Here’s Why SMS Marketing Is Literally the Best Idea Ever

November 1

Here’s Why SMS Marketing Is Literally the Best Idea Ever

Here’s Why SMS Marketing Is Literally the Best Idea Ever

Texts are quick and cheap, and always read by everyone.

I’m always surprised that more network marketers are not using SMS/Text to contact large numbers of leads.  It’s legal, it’s ethical and it so much easier than dialing thousands of leads on the phone right?

Have a read of this really interesting article I just saw on Entrepreneur and then check out our amazing offer on how you can get in on this super method for recruiting in both Australia and the US.

This post is a response to Here’s Why SMS Marketing is Literally the Worst Idea Ever.

*Ding ding* One new text. Maybe it’s that cute boy you’ve been talking to in chem class. Maybe it’s your boss wanting to congratulate you on your performance. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s an irresistible text offer from your favorite retail chain.

What’s the first thing you do? Open it, duh. If you swipe left and delete the message before even reading it — well kudos to you, you’re a borderline extraterrestrial. Personally, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t open a text message, and I’m sure you can agree.

Here’s a little bit more about SMS marketing and proof to back up my bold claim.
It’s not spam.

SMS messaging follows the rules of permission based marketing. It’s 100 percent opt-in based. Simply put, customers have to give their expressed consent before receiving SMS messages.

This can be done in one of three ways. New subscribers can double opt-in¹ via web widget, add their cell number to a compliant sign-up form or text to join. The latter is the most common.

After opting in, the new subscriber will receive an auto reply confirming their subscription. If the opt-in was accidental, they can simply reply STOP, and all messaging will cease.

(Don’s Edit: I want to just add here that leads who complete a survey form on the web requesting information about a home business are giving you permission to text them, email them or call them)

Everyone reads texts.

Ok, well almost everyone — 90 percent of all text messages are read within three minutes of being received. This isn’t just a fluffy statistic. Recent research gathered by also suggests that “almost one third of of those targeted with SMS advertising campaigns respond to the correspondence; with almost half of this group going on to make a purchase.”

This research totally speaks for itself. And yes, U.S. citizens can register with the do not call registry, but this has nothing to do with the sending and receiving of SMS.

In the article cited at the beginning of this post, the author boldly claims that “a major chunk of the population is already registered with the DND.” First, there is no clear statistical research backing up this assumption. Second, in the U.S., the Do Not Call registry protects consumers from just that — unwanted calls.

It’s designed to prevent telemarketers from harassing consumers. This has absolutely nothing to do with text messaging. Now, if for some reason you do find yourself receiving unwanted text messages, you can file a complaint. But, knowing the permission-based nature of this marketing method, you may never confront this issue.

Character limitation forces marketers to get right to the point.

There is a 160 character limit on text messages. With SMS, it’s simply about providing an irresistible offer. There’s no point in droning on and on with a 300-word marketing message. Subscribers are opting in to receive an exclusive offer, not to hear about how your day is going.

Our current digital age rewards simple marketing messages with easy to understand calls to action. The 160 character limit on SMS messages is actually ideal.

Now, just like with any other marketing method, can SMS sometimes come off as obnoxious? Absolutely. But so can Facebook, direct mail, pay-per-click ads, and so on. It’s not necessarily the channel, but instead the quality of the message and offer.

OK ready to learn a bit more about this exciting approach to mass marketing recruiting?

Imagine sending out say 1,000 texts each day with a cool message and an instruction to call back for more information.  That’s how to get hot interested leads to call you. We have everything you need to get started.

We have US Mobile Leads which are all 100% mobile numbers, plus all the usual contact information. We have Australian Mobile Leads which are mostly for SMS Texting Marketing.

To teach you how to choose a system to send your SMS message to thousands of leads and how to design a message that get results we put together the ultimate guide.  Initially we wrote the course for Ringless Voicemail Drops but we should have chosen a better name because it works exactly the same way for SMS Marketing

There you have it an explanation of “Here’s Why SMS Marketing Is Literally the Best Idea Ever”  it truly is a fantastically easy method to have any number of leads calling you wanting more information and you can set it all in motion by the press of a button!

Get the drop on your competitors and get it set up and running today

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