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It’s been a long time coming but the wait is over.  Version 1 of the new leads management system is open and ready for you to explore. 

There is no need to make a purchase to create an account.
  Account creation is free.

Look up at the main menu and you will see a Login tab.
Click there to register now for free

The new system covers pretty much everything to do with leads.


Some of the new features are:

  • Ability to set your time zone and select exactly when you want leads delivered - No more waiting and wondering when they will show up. They will be there exactly when you want them.
  • Select Day of the Week and Number of Leads – If you want 10 leads on Monday and only 5 leads on Saturday, done!
  • Lead Delivery Option – Leads will always be delivered to your Leads Manager account, but if you want, you may select to have the leads also delivered to you by email.
  • Profile Page – You can set up your profile and select / change the company you are working with. This makes sure you never get the same leads as anyone else in your company.
  • Pause/Resume – You have total control over your lead deliveries. Want to go on vacation or simply want a break, no problem, pause all or some of your orders at the press of a button!
  • Bad Leads Replacement – Now and then everyone gets a bad lead, someone whose phone is unreachable, no problem, at the press of a button the lead is marked bad, removed from the system and automatically replaced. No need to contact us, it’s all automatic. Super easy, no hassles.
  • Order Display – All your orders are displayed on one page along with the status of the order and the number of leads delivered so far. Makes it very easy to see at a glance where all orders past and current.
  • Leads Management – Click on any lead and the View/Manage button, their detailed information pops up. You can instantly see everything you need to know about this lead. Also you can make notes about the call you made to them and their responses. After you make some notes the lead will be highlighted in green so you know you made the initial call. Easy lead management and great time management.
  • Download Leads – Simply press the download leads button and in no time, you have a spreadsheet of your leads. Ready for anything you want with to do with them.
  • Easy Ordering – love the leads you already got? Want to re-order more? Too easy, just click the re-order button and the system knows exactly what you want. Very easy, saves you time and effort.
  • Leads Ordering – the new system has all the leads we offer and even has options for State and Gender targeting. We accept both PayPal and Cards.
  • Fully Guaranteed – our famous No Bad Leads guarantee is still there to remove any risk from you and places it squarely on our shoulders. You get a bad lead, just mark it bad and we will replace it automatically.

Following are some screenshots to walk you through the process of creating and setting up your account. It’s a bit of fun and only takes a few minutes.  The benefits will definitely be worth it to you.

Account Creation / Login Page: +

Leads Manager System

This page is used for both creating your account and then for future logging in to your account.

Account Details Page +

Leads Manager System

This page is where you enter your email and desired password. Please use your best email as this will be your username and we will be using this email to communicate with you. Use a good security level password with both upper and lower case letters and some numbers. Eg: AeB230976

Company Selection Page +

Leads Manager System

This page has a dropdown list of the majority of MLM companies. Please select yours to make sure you never get the same leads as anyone else in your company. If your company is not shown, type it in and we will add it manually.

Welcome Page +

Leads Manager System

When you get to this page the account creation process has been completed. You will receive an email welcoming you to Apache Leads.

From the welcome page you will see the main navigation menu under the Apache Leads logo. This allows you to navigate to all the pages in the system. We suggest you first go to Profile

Profile Page +

Leads Manager System

This page allows you to enter your contact details as well as to set or change the company you are working with. Just have a quick look at it to make sure everything is correct with your profile.

Delivery Page +

This is the beating heart of the system. Here you can set your time zone so the system is talking to you in the same time zone as you. Set the time you want leads delivered, no more wondering about delivery. Set how many leads you want each day. You can have different numbers scheduled for delivery or even none. Maybe you don’t like to work weekends, I sure don’t. Pause/Resume any or all of your orders from this page. No need to tell us, you have complete control. Want leads emailed to you? No problem, just check the box on this page.

Leads Page +

Leads Manager System

This page is the first in displaying the leads we have for sale. Select the country you want the leads to come from, the available selection for that Country will be displayed. Click on the lead type(s) you wish to learn more about and the page dedicated to that type of lead will be displayed. To order, simply select the quantity you prefer. An options page will popup allowing you to add on targeting options as well as entering any valid discount coupon you may have.

After payment the order will be shown in the My Orders section.

My Orders Page +

Leads Manager System

This area shows all your past and current orders. You will instantly see the description of each order and the number of leads delivered for each order. The status of each order is shown as well as management functions, like download or bad lead reporting.

The re-order button is also on this page.

Clicking on an order will expand the page to give you access to the leads. In addition you will see the status of each lead and be able to manage each lead by clicking on the lead.

We are very excited about this new application and hope you will get a great deal of benefit from it.  Please bear in mind this is Version 1, it would be the first piece of software ever developed if someone didn’t find a bug. We have tested it pretty extensively and fixed the bugs we found.  We wanted to make it available to you know as a real life test.  If you do happen to find a bug, we would truly appreciate you letting us know by contacting us from our Contact Page or by replying to any email we ever sent you. We are already working on more features and benefits for you, when they are ready you will be sure to be informed Thanks for your time and support, we truly appreciate it.

Don Reid Founder Apache Leads

Brian Garvin Brian Garvin

Wow! I was floored at the responsiveness of these leads. Usually when I join a lead company I never know what to expect next. It's one of the best programs I've been involved with not to mention an easy sell. And being personal friends with the owner should vouch for the credibility of this site even more!

James Hannan James Hannan

Don you and your company continue to impress me. You have under promised and over delivered in so many areas and have given me so much confidence in you, your team and your company. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use your services.

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