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Our World, As We Knew It, Has Gone and Won’t Be Coming Back!

Our World, As We Knew It,
Has Gone and Won’t Be Coming Back!

A Virus Turned The World Upside Down, Everything Changed, Everybody Is Effected, Nobody Can Escape The Changes.

Millions Have Died

Millions are Unemployed

Trillions Have Been Spent

There Is No Vaccination or Cure, Everybody Is At Risk

Nobody Is Safe

Well That’s Not 100% Correct.  The Rich People are Plenty Safe.  They are in their mansions or on their yachts staying as far away as possible from poor people.

You see, it’s poor ordinary people that have to go to work on the frontlines, in hospitals, in supermarkets, in meatworks, driving trucks, delivering meals, clothes and anything else you buy online.  

If they are lucky enough to still have a job, they face the constant threat of catching the virus, everyday.

So, unless you’re rich and reading this on your yacht safe and sound out at sea, then you’re one of the ordinary people, right?

Are you risking your life everyday for a low paying job?

Are you unemployed because of the virus and freaking out that the stimulus money is going to dry up real soon?


Are you staying safe indoors and working your networking business?

As Charles Dickens said: “ It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times”

It’s very true and applies to what we are going through right now.  As in all big upheavals of society there is both pain and profit.  

We can’t avoid or stop the pain, you and I do not have the power or the means.  With regards to that all we can do is try and stay safe.  

But we can be smart and work toward coming out ahead of this thing.

As you know, there are millions of people now unemployed because their company had to shut down during lockdown periods.  Yes, some people will be getting back to work but many won’t be.

Many companies are now going to strip down their workforce to bare minimums, many won’t even have use for offices anymore. Take Twitter, for example, they have decided that all their staff will work from home permanently.

Changes like we have never seen in our life times are happening right now and are going to keep on coming.

Those who have their own business and can work from home will have the major advantage!

The worst place to be now is an office worker doing a job which can be either outsourced or done by a computer.  Even worse, what if your job can be done by someone younger, with a better degree and a smaller salary? 

Yes, that's a big threat to many now!

If you’re reading this, then I’m hoping you are already in a networking business and doing everything you can to grow it and make it a true success which can keep a roof over your head and food on the table.

MLM LEADS | Get To The Beach 2021

The most beautiful thing about Network Marketing is that you only get what you want by helping others get what they want.

It’s the only business model in the world with that amazing attribute.

Now is the time to be helping as many people as possible get some security and sanity back in their lives.  

Help them get to a point where they don't have to risk their lives everyday, a point where they don’t have to panic every month when the bills come in.  Help them see a future that includes being self sufficient, self employed and free.

Now, I don’t want you to get what I say next as being trivial.  It’s not and I’m saying it for a reason

Firstly a goal without a date is just a dream, you’re never going to reach it because you didn't put a date on it.

So what I’m proposing is this.  Let’s make it that come June 2021, we all Get To The Beach!

This is a real goal which we can all achieve.  We have 12 months to get it done.  

Imagine your life if you do this challenge and hit this goal.  It means you will have achieved freedom.   Freedom to go where you want when you want and be able to afford it.  It will mean you have kissed your job goodbye and are living on the proceeds of your own business

Can you even imagine how good that’s going to feel?

What can I do to help you make this goal a reality?  Plenty and I’m going to tell you right now what we’re going to do.

  • 50% Extra Leads - Yes we are going to give all those who commit to Getting To The Beach 2021 access to packages that have 50% Extra Leads at the normal everyday prices!
  • Goals and Accountability Tracking - We are not going to leave you to yourself to make it to the beach. 97% of Networkers FAIL! We are going to stick with you all the way and encourage you, guide you and make sure you make it to your dream life
  • Full Access To Training - You will have full, free access to ALL our amazing time saving MLM Training
  • Priority Support - You need anything we will promptly sort out any problem you have with business building, leads, us, someone else, the bully at school, whatever you need help with, we will be here for you
  • Free Monthly Video Consultations With Don Reid - This alone is worth $97 but it’s yours free for committing to the Go Getters Club.  Don will personally guide you through any difficulty you are experiencing. He is still the fastest person to ever make it to the Diamond level.  His personal advice to you is gold! You will get 2 consultations each month (30 miniutes each). 
  • Locked In Prices - Join as a Founding Member today and we will lock in your prices and never raise them while you remain a member

Time To Put Your Hand Up

Do you really want to be free and on the beach of your choice in June 2021?  

Yes, I realize this is not for everyone and that’s fine.  I’m looking for committed people who truly want to get out of this mess alive and free.

People who are ready and willing to do the work, make the calls, learn the skills and commit to doing it EVERY MONTH from now until the end of May 2021.  Because in June 2021 we’re all going to be on the beaches!!!

Watch this video for an important message from Don Reid

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Our World, As We Knew It, Has Gone and Won’t Be Coming Back!

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