Be A Leader Not A Needy Baby

October 24

Be a Leader NOT a Needy Baby

Be a Leader NOT a Needy Baby

OK guys, today is pretty hardcore.  Normally I’m fairly “kids gloves” on my training, today is an exception.

So many people come to network marketing with high hopes, big dreams and a bad needy employee mentality.  They need so much support, they need so much training, so need so much encouragement, they need so much recognition, they just plain need need need all the time.

This is how employees are they need to be told what to do, they need to be supervised, they need to be given schedules, they need to be told when to start work, they need to be told everything.

Jim Rohn once said “Life doesn’t respond to need.  Life responds to deserve“

Depending on others is not going to lead you to success.  Sure consult with your upline, mentors and trainers but don’t rely on them to build your business or to make decisions for you.  Don’t use it as an excuse to do nothing if your upline is not always available.  Don’t be gravitating to your couch and watching the idiot box.

Nobody makes money sitting on the couch drinking a beer.  Trust me, I’ve tried it many times.

Work harder on deserving something rather than needing something.  For example, if you have a guy in your downline who is always trying something, making calls, prospecting, getting to meetings, bringing new people to meetings and you have another guy who always needs pumping up, always needs motivation, always needs something… which one do you think deserves your time?

Being needy is employee thinking, it’s not at all entrepreneurial thinking.  Do you think Elon Musk is a needy baby or a real legendary leader?  Last week he had a rocket explode on the launch pad.  Do you think he went home and cried into his pillow and asked his mum for help?  No you know he didn’t, he just went on kicking ass!

Snap out of the silly employee mindset or go back to being one (of the sheep) Start relying on yourself, make your own decisions, make your own destiny and success.

Get fired up and kick some ass! Set your own goals, seek more training, seek the knowledge on your own to become a success and seek out great mentors.

Pull up your big boy pants and be the strong confident leader you know you need to be.

Strength, confidence and leadership are attractive.  Be that person who is deserving, say goodbye to the needy employee baby and start thinking like an entrepreneur.

A wise guy once said to me that we are the sum of the people we meet and the books we read.  What’s that make you?  Get into reading about entrepreneurs, read personal development books, read the training so many great sites, including ours, provide for free.

Get out there and make a difference to you, your family and the world

I hope this was helpful and deserving of your “like” and share.  Best of all is when you comment, we truly love that and always respond to every comment below

“Be a Leader NOT a Needy Baby” – Don Reid 2016


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