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MLM Lead Generation

We’ve got an exciting topic for you today; MLM Lead Generation. Many Network Marketers ask lots of questions about how to do MLM Lead generation. We get asked things like can I see your MLM Leads capture page? What’s the exact wording on the form used to generate the mlm leads?

MLM Lead Generation is clearly a topic of interest to MLM’ers and so, without further ado, may I present for your edification

MLM Lead Generation

Lets start at the start of the MLM Lead generation process

How MLM Leads Are Generated

Most MLM Leads are generated on the internet. The process begins with an advertisement which will appeal to people looking to increase their income. Most of these people are just regular folks with a job. So looking at home business opportunities appeals to them.

When they click on the ad, they are redirected to a MLM Leads Capture Page. The page will have compelling content which encourages the prospect to complete a survey form in order to get more information. Those who are interested will complete the survey.

That’s how MLM Lead Generation works in a nutshell. Sounds easy right?

The Main Factors Affecting MLM Lead Generation

Of course nothing is as easy as it first seems and MLM Lead generation is no different. Here are some of the various things which go into the mix

Traffic – traffic is the common name for people visiting a website. All traffic is not created equally. Some is much better and some is terrible. Targeted traffic is best and costs the most. Yes costs. People very rarely just find websites, most websites have to pay to get traffic.

The more targeted your traffic is, meaning the more aligned the visitors are to the message on your MLM Leads Capture Page then the more people will complete the form. This will be a more effective MLM Lead Generation than using cheap untargeted traffic.

Video on your MLM Lead Generation Page

these days video is very popular. Having a video on your lead capture page will increase your conversions. Conversions is the measurement of people who sign up on your page as a percentage of the total number of people who came to your page. A very good conversion rate would be 30%. That means out of every 100 people who visit you can expect 30 to become leads.

MLM Lead Capture Page Design

The design of your page is crucial to it’s success. Visitors should be able to instantly see what it’s about. They should be able to very quickly understand the benefits to them of completing the form. The writing on the page is called “copy” That’s where the word copyright comes from. The copy needs a lot of attention and must be compelling.

mlm lead generation design

A Beautiful Example of Our MLM Lead Generation Pages

Headline and Sub-Headline

You only have 2 or 3 seconds to grab the visitors attention. Good use of the headline will hook them. The sub-headline will reinforce the headline and encourage them to keep reading. The better these two items are the more MLM Leads will be generated.

Information You Want

In the case of you generating leads for your MLM business, we recommend you limit the information you ask for. Keep it to Name, Email and Telephone. That is all you really need for your purposes. Of course professional MLM Lead Generation companies need to collect a lot more information. But for your purposes, lets keep it simple.

The Copy

The text you write on the page to give information and to encourage the visitors should be accurate, not wild and crazy claims that no one will believe. Keep it real.

Email Autoresponder

The form on your MLM Lead Capture Page needs to do something with the information it collects from the visitor. The best way to store this information and to communicate with your new leads, is to use an email autoresponder.

The job of your email autoresponder is to collect the leads information for you and to send them a series of emails. There are a few very good companies providing this service. If you do not already have an account with one, we highly recommend Aweber. We used them for 10 years before moving to a more sophisticated service. For your purposes Aweber is perfect. Great service, easy tutorials and very good pricing.

Setting Up the Email Autoresponder

There are a few very good companies providing this service. If you do not already have an account with one, we highly recommend Aweber. We used them for 10 years before moving to a more sophisticated service. For your purposes Aweber is perfect. Great service, easy tutorials and very good pricing.

If  you sign up for an Aweber account on this link, you will get a 30 day free trial with Aweber and we will also help you set it up.

Business Presentation

As soon as the MLM lead completes your form and clicks the submit button Aweber will redirect them to any page you decide. We would recommend you redirect them to your MLM business presentation page.

Getting MLM Lead Generation Traffic to Your Page

Everyday there are over 2 million new pages put on the internet. No one is going to find your page. It needs to have targeted traffic sent to it.

You can definitely buy the traffic yourself. You should learn how to do it though as it’s very complex, very expensive and easy to lose a lot of money. I’m really not kidding about that. I wrote about The 6 Best Ways to Generate MLM Leads.

There you have it; everything you need to get MLM Lead Generation up and running producing exclusive MLM Leads for you.  Sine 2003 we have been supporting tens of thousands of Network Marketers, just like you.  Talk to us right now if you have any questions.  We will walk you through the entire process and help you get going as soon as possible

Looking forward to working with you

Where to Get More MLM Leads ApacheLeads

Where to get More Network Marketing Leads

All network marketers want to know where to get more MLM leads.  Lucky you came to the right place because in this post I’m going to share exactly where to get more MLM leads. How that’s done is not what you are probably expecting, so stay with me and be surprised.

Most folks believe to build a home business you need Network Marketing Leads and lots of money.  The really hungry, eager network marketers find ways to get MLM leads and money.  Others often don’t give it much thought and end up dropping out.  That’s a big difference.

Most MLM’ers Don’t Start With Buying MLM Leads

Let me give you a personal example.  When I started in MLM there was no place to buy MLM leads.  It didn’t matter to me, none of my upline or me had ever even heard of MLM leads.  We went out prospecting and generating our own MLM leads that way.  You can read how I built my Amway business with no MLM leads ever. 

MLM Winners and Losers
In all walks of life there are winners and losers.  It’s a low cost of entry to MLM / Network Marketing so there are a lot of people who fall into the loser category.  That’s not me making it up, it’s just a fact of life.  The difference is winners figure things out and importantly, how to get what they need and to learn the things they don’t know.  Losers whine and spend a lot of time on the couch where its warm and safe.

Of course, none of them read my posts only winners come here, so congrats on being an MLM winner!

3 Ways to Get More MLM Leads
The vast majority of working people dislike their job.  It’s not always the job they dislike, it’s often being at the beck and call of the boss, having to get up early every morning and fight the traffic, seeing their wife get dressed and looking great only to see her leave for the office. That was a pet peeve of mine.

The point is there are millions of people looking for something more out of life, so why do we have so much trouble finding them?  It could be we are too vague, making things too complex and also too afraid to prospect.

Here are three ways to get more MLM Leads which actually work.

How to Generate MLM Leads at Any Gathering.

The absolute easiest and best way to generate your own MLM leads is to be going to meetups, trade shows, conferences or anywhere people are gathering.

Before you get started with this you need to develop your MLM Elevator Pitch so you know it by heart and can deliver it smoothly.

Here’s an example, For Apache Leads it could be:

“I help business owners get closer to their dreams by helping them expand their businesses by matching them with business opportunity seekers.” 

Maybe your business is about saving money on travel, you could say:

“I help people save money on their travel.”

That statement is short and to the point and takes about 2 to 3 seconds to say. It gives enough information to allow them to decide whether they want more information or not. If they want more information, they’ll ask:

“How does that work?”

You could answer with something like this:

“Well you know how people love to travel but to do it right usually is very expensive? Our company helps people save on their travel bills with lower rates. People love saving money, so they start telling others about it. When you do this enough times, the company starts sending you checks in the mail as their way of saying ‘thanks’.

“So imagine that you helped your friends save on their travel bills. Well, the best part is that every time your travel, you make money!”

Easy peasy right? It was short and to the point.

The Best 6 Ways to Generate MLM Leads

Plenty of Network Marketers generate their own exclusive MLM Leads using a variety of methods.  You can too.  I wrote a detailed article called The Best 6 Ways to Generate MLM Leads  In the article I show you step by step how to generate as many quality MLM Leads as you want.

These methods work extremely well but do take some time and effort to set up.  But, one thing is for sure, if you follow the advice you and your group will never be short of MLM leads ever again.

Where to Buy MLM Leads

Sure, I understand many people never want to buy MLM Leads.  The problem with saying never is it closes off an avenue to you.  There are definitely times when you should buy MLM leads.  When those times are right, make sure you buy the best MLM leads.

Some of those times might include, these, if you:

  1. Aren’t great on the phone or do not want to contact your warm market.
  2. Need more experience on the phone (Aged MLM Leads are perfect for this)
  3. Want to Get your business going right now and do not want to wait until you know how to generate your own MLM Leads.

If any of these circumstances apply to you then have a think about buying MLM leads.  Having been in the MLM Leads business since 2003, I personally know of hundreds of success stories.

Allow me to give you some advice before Buying MLM Leads, as a guide, so as to make it smooth, easy and trouble free for you.

The Insider Truth to Buying MLM Leads

I started Apache Leads back in 2003 when there were very few MLM Leads sites.  I started the site so my own downline group had access to good quality leads.  This idea proved very popular and soon not just my own group but people from all over the world were buying MLM Leads from Apache Leads.

The reason I’m telling you that little bit of my history is so you know, I’m qualified to give you the following guidance.

Here’s a nice article I wrote about Why, How and Where to Buy the Best MLM Leads

Manage your expectation:  Bought MLM Leads are still not a “given”.  Many people new to Network Marketing have a expectation about leads which is just not realistic at all.  Remember, you’re excited about your business because someone who was skilled in prospecting and presenting showed you the business.

Give your MLM Leads the same courtesy.  You need to call them, use a professional script, qualify them and move them along in the process.  Don’t be expecting that you just call them up, tell them all about your business and they will jump in with you.  That’s not how it works best.

How to Choose the Best MLM Leads Company:  These days there are a ton of MLM Leads companies.  Of course, some are very good and some are not so good.  But how to tell the difference?  Luckily, I covered this for you in this article Where to Buy the Best MLM Leads  No it’s not all about Apache Leads, it’s a genuine guide which can be very helpful to you.

How to Get MLM Leads to Call You:  This is one of the best ways to generate MLM Leads! Just think about it, at the press of a button you can have excited, interest leads calling you.  I know you think it’s too good to be true.

It’s not.  We have clients who use modern technology to blast out messages to thousands of Economy MLM Leads each week.  The message is designed to only appeal to those interested in making money at home.  Those people are the ones who call them back.  These methods are SMS Texting, Ringless Voicemail Drops and Phone Dialers.

MLM Phone Script

Have a Proven MLM Phone Script:  This is where a lot of new Networkers shoot themselves in the foot.  Often they think there is nothing to it, just call up the leads and tell them all about the business.  Surely they will see how awesome it is and want to get in right away.  Nope.  That’s not how it works, never was and never will be.

Ask your upline for a copy of the phone script they use.  If they don’t have one then here’s a short book of MLM Phone Scripts you can have for free.  Included is how to handle objections for free as well.

Here we have a ton of free MLM training

Building a network Marketing business needs a constant supply of MLM Leads, there is just no other way to build it.  No matter which method(s) you prefer, they all need action of some sort.  It’s always easier to build a business fast and tidy up the mess later.  Don’t be procrastinating and waiting for all the lights to turn green, it’s just never going to happen.

Get out there press the flesh, make some mistakes, fall down, get up, there is no substitute for action.

Where to Get More MLM Leads according to Wikipedia (they make it sound boring and technical)

If you enjoyed this post about Where to get More MLM Leads, please like it, share it and comment.

exclusive mlm leads

Exclusive MLM Leads: Real or Myth?

Exclusive MLM Leads: Real or Myth?

On our site Live Chat we are sometimes asked if we have exclusive mlm leads.

People love the thought of having exclusive mlm leads, it’s something to do with a human desire for ownership and control.  Also, it makes one think there is a fear of competition involved as well.

As a race, we all like to own things; a nice house, a clean safe car, a big screen TV and a margarita blender.  But leads don’t really fall into this type of "thing"

MLM Leads are people, not a thing or a possession.  There is no ownership entitlement at all.  When someone makes a purchase with a mlm leads company they are actually renting access to a list of people.  Ownership never changes hands.

Let’s get into what leads are about.  They are regular people just like you, not so much like me because I’m pretty far from regular.

Quite often, how they became a lead is they went to a search engine and looked for something like best home business, "top 10 ways to make money at home"

When they scrolled through the results they probably saw a couple of different sites which looked interesting.  They liked the big header image on the page and they like what was being promised.  They could see themselves on that big power boat with the sexy bikini girl, or they could see that brand new gigantic house in the best neighbourhood.

They quickly completed the form asking for more information.  That’s the exact moment they became an MLM Lead.

More than likely they wanted to feel sure so they repeated the same process on another site and maybe even a third.

Now they were on the leads lists of a few mlm leads companies.

So much for being exclusive

MLM lead companies who claim to have exclusive mlm leads are not (in most cases) lying to you.  They simply mean the lead is being sold to you exclusively from them.  It’s not preventing other companies who the lead signed up with form selling them also.

Fear of Competition

Now on the point I made earlier about fear of competition.  I’m really sorry to tell you this but if you are experiencing a fear of competition from other mlm distributors then it’s a matter of confidence and experience.

Let’s say that somehow you were the only person ever to speak to the lead about a mlm business opportunity.  Do you truly believe they will get in with you just because you’re the only one they spoke to?

Fear Not The Competition

Getting back to reality; confidence is a big key to recruiting.  It’s not that much to do with products and comp plans.  Sure, that will get some people to join but not most.  Most people are looking at you and deciding if they like you, if they trust you and most importantly are you a leader who will show them the way.

Those are the most important factors whether or not someone gets into business with you.  Not the fact that you may or may not have been the only person who spoke to them

A better strategy than worrying if leads are exclusive or shared is to develop your people skills and choose quality leads.  Get some experience talking to a few hundred leads, fall over, get back up again and get better everyday.

why dont mlm leads companies give refunds

Why Dont MLM Leads Companies Give Refunds

Why Don’t MLM Leads Companies Give Refunds is a question which we have from time to time.

Well usually not in that exact wording, more usually it’s "These leads don’t work and I want a refund"

When this happens and it does now and then, it’s very distressing. We feel we have failed this client and we have probably lost them as clients forever.  At Apache Leads we try very hard to provide a great experience for every client, but being realistic it’s simply not possible to please or satisfy everyone.

When it does happen, we hold a staff discussion about the whole relationship we have had with the upset client. We pinpoint when the client became upset or disappointed and work toward preventing this happening again.  I can’t speak for all mlm leads companies, but I’m sure the other good companies most likely have a similar process. No business wants clients to be distressed, dis-satisfied and angry. It’s not in anyone’s interest and so is to be avoided whenever possible.

For me to fully and honestly answer the question at hand; Why Don’t MLM Leads Companies Give Refunds, some explanations of how and why things happen is needed. Please bear with me and I will reveal all.

Lets start at the beginning.

Who are the majority of customers of mlm leads companies?

The majority of clients are ordinary people like you or me. Nothing weird, nothing special, just plain folks.

Recently they have been recruited into a network marketing business. For the vast majority, this is the very first time they have been a business owner.

If I was asked to describe the average client I would say this:

regular family why dont mlm leads companies give refunds

They are regular people, married, two children, a house which is mortgaged, two cars. Both parents work. They are good devoted parents and try hard to make ends meet. Their incomes are just not enough to cover their living expenses. They owe money on the cars and to numerous credit cards and maybe even some personal loans. The stress of being debt propelled has made them open to looking at an MLM business.

They have both worked for many years, dislike their jobs and want to make money to get out of debt, out of the rat race and to begin enjoying their lives.  They have no real knowledge or experience with building or running a business but think it’s easy and something they can handle without any special training.

Please forgive me if you feel this is harsh, it’s gained from being involved with MLM since 1992. It is a realistic “avatar” of the average new network marketer and is not meant to be disparaging in anyway at all.

Consider this; most new Network Marketers have been employees all their working lives.

They have not been business owners nor have they been directly involved and responsible for the setting up of a business and it’s ongoing management and operations.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a criticism and there is absolutely nothing wrong with not having been a business owner previously. The reason I’m telling you this fact is so a little later in this article you will be able to better understand some things I need to explain.

OK lets move on.

MLM and Network Marketing is an industry of individual business owners. Yes they are working with a large company who provides the products and the compensation but pretty much by definition the networkers are owner operators of their own business.  They are not employees of the product company they work with in order to distribute products.

With this in mind it’s a good time to define the relationship with any network marketer and a mlm leads company. It’s what is referred to as a B2B relationship (business to business). This is opposed to the kind of relationship a client of McDonalds has with the company. In this case it’s a B2C (business to consumer) relationship.

There is a world of difference between these two relationships

In a B2C relationship companies bend over backwards to make the customers happy and satisfied. For example they will have very generous return / refund policies. Most people think that sort of policy is free.

It’s not.  The cost of replacement is included in the price. The company figures out how much returns and “shrinkage” (theft & shoplifting) cost them per year and simply add it to the cost of what they sell. So everyone pays for it, its not free at all.

OK lets turn to mlm leads.

I’ve already written a number of articles about how mlm leads are generated. It’s a very specialized niche and requires a ton of skills. Even then, to generate MLM leads is a very expensive and risky business. Leads can cost as much as $20 each to generate!

When a lead is freshly generated is its peak of value. Each hour, each day reduces the leads value greatly. After 3 days, the lead is no longer considered fresh, it’s now an aged lead worth only a fraction of what it was worth.

Here is typical scenario of what becomes a disgruntled client wanting a refund.

The client goes to any mlm lead companies site because they are excited and want to grow their business. They’ve been told that buying mlm leads is a great way to find people interested in a home business. Being a world famous mlm leads supplier I’m not going to dispute that ha ha ha ha

They decide to buy some fresh mlm leads and as soon as the leads are delivered they jump on the phone and start talking to their prospects.

Training about how to call mlm leads? What?!? Who needs that?!?

They figure the leads will be just as excited as they are as soon as they tell them all about the greatest, most amazing product in the world and the fabulous amounts of money everyone can make.

Uh oh…. All of a sudden, the wheels fall off.

None of these supposedly good fresh mlm leads is the slightest bit interested in what they are trying to tell them. Obviously, these leads are not interested in a home business at all.

They feel they have been scammed by this lying, cheating mlm leads seller.

I want a refund they scream!!

In this instance, which happens much more often than you might imagine, who is the bad guy here?

Is it the novice business owner, who didn’t bother to get any training and practice or the mlm leads company? I’ll leave that decision up to you

In an effort to minimize this type of thing happening, Apache Leads has provided FREE MLM Training for many years. It’s no secret, everything that anybody wants to do at a professional level requires training.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a rock star. I could never be bothered with all the time it would take to learn guitar or anything else about being a rock star. Probably why I’m in the leads business instead of in the rock n roll hall of fame. I didn’t bother to do the training.

You may recall that earlier I mentioned that MLM’ers are in a B2B relationship with their suppliers and this includes with their leads company. B2B relationships do not come with return/refund rights. That’s a right of consumers in a B2C situation.

Leads cost a lot of money to generate and all decent leads companies generate the best leads they can. They also sell them for the lowest price they can because, trust me, it’s a very competitive industry. There’s no fat in the price of leads. It’s an industry based on selling in volume and to do that you need to look after your clients.

Telling a lead company the leads will be returned and that a refund is expected is not something the leads company is going to agree to. If you doubt me, look in the terms and conditions posted in the footer of every mlm leads company website.

Like us, they will happily replace any bad leads.

no bad mlm leads guarantee

A bad lead is not someone who didn’t want to hear what you had to say. We have no control over what a networker says to the leads. A bad lead is a lead which cannot be contacted, i.e. their phone is disconnected.

Returning the leads makes no difference, the leads company still has copies of the leads but now that they are days old, they are not worth anywhere near as much as they were.



Closing Thoughts

I know this article got a bit rough and probably I said quite a few things many people won’t like and won’t agree with. I’ve written it honestly and openly as part of our ongoing quest to pull back the curtain on the mlm leads industry so that there are no secrets, no misunderstanding between Apache Leads and its clients.

Without clients, we are nothing.

We want your success, maybe even more than you do at times. The reason we say this is obviously honest; we figure, if you buy mlm leads from Apache Leads and you become a big success you probably will recommend to your team to buy from us. Makes sense right?

Look, we know not every lead is going to be a winner.

But from where we stand we speak to hundreds of MLM’ers every week. You would be amazed at the difference in attitudes and results we see when people are using the exact same leads!

Some clients swear by them and have tremendous success, others not so much. The only difference we can ever see is the level of professionalism, attitude and training.

Those three things make a world of difference.

winners are grinners - why dont mlm leads companies give refunds

Look upline to when you go to a company conference or training event. The winners are grinners! They exude happiness, confidence and most importantly professionalism.

To be one of those guys, act like you are one of those guys from day one.

The good news is the opportunity to achieve and enjoy your goals and dreams is in your hands, the bad news is the opportunity to achieve and enjoy your goals and dreams is in your hands.

Choose wisely my friends, choose wisely.

Afterthoughts: this was a very difficult post to write and even more difficult deciding whether or not to publish it.  On one hand I wanted to make sure there were no secrets between you and I.  But it was scary to publish such a truthful, hard hitting article which was very likely to cost a lot of sales.  For those who do decide to not do business with us after reading this article, I can only say, I think you missed the point.  The point being would you rather work with a guy who tells you the real truth or those who hide from it?

how many times are mlm leads sold - don reid

How Many Times Are MLM Leads Sold

How Many Times Are MLM Leads Sold: In this post we delve into that question which we hear from site visitors quite often.

It’s a really great question and one which many of our competitors really hate to answer. They prefer to keep quiet about it and hope that no one asks them.

Even when they are asked they will often squirm and give confusing and misleading answers designed to make it sound like the leads are not sold to anyone else.

Before getting to the answers, there needs to be a little explanation of how mlm leads are generated.

The most common method is search engine marketing. This means the mlm leads generator places an ad on Google or other search engines. The ad will show up when anyone searches such things as “how to make money at home”, “best home business”, “work at home plans”

a sample of a simple mlm leads capture page

A sample of a simple mlm leads capture page

If the searcher clicks on the ad they will be taken to a lead capture page. The page will usually have a glossy image of a family enjoying all the money they have made from their home business. You know the kind of thing, big fancy pants house, foreign car, stacks of cash, cruise ships etc etc.

The page will have a form on it where the searcher can request more information about this exciting home business opportunity.

The form will ask for their contact information and often a bunch of other relevant questions such as how much extra money do they want per month, how many hours per week can they work in a home business, what their motivation level is. That and more.


When the searcher completes the form it’s sent to the lead generation company and this person is now a mlm lead.

Ok a simple enough process but actually quite expensive. None of it’s cheap. The design and construction of the lead capture page would have cost thousands of dollars. Because they didn’t build just one, they built quite a few and tested which one worked the best.

The database which collects the data from the forms cost money. The hosting of the site cost money.

Most of all the cost of advertising cost a huge amount. It probably costs around $10 to generate one lead!

Like all companies the lead generation company needs to make a profit to cover all the expenses and salaries of the staff involved in the actual lead generation. Don’t forget there are other expenses as well, administration staff, rent on the office, office furniture, equipment, utilities etc. The list is long.

In case you would like to give generating your own mlm leads a try, I wrote "The 6 Best Ways To Generate MLM Leads

All in all each lead can cost $20 each to generate.

In the MLM leads industry, no one is going to be willing to pay anywhere near that much for a lead.

To make the leads available at a price which the market will bear ALL mlm leads companies sell leads more than one time. Otherwise the prices would be much more expensive, it’s just a simple fact.

Those companies who are telling you they only sell leads one time are either:

a. Lying or
b. Selling rubbish leads that are worth nothing

Apache Leads offers top quality phone interviewed mlm leads and to make them available at a price that is attractive and beneficial to the market we sell all fresh leads up to 3 times. That depends on demand. Sometimes we have more leads than is needed and so those leads are sold less than 3 times. But, as a general rule, we sell them 3 times.

One thing to remember with Apache Leads is that our software prevents the fresh leads being shared with people working the same business. That’s why we ask you which business you are working when you set up your free Leads Manager Account.

Leads are not silly, they are going to want to look at a few businesses before deciding so, it’s really not a negative thing to share the leads.

Aged leads are, of course, leads which have been sold before and are then sold again at a vastly reduced price to reflect that they have been sold before and are also older now.

Sadly some mlm leads companies are not very ethical and will sell the leads many times in order to maximize their profits. This hurts their customers and the industry as a whole. We stand for openness, transparency and honesty. We do not support lying to our clients and do not condone these bad practices in anyway.

apache leads guarantee

We guarantee all our leads and want to make working with Apache Leads as pleasant, profitable and risk free as possible for you.

Toward this objective, we are not afraid to answer any question you might have.

Hopefully we have answered How Many Times Are MLM Leads Sold to your satisfaction.  If we haven’t, please do feel free to ask a question in the comments below.  Thanks for reading, if you got something from this, please feel free to share it and comment below.

mlm leads affiliate program

MLM Leads Affiliate Program

Yes, We Do Have an MLM Leads Affiliate Program

In this post, we’re going to explain about our MLM Leads Affiliate Program, why we chose the one we did and why we believe it’s the best for your MLM business growth

Do you have an mlm leads affiliate program?

This is a question we get a couple of times a week.  Usually from experienced Networkers.  Yes, we do have an affiliate program. It’s listed under the Services menu and directly in the page footer.

Does your affiliate program have software to run it?

No, it doesn’t, sorry about that.  Here’s why.

Apache Leads is a diverse site which offers a range of different products and services.  These products and services require different handling, different systems to manage those products from sales to delivery.

Most of our MLM leads are handled within The Leads Manager.  That system provides the sales, importing, delivery and client management of leads all within a very complex application.  It was purpose designed and built and is exclusive to Apache Leads.

When we were designing it, an affiliate program, did not cross our minds and so it’s not included and not able to be without a total rebuild.

The other and probably the more important reason we do not have a regular affiliate program is we have never supported the idea of an upline profiting from their own downline who are investing in leads to build a business.  A business which the upline will benefit from in due course.

Affiliate Programs are Not Free

Leads companies who have an affiliate program which pays out commissions are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.  They are doing it to increase sales and to cover the cost they have to either increase the price of the leads or decrease the quality of the leads (or both). some mlm leads affiliate programs

Do you want an upline who directs you to a company that pays them a commission for sending you to them or an upline who cares about you and does everything possible to support your growth?  Your upline and your job if you are an upline is to be diligent, honest and focused on helping, training and guiding your downline.   Making money from them with affiliate programs takes the focus off your downline and puts it on your wallet.  That’s a short term outlook and one which will be duplicated and strangle the growth of everyone’s business.  It’s a slippery slope

Because we believe in doing all we can to help you build your business we developed an affiliate program which helps everyone.  If you’re a success in MLM, then if we were of some help in your success, we could reasonably hope you would encourage your downline to also avail themselves of our services, right?  Damn straight, so of course we want you to be a success!

It’s like a “refer a friend” program. 

great mlm leads affiliate program

Our affiliate program is not about money.  It’s about leads.  Yes it’s very cool and very easy to use.

So, for example, say you refer your friend John.  He invests in 10o Fresh Phone Interviewed Leads.  We will not pay you a commission, however, we will give you 25 Phone Interviewed Leads for free

We feel that’s a nice and reasonable reward for you.

You can learn everything about our affiliate program here

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Why How and Where to Buy the Best MLM Leads

Why, How and Where to Buy the Best MLM Leads

Why How and Where to Buy the Best MLM Leads

Some people make a huge mistake and think that all mlm leads are created equally and that the only reason to buy is price. This is the biggest mistake they ever make in what will be a short career in network marketing.

Before getting into the real reasons you should choose wisely when buying mlm leads, please allow me to introduce myself to you.

My name is Don Reid and I first was introduced to network marketing in February, 1992. It was all very new to me and I didn’t have any of the skills which successful Network Marketers need. But, over time I acquired them by investing in training and with a lot of help from my sponsor.  I listened to everything he said and went to every event, every meeting and devoured all the training.

I went on to build a moderately successful mlm business.

In August 1995, I was distracted by a new craze called the internet. My partners and I developed and operated membership sites from August 1995 to December 2000. During that time we generated gross revenue of a tad over $18,000,000.

In 2002 I decided to give MLM another shot and use the new tools the internet was providing. I joined a company based in California. It was the usual lotions and potions and a fairly standard compensation plan. There really was nothing “new”, “revolutionary” or even interesting about the products.  In fact, when my monthly product shipment used to arrive, I used to throw it in the dumpster. The taste of it was really quite revolting. Even with vodka it was pretty gross.

don with diamond awards

Getting My Diamond Level Awards in Florida 2002

From the day I started that revolting tasting MLM, to the day I hit the Diamond Level was only 3 months!

That’s a record in that company and probably in most others. My income at that time from that business was averaging $71,000 per month.

When I looked downline to help my group grow it became very obvious there was a problem. My people had no leads.

My rapid rise to the Diamond level was made possible by my email list of over 2 million names. Every day I was promoting the business to the list and getting dozens of people signing up.

How great was that!

A big problem just popped up to kill that.


Yep Governments all over the world were sick to death of spam and so they enacted laws which prevented sending spam email. My list was actually legitimate, everyone had signed up of their own free will. Problem was in those early days we had no proof of their signup so the email blasting had to stop.

That’s when I decided to provide leads to my group.

Apache Leads was born

It had been designed just for my own downline but in no time, word spread about the great quality leads we were providing and people form all over the world began buying leads from us.

To cut a long story short, since 2003 Apache Leads has been at the forefront of providing awesome mlm leads. These days we just offer mlm leads from two countries and two types of leads. We’ve distilled a big range down to just the two best leads for network marketers.

What we have focused on is providing these very valuable tools and services to our clientele

1. Very attentive and responsive customer service which includes, toll free numbers, email contact and live chat.

2. An advanced Leads Management System which is provided at no cost to our clients. This very easy to use system is a very powerful tool for managing all your leads, reporting bad leads, pausing and resuming delivery, setting delivery times to the the minute in your own time zone and downloading.

3. Free mlm training. As you now know, I’ve built two mlm businesses and have learnt a lot since 1992. I’ve shared my experiences, script, tips and shortcuts in a number of books which are available on the site.

4. MLM Leads which are phone interviewed quality, the very best there is. For example, the Australian Phone Interviewed Leads are the only phone interviewed Australian leads in the world.

Valuing MLM Leads

The value of the leads you invest in is directly related to the result they can bring to you.

Before we go any further, a word of warning. Many people new to MLM make the biggest mistake of all, they choose to believe they have all the skills needed to call leads and sponsor them.

They don’t

It’s a silly as thinking, “I know how to use a phone so I know how to make calls”, they don’t. The people who make this mistake are excited with their new busienss and think as soon as they mention it to some stranger, that stranger is going to be as excited as them and want to get int he business.

They forget they were approached by a professional and given a professional presentation, that’s what got them excited.

Anyone calling mlm leads without training, practice and a script is doomed to failure and will quit the business in a very short time.

Everyone needs to be teachable.

OK, enough said

Lets look at valuing how much a lead is worth to you.

When you sponsor / recruit someone into your business they will be worth at least $1,000 per year to you. Of course, that’s assuming they are active. They are likely to be worth a ton more, maybe even $50,000 a year.

Lets say you invest $100 in leads, you call them with a good script, build a relationship and sponsor one person from those leads and the calls. Just one, not 10, not 20, just 1.

You just invested $100 to make a minimum of $1,000!!

Now if you invest time and effort to teach this new person to duplicate your methods, they are very likely to follow your example and begin buying good quality leads, making calls and recruiting people of their own.

Now how much are they worth to you?

Warren Buffett would be doing that all day every day if he knew about it. You DO know about it.



price and value

price is what you pay, value is what you get


Hopefully now you understand, investing in quality mlm leads will bring awesome value and massive returns for you.  Returns which keep paying off to you, year after year


The very best, fully guaranteed MLM leads are the Phone Interviewed Grade. Both the U.S. and AU versions are incredibly good value.  Heed my words about getting training, practice and a proven script BEFORE selecting and calling these mlm leads to enjoy the biggest return.

US Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

Australian Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

“When only the best will do” – Don Reid

I hope you enjoyed this post and got something from it.  At least you now know more about  Why, How and Where to Buy the Best MLM Leads.
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Why, How and Where to Buy the Best MLM Leads

where to get more mlm leads

Where To Get More MLM Leads


Where To Get More MLM Leads?

Everyone in Network Marketing is always wondering; where to get more mlm leads.  Well wonder no more!  In this post I’m going to show you exactly where you can acquire more mlm leads.  It is a true saying that mlm leads are the life blood of your business.  I like to use the analogy of your business being a vehicle which can drive you closer to your dreams and the mlm leads are the fuel for your vehicle.  Now the thing is you can drive your car slow or you can drive it fast.  Of course, fast is better if it’s getting you to your dreams right?

Generate Your Own MLM Leads

Generating your own leads is definitely a thing.  Like anything it needs some skill to generate your own mlm leads.  But it’s truly doable and if you get good at it, you will generate exclusive mlm leads which only you have access to.  I wrote a detailed post covering The 6 Best Ways To Generate MLM Leads have a read of it and you will be on your way to feeding your vehicle with phone interviewed gas!

How To Get More MLM Leads

One of the things I used to do to generate my own mlm leads before the internet was to go to trade shows. It still works now, just most people don’t bother to do it.  It’s really easy and produces excellent mlm leads. Trade shows are packed with exhibitors who mostly hate their boring jobs.  They are there to promote and sell their company’s products and service so of course they are super easy to approach.  During the conversation, it’s very likely they will ask you something along the lines of what industry or job you are doing.  BINGO! As soon as they ask that you give them your practiced and polished Elevator Pitch. If they are interested in learning more (which they should be if you have a good elevator pitch) then grab their card and tell them you’ll give them a call to make a time to get together.  Too easy right?

Where To Buy MLM Leads

OK I understand that some people are very reluctant to buy mlm leads.  That’s because either they or someone they know has been burned by bad mlm leads companies in the past.  Yes, it’s a damn pity that there are some scammy lead sellers in the industry.  On the other hand there are some truly excellent mlm leads companies and it’s super easy to tell the difference.  I recently wrote a post called where to buy the best mlm leads its definitely worth taking a look and then being able to buy the best mlm leads for your business vehicle without any risk.

As a word of warning there are a ton of different types of mlm leads and a lot of dirty little secrets the industry would prefer you never find out, so….

The Truth About Buying MLM Leads

I started in the mlm leads business way back in 2003.  I’ve done well in this industry because I’ve always made sure Apache Leads was transparent and fair dealing.  Many mlm leads sellers have come and gone Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leads during that time, mostly because they don’t do the right thing by their clients, they are more interested in a short cut to riches.

My allegiance is to you, my client, because without you, I have no business.  My success is tied to your success.

That’s why I wrote a training book which exposes the bad mlm leads and the bad leads companies and their dirty little secrets. It’s called Everything You Ever Needed To Wanted To Know About Leads  or you can get it and other mlm books for free on our MLM Training page.

MLM Leads Are Not Magic Beans

I answer a lot of live chat and support emails on the site and the biggest misconception I hear from new people is this:  They think MLM Leads are going to jump into business with them as soon as they call them up.  Please allow me to dis-spell that myth.  I made a video here called MLM Leads are NOT Magic Beans  MLM Leads really are a fantastic tool for your business and when you invest in good leads and use them professionally you will reach your goals and dreams faster.  Invest in yourself and master the skills required to make the most of the mlm leads you acquire.  No matter if you generate your own mlm leads or buy the best mlm leads, you still need to treat them like people and be a leader and not a needy baby.


I hope you enjoyed this post and got something from it.  At least you now know Where To Get More MLM Leads.
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Where To Get More MLM Leads

where to buy the best mlm leads

Where To Buy The Best MLM Leads

Where To Buy The Best MLM Leads:  In this post I'm going to show you where to buy the best mlm leads.  This is important stuff if you want to avoid wasting your time and wasting your money on bad mlm leads.

Do you know what bad mlm leads are?

Let's cover that first so you are up to speed on them.  Bad mlm leads are leads sold by scammy leads companies.  Sadly yes, there are still a few of them taking advantage of people.  But with the information in this post, you should be more knowledgeable and able to avoid buying mlm leads which are less than phone interviewed shall we say.

The bad guys are always going to be offering you deals which sound way too good to be true.  That's because they are.

Bad MLM Leads have these telltale signs:

They are old but sold as fresh

They have been sold a gazillion times and when you call them they are going to give you an earful of abuse.

They most likely never asked for information about a home business but were just sold to you as being genuine home business seekers

So now you know the telltale signs of bad mlm leads, lets move onto bad mlm leads sellers.

There website looks like it hasn't been upgraded since 2005.  It has all those pathetic stock photos of people in suits in an office conference room

The site is not even full width, it's narrow with a very clunk old fashioned design

The site is http not the secure https Look up at our url you can see its https and has the green padlock and says SECURE

They have a real lack of proper contact information, no real "about us" nothing seems legit about the site

They have no guarantees and no proper terms and conditions, no privacy policy

They have no free training to help you and support you

They have no free leads management system to help you contact and follow up your leads

They have no live chat program to make it easy for you to ask questions and get real answers, right now

They have no genuine testimonials from real clients


Where To Buy The Best MLM Leads?

Well, you're on one of the best sites right now.  But yeah, OK, I know you want to know more.

Good, Professional MLM Leads Sites have the following things in common:

Good looking modern websites which are well laid out and easy to navigate

Lots of contact information including toll free numbers

The MLM Leads are Guaranteed

There are proper terms and conditions, about us and privacy pages

Proper, detailed descriptions of the leads they sell


Apache Leads even goes a few steps more to support you

Free MLM Training

Free Leads Manager System

100% Guarantee that any bad leads will be replaced

Live Chat to support you

There are a few of us who have been supplying quality, guaranteed leads for a long time.  I founded Apache Leads in 2003. So a long time in the business is a very good sign of where to buy the best mlm leads

MLM Leads are meant to be good and so I'm not blowing our horn because of that.  That should come with the territory.

Leads are supposed to bring you a profit via giving you real people who are genuinely interested in a home business.  Leads are quite expensive to generate, so that's why good ones cost more than the cheap ones offered by scammy sites.

Remember this though, leads are not just going to jump at the chance as soon as you call them.  A lot of network marketing newbies make that mistake and then complain the leads are no good.  NO!  It's not that the leads are no good, it's the newbie who was no good at calling and being a real leader.  Imagine someone you have never met calls you up and begins asking you personal questions about your desires, your income, you ability to work a business etc etc.  How eager are you going to be to respond nicely and give all the answers.

Remember, it's the person calling the leads job to be professional, be courteous and listen.  Listen to what they say, not just spit out the next line in your script.  Learn to be patient and genuinely try to understand and help them.

Anyway, that's where to buy the best mlm leads in a nutshell.  Watch out for the scammers, deal with professional mlm lead companies and be a great caller.

I wrote a course called Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leads.  Read that and you will know it all and never be scammed by bad mlm leads companies.

You will definitely make it to your goals and dreams and then...

We will see YOU on the beaches

The Best 6 Ways to Generate MLM Leads

Super Effective Multi Level Marketing Lead Generation - The Best 6 Ways to Generate MLM Leads

Welcome, in this comprehensive article I’m going to reveal the best 6 ways to generate MLM leads for yourself. Leads are the essential fuel for every successful business, especially in network marketing. Network Marketing has such a high person to person involvement (as opposed to letting a website make the sale), network marketers need to generate many MLM leads to have enough people to present their business and products to.

Many multi-level marketing (MLM) distributors don't build their business using the same methods as any other business. This is a huge mistake.

Every network marketing business a business just like every other type of business. No leads equals no business. Lead generation in network marketing can and should use modern, tried and proven lead generation and funnel systems used by other businesses. Remember, no leads means no business. There is nothing simpler than that concept, yet so many don’t get it or believe it or do anything about it.

Where to Start

Most MLM companies recommend starting with a list of 100 people you know. They (ironically) call this "your warm market". This is a bad place to start when looking for customers and business builders. The reason it's a very bad idea is you are inexperienced when you first begin, you have zero credibility with your friends and family. Sadly, they will be the worst, most cruel to you if you approach them with a business opportunity.

Your friends and family's criticism is very likely to blow your dreams and make you quit before you even started.

Do NOT make a list of your friends and family and go contacting them. Wait to show them when you have achieved some success and they can see you are serious and know what you are doing. You're far better off spending your time finding people (leads) who are interested in what you've got than you are pestering your friends and family.

How do you get leads?

Good question, glad you asked it, shows you’re way smarter than the average bear 

The best leads will always be the leads you generate yourself. These people have seen your lead capture page or your video or even both. They have indicated their interest and want to learn more. Bought leads can be very good value but remember, they responded to generic ads. But also remember, until you are capable of generating your own leads, bought ones are definitely a great way to get started building your MLM business. You can view some of the best U.S. MLM Leads here and best Australian MLM Leads here The Internet has made it easier than ever for you to generate your own leads. You definitely want people who are interested in making money at home via a good home business or a Network Marketing business. By using the proper techniques you will find plenty of people who want your product or service, or to build a home based business. But before you start posting your business in forums and social media, it helps to start by answering a few questions.

  1. Who is your Avatar?
    What the heck is an Avatar. Basically its your target market. You need to write analyze who your target market it. It might be people between 30 and 40 who are married with 2 kids, both work, have a mortgage, two cars, credit card debt and some personal loans. They are most likely debt propelled and are afraid of losing their jobs because they are already struggling. They can’t figure out how they are going to pay for the kids college, how they are going to retire, etc etc.

    This Avatar Cheat-sheet will help you discover who your market is.

  2. Where can your target market be found?
    MLM’ers, were often told to prospect everyone who came within speaking distance or to place ads in the classifieds. That’s complete and utter garbage, do not do that, ever. The people near you don’t want you coming up to them and have you try to share your amazing business opportunity with them. They will either be annoyed or think you are a little weird. Don’t get me wrong, prospects are all around you, they are everywhere, you just need to approach this professionally and we will cover it more fully shortly.
  3. How can you entice your market to want to know more.
    It’s a myth that you need to go out searching for prospects, dropping cards on peoples car windscreens, bumping into people in malls, going to trade shows. That’s all old school from the 80’s and 90’s. Forget that.

You are surrounded by prospects all the time.

Have you heard the term “elevator pitch”? It’s where you explain the benefits you provide in a few seconds.

Here’s an example, For Apache Leads it could be:

mlm leads elevator pitch

“I help business owners get closer to their dreams by helping them expand their businesses by matching them with business opportunity seekers.”

Maybe your business is about saving money on travel, you could say:

“I help people save money on their travel.”

That statement is short and to the point and takes about 2 to 3 seconds to say. It gives enough information to allow them to decide whether they want more information or not. If they want more information, they’ll ask:

“How does that work?

”You could answer with something like this:

“Well you know how people love to travel but to do it right usually is very expensive? Our company helps people save on their travel bills with lower rates. People love saving money, so they start telling others about it. When you do this enough times, the company starts sending you checks in the mail as their way of saying ‘thanks’.

"So imagine that you helped your friends save on their travel bills. Well, the best part is that every time your travel, you make money!”

Easy peasy right? It was short and to the point.

The result is they will either want more information or they won’t. If they don’t that’s ok, they were not the person you were looking for. Try to remember: when talking to people is that it’s not about you or your product. It’s about them and how you or your product can help them get what they want. The fact is most people don’t care about your company, pay plan, etc. They care about finding a solution to their problem.

Develop your own elevator pitch now.

The Best 6 Ways to Generate MLM Leads.

Now that you know who, where and how to find your market,
here are some great ways to locate and entice these people to find you.

1.Generate MLM leads with a personal website.

Some MLM companies provide their distributors with websites. Nearly all the ones I’ve seen in the last 20 odd years are junk and you will do well to avoid sending people to it. Remember your company are manufacturers (mostly) They know all about the product and how its made and the ingredients.

But they know nothing about marketing. That’s why they have you. Get your own website built, check with your company if its ok to use their trademark and/or copyrighted material on your site. If it’s not then get around this by getting a site which covers a related topic. If we stick with the travel example I used above, you could make a site talking about travel, the cool way you can save them money, tips and tricks about traveling. The reason for going to this much bother is to make sure you stand out from the crowd of competitors you have at your company. Your website should include information about you and your company, but again in the slant that shows how you can help others get what they need. You can find freelancers to outsource your website building to.

2.Use an Email Service (auto responder) to respond to your MLM leads.

Here’s how and why this works. On your website or lead capture page you will be attracting interested people to your site. They will complete the short form you have on your site. It might ask for their name and email, maybe even their phone.
To entice people to part with this information you will need to entice them with a free gift of something of value. This builds trust and shows you are an expert. Usually a PDF report is good. For example if you are in wellness then it could be “The 10 Worst Things to Eat if you Want to Lose Your Belly”
When they complete the form in order to get your amazing belly loss tips their details will be entered into your emailing service (auto responder). This is how you build your subscriber list and will allow you to communicate with your prospects. For example you could see one of our subscriber pages here
​You can send interesting and valuable information to your subscribers, encouraging them to return to your site or to engage with you. Timing is often critical in the decision making process of a prospect, it may not be right for them at the moment, but if they are on your list you can keep them interested for later on. There are several excellent email services. We use Aweber and recommend them, especially for people just starting out. They have excellent tutorials and you can even get a free trial by completing the form below

Email marketing made easy.
Want to get an email marketing campaign up and running in minutes? AWeber can help.

3.Have a “Tell Me More” option.

Most people who visit your site won’t be ready to buy, but some will be ready to get more information. Include a form different from your email that allows leads to ask for a contact from you about your products or services. Include a link to this form in your emails (#2). Remember to write content which focuses on how you can help your prospect benefit from your product/service or business.

4.Write articles to generate MLM leads.

Article writing is something you can do for free. You might see other articles telling you that if you write good, informative and interesting articles, other sites will post them for you on their site and give you a link. Don’t count on that. It’s a ton of very hard work reaching out to other site owners begging them to post your article. It’s not impossible but it is hard work and not very likely.

A better way is to write good quality articles for your own site. This is great on three levels. A) it establishes your site as an authority on the subject with Google and they will send more free traffic (visitors) to your site. 2) you can email your subscribers and direct them to your articles. 3) you can promote your articles on your Facebook business page to get even more visitors.

Remember there are two types of articles you need to be writing. One is for those who may want to get into the same business as you and the other is for those people who are just interested in your products/services. If you look at my blog, you will see I have a range of articles covering all sorts of subjects, some are helpful business tips, others are promoting our products/services and others are just plain fun. See our articles here for pointers

5.Leverage Social Media

In the point above I mentioned Facebook, but, of course there are more social media sites than Facebook which you can use to generate leads for both your products and your business recruiting. Let’s look at some and then we will come back to Facebook.

Personally I think Twitter is not the place you want to be, it seems more about having Twitter fights than anything else. Whichever social media platforms you choose to use, don’t be all “join my team!”, you already know that’s not going to work. If not, then go back to the top and start reading again

Be smart about it, use social media to add value to people’s lives not to just blast them about your weight loss drink. For example if you do sell weight loss products, use Instagram and Pinterest to show some yummy recipes you can make with it, or a lovely looking shake, maybe even some before and after pictures. You can even make some YouTube videos showing people how to use the products and incorporate the benefits. All those can form part of the articles you write and the posts you make on Facebook.

Oh yes, this brings me back to Facebook. In the good old days it was easy to reach tons of people on FB for free, but that’s not the situation anymore. Facebook is a public company now and must feed Wall St. So, they changed their algorithm to force more people to pay to reach those who may be interested in what they offer. Having said that you still can grow the number of people who like your business page and follow you. Like I’ve said before it takes good content which people will click like, share and comment. The articles you’ve written on your site, can be the subject of your Facebook posts with a link to the article. See how all this comes together and why you need your own website?

Facebook loves videos, which ties in what I said previously about making your own videos. It’s really not difficult, you can just use your phone to make them. I was very reluctant to make videos for years, mostly because as someone once remarked; I have a perfect face for radio. I finally, got over myself and often make videos these days. You can also pay Facebook for advertising and do very well with that, but it’s not something I can cover in this article. Check out our Facebook Page here for lots of tips to help you grow your business

6.Ask for referrals.

It’s very common in business to ask for referrals. It’s great if you get some because referrals are cheap and often easy to convert. You could set up a referral program, for example people who give you referrals could receive a discount on the products they purchase

Getting the leads is just the first step in the process. Next you need to qualify them to determine if they’re a good fit, make your pitch, and follow up. Many network marketers don’t like the sales process, but it doesn’t have to be hard or scary if you start with leads who’ve come to you specifically to know about what you offer.

As you would have probably noticed, most of the points involve getting visitors to your site. To get free traffic (visitors) is not particularly easy but it does work.

I hope this article has given you lots of food for thought and the motivation to get going on generating MLM leads for yourself. If you master MLM lead generation and begin producing the best MLM leads for yourself there will be nothing stopping you becoming the success you want and deserve to be.

Once you get the hang of generating leads and working them, there’s nothing to stop you from becoming a network marketing success. Now you know The Best 6 Ways to Generate MLM Leads. I hope to hear of your success.

Please pay it forward by liking, caring and commenting below. If you give me some feedback I will reply to you personally. Your comments guide me in what information you guys want.