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MLM Leads, Home Business Leads And Network Marketing Leads

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your MLM action plan

OK let’s get to putting all we have learnt into an actionable plan. A plan which will put you in the 1% of Network Marketers!   Are you ready to take ACTION?

Nothing in life happens without action being taken.

These are your action steps:

  • 1
    Create a Free Leads Manager Account.  More about this amazing tool very shortly.
  • 2
    Complete your profile in the Leads Manager.  We need to know who you are and which company you are working with.
  • 3
    Invest in some MLM Leads - This is one of the steps that will help with causing action.
  • 4
    Check out the free MLM Training I’ve written and provided to you for free as part of your leads manager account.

Allow me to tell you about our MLM Leads.  We have kept it very simple, we’re not out to confuse you or try to run some sort of shenanigans on you.  We’re here for the long haul. We got started in leads in 2003 and expect to be here in another 20 years.

We have two types of mlm leads:  Mobile and Phone Interviewed. Kind of like the fuel for your car.  Leads are like the fuel for your mlm business.

Mobile leads are for contacting via bulk methods such as bulk SMS texting or ringless voicemail drops.

Phone Interviewed leads are for calling one on one and developing a warm and supportive relationship.

You can see our Australian Leads here and our U.S. Leads here

Let’s go to the heart of the system!

We spent years and tens of thousands of dollars developing a free tool for you.  We call it TLM (The Leads Manager).

It’s not the best name and I’ll probably get around to making up a new more precisely descriptive name.

But here’s the thing.  TLM is going to make your life and building your business easier.  You already have a lot on your plate with this “new fangled” business.  You’re probably feeling like it’s all coming at you at a thousand miler per hour.

We get it, that’s why we developed this very advanced software for you.  Don’t be afraid, it’s all point and click.

The idea is that everything to do with leads is all in one place for you.

  • TLM will deliver leads to you exactly when you set the delivery time.
  • TLM will deliver the right number of leads.  Maybe you want 5 on Monday, 10 on Tuesday, 4 on Wednesday.  It’s entirely up to you
  • Choose your currency so that your bank is not charging you exchange fees when you purchase MLM Leads.
  • You can pause and resume your order anytime, with the press of a button.  No more having to contact the leads company and hope they remember to pause your campaign.
  • All your orders are retained for your records, you can see them all forever, on one page.  We even give you access to your leads forever.
  • Built in leads management makes sorting, processing your leads as “called” “interested” “recruited” etc a breeze.  It’s all here, for free, for you.

Free MLM Training - Here’s why you need it, even if you got all the way here and still think you don’t.

You’ve been on a plane right.  You show your pass to the flight attendant and find your seat.  You sit back, texting some friends, checking out Facebook, just relaxing while you wait for the plane to push back and finally get on it’s way.

You’re quite relaxed and feel confident the crew are trained and very experienced in their jobs.

How would you feel if you suddenly learned today's pilot was just a taxi driver who was super excited about the opportunity? He is enthusiastic, excited, friendly, knows all about the plane, except he hasn’t had any training…

OK, you get my point.  You need our free MLM training.  Inside your leads manager account you will find access to a bunch of essential training I’ve written for you.

The books below are my latest course.  These 4 volumes cover everything you need to get explosive growth out of your mlm business.  You're looking at over 25 years of experience distilled into easy to follow, bit size  knowledge bombs.

They and a bunch of other free goodies are yours for free when you create your free account in The Leads Manager

No Limits Volume 1
No Limits Volume 2
No Limits Volume 3
No Limits Volume 4

I was the fastest to diamond level ever in the Life Force company.  

From start to diamond took me only 90 days.  You might be the next to blow them away at your company.

Don Rising Star Orlando 2003

Don Rising Star Orlando 2003

That’s me at the Life Force convention in Orlando, Florida.  Digital cameras were pretty crap then. I’m holding my awards.  Rising Star, fastest growing business worldwide and my Diamond level award. 

 Lots of cash came with both 😀

Home Business Booster

Real Time U.S Phone Interviewed Leads

Very Good 4.5 / 5

Our Real Time Phone Interviewed Phone Interviewed Leads Will Rocket Power You Closer To Your Dreams Faster Than Any Other MLM Leads On Earth.
Ideal For Your Business. These leads were first generated by completing a survey form on the internet. Then we called them and interviewed them.

US Phone Interviewed Leads

U.S Phone Interviewed Leads

Very Good 4 / 5

These Phone Interviewed Home Business Leads are simply the best. If you prefer to call leads and have one on one time, really getting to know them, these mlm leads are for you.. They are expecting a call. They completed a detailed survey form. They are definitely wanting to make money.

US Mobile Leads

Mobile Leads

Very Good 4 / 5

Rapidly grow your mlm home business super easily with the Ringless Voicemail Drop System which entices hundreds of excited leads to call you at the press of a button. Of course also an excellent choice for SMS Texting and Auto Dialing.

Australian Mobile Leads

Mobile Australian Home
Business Leads

Very Good 3.5 / 5

A good Australian Lead for those that are cost conscious. Not the best lead for calling, these leads are best for contacting by Voicemail Drops. Great results

If you’re convinced that we can help you make it to your dream lifestyle then please do create a free account now and we will be thrilled to welcome you to our tribe.

TLM is free.  ALL our MLM Leads are 100% guaranteed.  If you ever get a bad one, the TLM has a “bad lead” button.  Just press it and the lead will be flushed and replaced. Absolutely zero risk to you.

We have both Australian Leads and US Leads.  We have a simple system that is not designed to confuse you like lots of other leads companies.  They act like scammy mobile phone service providers with their over-complicated packages.

Nope, no worries about that sort of shenanigans here!

We have two types of leads; Mobile and Phone Interviewed. Just like fuel for your car, these are fuel for your business.

We know that you will love the benefits, training and ease of being a part of our tribe.  We will never stop supporting you. As you can see, your success is our success.


Remember right back at the start I said this:

"It doesn't matter which walk of life you are coming from.  It makes very little difference what your past experience has been.  MLM is a great leveler, as long as you are willing to invest in yourself. "

Now is the time to make the choice to go forward by taking action and getting on the road to your dreams or… ending up staying exactly where you are, unhappy, underpaid, overworked, stressed and without a dream.


Simeon Cryer

Hi Don I just wanted to say that after using leads from EVERY lead vendor in the country, yours are just as good as the leads that other companies sell for $14. In fact, the strangest thing happened last week. I was testing out another company's leads and the person I was speaking to had already been contacted by my Dad that same week. Here's the difference, I paid $8 for that lead and my Dad bought the same details from you for only $2. Nice work!

You Have Two Choices Now

Remember in the Matrix when Morpheus explains to Neo that the Matrix is an illusory world created to prevent humans from discovering that they are slaves to an external influence…

Holding out two capsules on his palms, he describes the choice facing Neo:

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth — nothing more.”

Well, you have such a choice now.  😀

Click the big red button below to create a free account in The Leads Manager (TLM)

If you would rather forgo this great opportunity to get your business moving, then sure, just click away, it’s totally fine.

I get it. You’re just not ready to make that commitment to your own business right now.

You’ll get the opportunity to create an account and start getting closer to your dreams, next time you come back to Apache Leads

Whatever choice you make, just know it’s the right one…

A few years ago the late Paul Arden (the former creative director for Saatchi and Saatchi at the height of their advertising might), wrote this:

swipe paul arden decisions

Whichever choice you make today ends with you at least knowing how to change the odds in your favor.  You can do it, so no matter what you made a smart move…

I hope we do get to work together, I’m sure we can help you get to your “Thailand”, your beach, wherever it is.

We do hope you join us and enjoy the ride. Thousands of other savvy people already have.

Welcome to the fast track to your dreams and goals.  

This is opportunity knocking. 😀

Don Reid

Don Reid

Create Your Free Account Now

PS:  Warning:  Creating your free account in The Leads Manager and accessing all the free training may lead to side effects, such as: you building a big business, you leading a team that duplicates, you having more money, more time, more fun!

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