t know.

Number One: A landing page needs an attention grabbing headline. You know from your own actions when surfing around. We all give a website around 2 seconds to impress us or we click away.

That’s what the attention grabbing headline is all about. It gets you interested enough to take a look and start asking… what’s in it for me.

Number Two: Compelling bullet points. Landing pages which drone on and on with facts, figures and other bullshit are boring and no one ever reads them. Landing pages are not meant to be full of details, they are meant to collect he visitors contact information, that’s it, nothing more.

They most certainly are not meant to be trying to sell them on your business, that’s a 100% waste of time and money. So give them the benefits in 3 or 4 snappy bullet points.

Number Three: Call To Action! Wow how many pages have I seen that simply don’t tell the visitor what to do. Worst mistake ever.

The call to action needs to be compelling and have some urgency about it. You don’t want the visitor to go and think about it, you want them to enter their details in your form right now, not next week.

Take a look at this page (not an affiliate link) The guy who owns that site is known for testing , testing and testing again.

There is nothing he doesn’t know about landing pages. If you can honestly say your landing page has all those points then great, there is nothing here for you. On the other hand, if you feel your page could do with some work, may I suggest you join Ryans site for just one month and do his course on landing pages.

It’s truly going to help you make tons of money. It’s a measly $38. Go here and check it out www.DigitalMarketer.com (not an affiliate link)

"What Makes A Good Landing Page?" By Don Reid


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