Brian Garvin Reviews Apache Leads

October 31

Brian Garvin Reviews Apache Leads

Brian Garvin Reviews Apache Leads

Brian Garvin Reviews Apache Leads

The following is an unsolicited review of Apache Leads by “guru” Brian Garvin it was published at Idea Marketers

Apache Leads Fresh MLM Leads Company Overview

Apache Leads is owned by Don Reid out of Australia. We know a lot more about this MLM Fresh Leads Company than just about any other company out there that sells leads and we personally know the owner.

Don has been selling leads for at least 9 years that we know of, so he’s not new to this game at all. We also know he’s been involved in other very highly profitable Internet Marketing businesses in the past.

There were over 2000 of us in a huge group in Life Force International and he sold us all leads. He was also my downline member and did extremely well with the company as well.

I have to say they that his leads had a lot to do with pulling our team together for as long as it did. Without them our team could have easily collapsed 8 months sooner than it did.

Once of the first things we noticed is for people visiting Apache Leads for the first time they will give you 5 Leads for just $10.00.

This seems to be a test package so you can take their Fresh MLM Leads for your own spin and see if they’ll work for you. These are full record Network Marketing Prospects with about 10 fields of information. You can choose from Australian, United States or Canadian leads with Don’s sample package.

As we started digging a little deaper into the Apache Leads website, we noticed that they are giving a 20 percent discount off any Fresh MLM Leads package for anyone who fills out their optin form.

You will also receive a $27.00 free ebook called Making Your Mark with Multi Level Marketing. They also state that if you ever receive any bad Network Marketing Prospects that they will replace them no questions asked.

They also offer 47 free Internet Marketing Videos that will teach you everything from soup to nuts about Internet Marketing which will also help your Network Marketing Business.

Apache Leads also has their own Blog, and lately there have been a huge number of posts to it. I always love to see and read active blogs in the Network Marketing Industry and there seems to be no shortage of content on this one in the last 60 days. It appears that some of his articles even have videos associated with them.

This company offers a lot of Fresh MLM Leads from all over the world. Just for their Asian Leads you can purchase leads from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysian and Japanese Leads. These contain about 9 independent records. They sell 10 different types of Australian Network Marketing Prospects as well.

Apache Leads also offers 13 different United States Network Marketing Prospects packages. And for our Canadian friends two different package options are available for purchase. And for every Network Marketer in the UK you’ll have 6 different options.

Also note that if you are involved in an MLM Program that caters to prospects worldwide, than any of these packages could work for you. Like every MLM Lead Company we review we basically give the same advice. Try a relatively small package first. If they pull, then try more. If you get consistent results keep using them.

If not try to work with the owner until you do if you can. If you have questions you can submit a support ticket on their website.

"Brian Garvin Reviews Apache Leads" By Don Reid


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