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Find Your Why

Master Dream Building – Find Your Why

Why did you get into business?

Do you remember?

Was it something you had always wanted, was it freedom, was it security, was it to help others, was it to travel?

What was it?

If you can't answer that instantly you need to go back to the basics and get a dream. If you don't have a dream, you are not going to build a business because you have no reason to do the hard yards.

Nothing worth having in life is easy to get. Olympic champions train for their whole lives, not just for a year before the Olympics. They do what it takes everyday, over and over. Their dream drives them.

World champion boxers, train all their lives, every day, doing the same thing over and over. Their dream drives them.

Read the biography of Elon Musk, he has been training for this all his life... he has a dream

Everyone who succeeds in life has a dream, there are no exceptions...what is your dream

I'd love to hear it and celebrate it with you

What Do MLM Leads REALLY Cost

How much do MLM Leads cost?

One of the very first questions potential MLM leads buyers want to learn when they come to our site or call us is; How much do leads cost?

Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I will try to do my best here to explain some general pricing guidelines.

The investment in MLM leads is somewhat like buying a drink in a bar or a restaurant. I’m going to use that analogy because we’ve all bought a drink at some stage. There are so many options when selecting a drink which all have a substantial effect on the price.

You might be in a local bar with some friends and so you select a local beer because it’s a fun occasion and you’re all just having a few laughs and munching on salty peanuts and nachos. That’s about as cheap as a drink comes, right?

What about if it’s a Saturday night and you’re wanting to impress that special someone and a beer isn’t going to do it. Maybe

But what about if its Saturday night and you’re in a snazzy restaurant with someone you want to impress. You show off your prowess and knowledge of sophisticated cocktails and order something with a combination of 15 ingredients, some flowers, an umbrella and some sparklers shooting out the top. (Clearly, I have no idea about cocktails)

how much do mlm leads cost

The point of the analogy is that these are both drinks but of varying value and for use at different times. The options and quality of the drinks has had a huge effect on the price. One was a cheap beer and one was a more expensive cocktail with a multitude of ingredients (or options)

Both can be awesome but they obviously vary in type, quality and price.

These same principles typically apply to most MLM leads.

Understanding that there are different types of leads and choosing the correct type for the correct use is important in order to get the best results.

Unfortunately, some people only focus on the initial price of the leads with the only goal of finding the "cheapest" leads company.  

They are sacrificing such important things as quality, guarantee, targeting, freshness, number of times sold and designed purpose, which inevitably leads to regret, dissatisfaction and disenchantment. So much so that the buyer might even quit their business!

Now that you hopefully understand my silly drinks analogy, I will list some of the most common things found in the purchase of MLM leads which will affect the price:

  • Real Time Delivery (The Lead is Delivered Right After Being Interviewed)
  • Freshness (Age since the lead was generated)
  • Short Form / Long Form (The amount of information included)
  • Gender Selection (Male or Female Only)
  • State Only (Leads from a selected State)
  • Type of Lead (Method of Contacting, Email, Texting, Voicemail, Phoning)
  • Type of Lead (Method of Contacting, Email, Texting, Voicemail, Phoning)
  • Country (US leads are the least expensive leads in the whole world)
  • Phone Interviewed (leads who have been interviewed in preparation for you to call them)
  • Best Time to Call the Lead
  • The Leads Desired Monthly Income
  • How Many Hours They Can Put to the Business
  • The Leads Investment Capability
  • Gender
  • Leads Date of Birth

As you can see, there are many options available, and when someone asks us "how much do MLM leads cost?" we need to have a discussion to find out a few things before we can answer the question or direct them to the leads which will suit them best.

Unlike most MLM Leads companies we do not try and confuse you with a huge range of different types of leads and options and prices which make no sense.

Those guys are very much like mobile phone plans which are designed to prevent you being able to compare plans or deny you to be able to even understand what you are getting.

We started in the MLM leads business back in 2003. We’ve seen many companies come and go and we’ve also seen many types of leads come and go.

To make selection super easy for our clients we got rid of all the silly bells and whistles and stripped down the range of leads to only what Network Marketers really need.

We examined the most popular leads in the industry, how they were used and the results they achieved. It all boiled down to basically 2 types of leads:

Mobile (Economy) and Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

Just like the fuel you put in your car. For many vehicles, Economy is fine. Phone Interviewed is generally for those wanting higher performance.

Think of your business as a vehicle. It is what is going to take you to your lifestyle goals.

MLM Leads are the fuel.

Let’s examine what each of these lead types has included, what options are available, what they cost and in what way they are best used.

Mobile leads

Apache Leads has both U.S. and Australian Mobile Leads

How Are They Generated?

A Mobile lead is generated when a person completes a form on the internet. The person was directed to the form by any number of different methods. Sometimes banner ads on sites, sometimes as a result of a search engine enquiry, sometimes by them being on an email list

After completing the form the lead will be emailed telling them someone will contact them.

The information they submitted on the web form is placed into the lead company’s database.

The form will include permission for the lead to be contacted even if they are on DNC lists.

Often the form the person is completing is very generic and covers many things they are agreeing to. For example, they may be agreeing to be contacted about weight loss, getting fit, refinancing their home, buying a car, upgrading their phone.

Best Way to Contact

Mobile leads are generated by the hundreds of thousands every day. They are a low-cost lead designed to be contacted by using bulk contacting methods. The reason for this is these systems will find the leads you need to speak with easily and efficiently.

Many clients use SMS Text Messaging Systems or Ringless Voicemail to contact Mobile Leads.

Cost of Mobile Leads

Fresh US Mobile Leads: From $0.003 to $0.10 per lead
Aged US Mobile Leads: From $0.003 to $0.008 per lead

Fresh Australian Mobile Leads: Not available.
Aged Australian Mobile Leads: From $0.05 to $0.12

US Mobile Included Information

First & Last Name, Email Address, Telephone, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Gender, Date/Time Stamp, IP Address, Prospects open to online offers

Australian Mobile Included Information

Full Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, Email Address, Phone Number, Date, IP Address

Recommended Courses to Get The Maximum From These Leads:
The Mobile Leads Ninja - reveals all you need to know to get thousands of leads calling you

Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

We have Phone Interviewed MLM Leads for both the USA and for Australia.

How Are They Generated:

Both are a high quality surveyed lead. Surveyed means they completed a form online which is very comprehensive.

The biggest difference is that the Australian Phone Interviewed Leads are also Phone Interviewed. This means we called every single lead before we allow it into our database. We even recorded every call and do make these recordings available if you request.

Both version, US and AU are superior leads to most MLM leads you will find anywhere else

Best Way to Contact These Leads:

Both versions are designed for you to call them on the phone as soon as they are delivered to you.

Please note: Having spoken with literally thousands of Network Marketers since I started this business back in 2003, I’ve deduced the biggest problem with calling leads is the caller, not the lead. The caller needs to be trained, have a good script and have practiced delivering the script before calling Phone Interviewed MLM Leads. We provide free training here but strongly recommend everyone ask their upline for training.

Cost of Phone Interviewed Leads

US REAL TIME Phone Interviewed Leads: From $2.25 to $2.72 per lead
US Fresh Phone Interviewed Leads: From $0.49 to $1.56 per lead
US Aged Phone Interviewed Leads: From $0.24 to $0.58 per lead

Australian REAL TIME Phone Interviewed Leads: From $3.95 to $4.90 per lead
Australian Fresh Phone Interviewed Leads: From $3.05 to $4.22 per lead
Australian Aged Phone Interviewed Leads: From $0.60 to $1.00 per lead

Information Included

US Phone Interviewed Leads:

First & Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, IP Address, Street (When Available), City, State, Date and Time Stamp, Best Time To Call, How much extra money would they are willing to invest, How much time they can spend each week on your business, Gender Targeting Available, State Targeting Available

Australian Phone Interviewed Leads:

First & Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, IP Address, Street Address, City, Date and Time Stamp, Best Time To Call, How much extra money would they are willing to invest, How much time they can spend each week on your business, Gender Targeting Available, State Targeting Available

There you have it, now you know the answers to the question: How Much Do Leads Cost.  

I hope I have answered the question to your satisfaction.  If so please leave a comment or share this post.  

If you would like more information, please do have a look at our blog which contains tons of easy to read post to help you with your business building. All are honest, open and address the questions you may have.

why wont leads return my call

Why Won’t Leads Return My Call

Why Do Leads Ignore Me After the First Call, Won’t Take My Call, Won’t Answer My Messages, So Rude

You’ve been calling leads, spreading the good word about your exciting new business.

You’re super excited because out of all the thousands of MLM companies, you joined the best one. When you saw those products, the compensation plan you knew this was for you.

You couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone. You knew in your heart that everyone you showed this to would be just as excited as you and would want to join up with you right away.

Then you ran into a big problem!

None of these useless leads would let you finish telling them all about your wonder products, the fortune they will make. They were just running out the door and couldn’t hear about it right now.

They promised that when you called back they would be able to give you the time But that’s not what happened… 

Now they won’t take your call

Now they won’t respond to your voicemails and texts 

What’s wrong with these stupid leads!!!

Why Won't Leads Return My Call

OK, you want to know the real reason this is happening?

Well sit down and put your big boy pants on because this might hurt. 

Humans are very social animals, we all like to get along and not offend others. It’s part of our evolution, a tribal thing which helps us all be together. 

Part of this is our dislike of confrontation. We tend to shy away from it.

Humans would prefer to tell you a “white lie” something they think you will believe and accept rather than offend you by saying something like: 

I don’t like what you are saying 

I’m not interested in what you are saying 

I am afraid of you because I don’t know who you are 

I don’t like that you are confusing me etc etc etc 

They really are telling you these little white lies because they don’t want you to get mad at them and they simply do not want confrontation.

Of course, I’m speaking in general terms, you may be one of the minority who love confrontation. If you are,  you need to consider that most people do not like confrontation and try hard to avoid it.

leads dont return my calls  

OK… Bear with me my friend, we are getting to it. 

Let’s retrace some steps and see if I’m kind of on the right track. You got into your business and you’re very excited and keen to share this brilliant opportunity.

That’s great and as it should be.

You went to an MLM leads site and purchased some good quality leads designed to be called. 

For example, you may have invested in our Phone Interviewed Leads. As soon as you got the leads you hit the phone and called up these leads.

As soon as they answered you blasted them with all the cool stuff about your new company, the wonderful products, the giant stacks of cash they could make with you. 

You told them just how thrilling it all was and what a blast they were going to have.

Weirdly, they didn’t respond how you expected.


They ummed and arrred and gave you some weasel excuse about having to go get the dog from the vet, or that the garage just burst into flames or someone had kidnapped their daughter in Amsterdam and they needed to pack a bag and go take her back. 

Whatever they said it was urgent and they had to hang up.

You blurted out that you would call them back again on Tuesday. 

So, you put it in your calendar to call them back on Tuesday. 

No answer. You left a message. 

No response. 

You kept doing this day after day and each time you did you left a more stern and abrupt message

Now you’re angry and frustrated, this is not the first time this has happened.

You’re asking what is the reason this keeps happening? 

The reason is, you left out a step.  A very important step. 

You need this step or you will fail in Network Marketing Leaving out this step is the biggest reason so many people fail in MLM Have you figured it out yet?

The step you left out was training.

I know, you figured your excitement would be infectious and spread to everyone you spoke to and like some magical wand your words would have them begging to sign up right there and then. 

That’s not going to happen.

Why Won't Leads Return My Calls

Yes, it would be great if that’s how it all worked and trust me if it did, I’d be a squillionaire.

Everyone would be in MLM and have a big mansion, fancy pants European cars and a private beach with a bar stocking a bottle of every type of gin known to man.

You just have to trust me on this, no training equals no recruiting, no duplication, no momentum and ultimately no business.

People who don’t bother getting the training and putting it into practice FAIL. 

Have a think about it next time you get on a plane. 

You want that pilot to be really excited, full of enthusiasm or you want him to have been fully trained to fly the plane?

People want leaders, that’s who they join up with leaders who have been trained and can show them the way. 

This is a business, not a party around the pool where the guy who is always the life of the party rules. 

In business, you need to know how things work and in MLM there is a skill to calling leads which you need to know and master.

When you called those leads and told them excitedly all about the business YOU put them off.

They don’t know you from a bar of soap and you came on their phone and blathered about some business, some awesome powder that makes you skinny and how much money you will make next week.

That’s not the way professional Networkers make calls and you shouldn’t either. 

This business is absolutely no different from any other business; it takes hard work, it’s not a get rich scheme, you will not be rich in a month. 

You will probably be less wealthy than you are now because like EVERY business on this planet you need to invest. You need to invest both time and money in learning how to work this business.

You need to be going and seeing your upline as often as possible, bug them and get all the training and advice you can from them. 

Make them see you’re the one they should be coaching and grooming. 

Never have to ask this again: Why Won’t Leads Return My Call? 

You won’t need to, because they WILL return your calls and messages when you are at a professional level.

Later, when your downline group start making calls and ask you: Why Won’t Leads Return My Call? 

You will be able to guide them, teach them and lead them toward being a truly professional network marketing guru!!

Be the best MLM’er you can be

Read some books, listen to some podcasts, follow the leaders, do whatever it takes to be a success… and stop calling people and annoying them. 

Call them and professionally determine if they qualify to even hear about your business. 

Do it correctly and professionally and they will be asking you awesome questions and yes, they will catch your excitement. 

Do these things and you cannot fail, you WILL be a winner and a great leader.

I put together a fantastic introduction you should be using when you call our Phone Interviewed Leads

Click the link, it’s totally FREE
How To Call Phone Interviewed Leads Successfully

I absolutely guarantee, if you follow the winning advice in that PDF, your success with calls, presentations and recruiting, will skyrocket!

You can get Phone Interviewed Aged MLM Leads below.

Phone Interviewed Aged MLM Leads

Australian Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads

meet on the beaches

This was taken on a very remote and uninhabited island in the Philippines in 2016

I know this was a pretty full on, no gloves, hard hitting post and you may not feel real friendly toward me right now.  

I hope you will see the value in the lesson and what I’ve shared with you.  Act on it and become the professional you can be. 

It would be really fabulous if you would like this post and share it on the socials so others benefit from the lesson.

Optimized Apacheleads - calling mlm leads

What To Say To Your Pre-called MLM Leads

In this post I’m going to outline what you should say and do with the pre-called leads we generate for you with our "Real Time Phone Interviewed MLM Leads" service.  We provide this service for the USA and Australia.

The service is to qualify or filter leads for you, it’s not a closing service. We cannot try and sponsor the prospects for you, there are a number of reasons for this, the main one being we are not qualified to discuss your business in length as we know nothing about it. So in the end it would only cause more harm than good.

What our clients really like is that we save you the hours of time and effort of dialing through hundreds of leads to find the ones who are wanting more information right now. We relieve you of this arduous task so you only need to dial the ones we found are ready to hear about your opportunity right now.

We do this by calling the leads using your custom script or our own proven script ( it’s your choice).

As soon as we complete a call with an excited prospect, we email you their details in real time. 

We have had some clients ask us this: "When I get the lead after you have called them what should I do, have they already been to my presentation page?"

No they haven’t been to your presentation page.  We have focussed on determining if they are ready to learn more about your business, right now.

As soon as you receive the lead from us, you should jump on the phone with your new qualified prospect.  We just finished speaking with them so, there is never going to be a better time to call them.

The following steps can mean the difference between success and failure:

  1. Introduce Yourself and Refer to The Call with Our Service: Hi Jane, this is Don Reid.  Listen this is just a very quick call.  My assistant was just on the phone with you, so I’m just following up to get you the information we promised.

  2. Confirm Their Email Address: Let me quickly confirm your email so I can get the information to you (go ahead and confirm it)

  3. Tell Them the Subject Line of the Email: Jane, I’m going to send you an email. It will have this subject line: (read the subject line) If you don’t see it in the next 5 minutes, please look in your spam folder.

  4. Tell Them Your Name and Number: Do you have a pen handy Jane?  You may have questions after you review the information I’m sending you, plead feel free to give me a call anytime.  My name is Don Reid and my number is 555-555-5555.

  5. Interview Your Prospect: You have Jane on the phone, now is a good time to give them a soft interview.

Interviewing the prospect allows you to determine just how motivated they are about getting into a home business.  How you feel about them after the interview will allow you to make a decision of just how much or little time you should invest with them.

If you find yourself wanting to invest a lot of time with them, even though you know in your gut that they are not a good prospect, then you simply don’t have enough prospects and need to be focused on getting more.

If they are a good, excited and responsive prospect then, for sure, spend more time with them and become the leader they are looking for.  If not, then direct them to your business presentation and keep the time you spend with them to a minimum.  You will find if they become more excited after watching your presentation then they will seek you out.

Building a network marketing business is not rocket science, it’s mostly filtering leads down to the ones who are the best match for you and have the motivation and excitement to grow a business.

The faster you find these folks the faster your business grows and the fatter your income gets.

I love hearing back from you, so please do make a comment below and share your thoughts.

Also if you found this post helpful, please hit the social media buttons below so others may benefit as well

See you on the beaches!

Apacheleads - email

Why Emailing MLM Leads Is A Waste Of Time

I spend a fair bit of time on the live chat at Apache Leads and one of the main topics visitors ask about is, emailing mlm leads.

Many times I hear from clients that their initial approach to leads is to email them.  They are genuinely surprised when this contact method fails to bring any positive results.

Why is that?

Surely the leads would want to hear about your business opportunity right?

Yes, they most likely do want to hear about your business opportunity, however there are a couple of things working against you when you attempt to make the initial contact via email.

The first one is it’s not 1996 anymore, people are not thrilled to receive email.  Everyone really only wants to receive emails form those they have a relationship with or from companies they have requested information from.

Your email probably looks like spam and even if it makes it through all the spam filters used these days, it’s probably going to be ignored by your prospects.  There are so many skills needed to write an email that passes through spam filters and gets delivered, plus gets opened and actioned by the recipient.  There are about a million courses on this subject and if you haven’t studied at least one of them, then email marketing is not for you.

The last point and most important is you do not have their permission to email them.  I know, this is probably confusing so I will try and clear it up. When the prospect became a lead they gave us all their information, including email.  One would assume it’s ok to email them.  The email laws are a bit tricky and the company who has generated the lead has permission to email them but no one else does.

Permission to email someone is not transferrable.

So this means if you email them as your first point of contact you may be spamming and nobody likes spam.

Just because you bought access to the leads, does not give you permission to email them.  Yeah it’s all a bit complicated.  My point is this though, they are not expecting an email from you.

Still the most effective way to contact leads first time around is by phone.

Some people find this hard to do because they are not well practiced in calling prospects and so often suffer from fear of the phone brought about by a ton of rejection.  I know this only too well.  After I left the Navy I became a Sales Representative and, of course, had to call prospects, hundreds of them.  This caused me great anxiety, even to the point of dreading going to work.

Fear of the phone is a real thing.

Some people can get past it by using a good script and practicing with their upline.  Sitting in while your upline makes calls to leads is a fantastic way to learn and to hone a script.  Making a few calls with your upline present can give you confidence and set you on the path to overcoming any fear of the phone.

Many big time sales people and network marketers employ others to make the initial call so they only ever deal with the leads who have indicated they are interested and want more information now.

Of course not everyone can afford to employ staff to perform this work, Apache Leads does provide such a service, if you are interested. We call them US Real Time Phone Interviewed MLM Leads and Australian Real Time Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

Do you know the objective of calling a lead?

Many networkers I speak with, when I ask this question, simply don’t know the answer.  Often they think it’s to tell the prospect all about their business opportunity.  This is not what the initial call is about.  If this is your objective then, yes, you are going to get a lot of rejection.

The objective of the first call is to simply determine if the lead qualifies to learn more about your business.  That’s it, end of story.

We can go into this in more detail in another post if you want.

This post, even though I strayed off topic a little is about emailing leads.

The take away is, do not make emailing your first attempt at contact, it is doomed to fail.  It will only frustrate you with the lack of results and you will blame your lead company for giving you terrible leads who don’t read and respond to emails.  Ask yourself; how many spam emails do you read and respond to?  That’s how many leads read and respond to as well.

Call them and if you are going to be doing the initial calls, learn how to make calls, how to use a good script and how to overcome objections.  You can get a ton of very inexpensive books on both subjects on Kindle.

You are in a people business which requires you to speak with people on a daily basis, learning to do it well is a very worthy investment in time and money.

Oh by the way, emailing leads at the right time works wonderfully, but that’s the subject of another post.

If this information was useful to you would you please click some of the social media buttons below.  Thanks it’s great encouragement to write more posts for you with insider information.

Feel free to leave a comment below, we truly love hearing your thoughts and experiences. For example did you learn lead calling from your upline or just by dialling over and over?  Love to know

See you on the beaches!

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leads

MLM Leads – Everything you ever wanted to know about MLM leads

Don Reid has been an MLM Leads expert since founding Apache Leads way back in 2003.  In his new book he reveals many dirty little secrets of the mlm leads industry.  This free PDF book can be downloaded for free and will definitely help you save a ton of money and Everything About MLM Leads.

Do you know the difference between fresh leads and aged leads?

Do you know if guaranteed signups are a good investment or a waste of money?

Is there really any such thing as an exclusive mlm lead?

Discover the answers to everything you could ever think to ask about leads by downloading this power packed free PDF

"Hi, I’m Don Reid and I started Apache Leads way back in 2003. Since then We’ve helped thousands of Network Marketers get closer to their dreams, faster. Millions of leads have been delivered, all of them guaranteed.

Over this time we have learnt a thing or two about leads. Now for the first time ever, I’m lifting the lid on the mlm leads industry.

Nothing is held back, we even reveal the dirty little secret about “exclusive leads” which the industry will not be happy about.

Discover how to know if a lead company is good, honest and reliable… in seconds. Don’t ever be fooled again by fast talking scammers. You will be armed with the information needed to know you are dealing with a good company.

I reveal why all those people on YouTube telling you that generating your own leads is easy are scamming you. Once you read the explosive revelations you will see them for what they are.

Learn what all the different kinds of leads are for and how to use them the right way."

Discover the answers to everything you could ever think to ask about leads by downloading this power packed free PDF



Yes "leads" such a simple word but such a diverse and complex industry.  There are pretty much leads for every industry and niche on the planet.  Somewhere, somebody is selling something and generates leads or buys leads to contact and make sales.

Leads have been around forever.


Back in the olden days, before the internet, plenty of direct marketing companies ran ads on the back pages of magazines and comic books to generate leads.  You may remember them.  I grew up in Australia and used to buy a lot of comics from the local news agency.  I loved the ads, probably more than the comics, although I still read comics.

Some guys never grow up.  I loved the ones advertising BB guns which we could not get in Australia, also the ones with X-ray glasses.  They always showed some kid looking at the bones in his hand.  I had other plans for them.

Never did get a pair because the ads for them were all in the USA.


I used to buy Phantom rings so I could leave a skull mark on bad guys chins. They were made of rubber and you needed a stamp pad to leave the skull mark.

Once I bought some real Occupation Currency.  It was printed by the Imperial Japanese Government as part of their plans to occupy Australia during the second world war.  They came mighty close until a raw, poorly trained and badly armed Aussie army became the first to defeat the Japanese in a WW2 battle.

Leads!  While reminiscing I almost forget we were talking about leads.  These ads were what are called lead magnets.  It’s a real thing, we still use them today.  A lead magnet is an offer designed to attract someone into becoming a prospect.  If we think of the ad for the x-ray glasses, it’s also a self-liquidating offer.  That means it is designed to pay for itself by not only generating leads but making sales.  Clever right?

Once someone has filled out the form and sent in the $1 they have become a qualified customer.  Now the company can send them more offers with the confidence of knowing they are a great lead as they already made a purchase.

As I said earlier every industry uses leads.  Most companies use outside consultants and professional leads companies to generate the leads for them.  The reason for this is the internet has taken over as the main platform for lead generation.  Of course there are many methods and sites which can produce traffic which can be turned into prospects.

The big names are Facebook, Google Adwords and Bing.  There are hundreds of others as well, they are just lesser known to most people.  I’m not going to go into it anymore than that in this post as that’s not the point.

The point of this page is to speak about the different types of leads.  

Being an MLM Leads Company since 2003 we focus on the MLM niche.  Even in our niche there is a whole big wide range of types of leads.  This can be very confusing for new people.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leads

Being MLM there are always new people coming into the MLM business.  In an attempt to make it easier for new people and even those more advanced and experienced we have produced a comprehensive guide.

It’s called Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leads. You can get it for free by clicking on the image and entering your email address on the next page.  We promise not to spam you or share your address.  We also promise to send you more useful business building tips and advice.

Don Reid has been a success in MLM since 1992 and the owner of Apache Leads since 2003 when he founded it.  At the time he was at the Diamond level in a company called Life Force and founded this site to provide leads for his own downline.  That expanded quickly to provide quality mlm leads for everyone.

Because of his extensive experience Don has provided a lot of Free MLM Training which can also be found by clicking the book image.

The book covers every type of mlm lead.  Definitely worth a quick read if you are interested in building a home business fast and easily.

Generating your own leads is definitely possible but has a couple of drawbacks; it’s expensive, it’s difficult and it’s not your core business.  It’s better and much more profitable to work on your business rather than in your business.

If you would like to receive discount coupons, tips, tricks and advice on mlm home business building and on the numerous other methods of getting awesome leads then please do subscribe to our email list.  You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

We certainly hope that we have helped your understanding and also hope you have decided to join our email list.  If you have any questions or difficulties building your network marketing business, please comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.

You might also notice we have a live chat system down there in the bottom right hand corner, feel free to chat with one of our very attractive and helpful staff

Starting An MLM Business Is Not Enough To Get Rich

Great words: Being broke is a temporary situation. Being poor is a state of mind.

I got the quote from an excellent site which teaches how to manage money and how to make money.

Let’s face it, many people join MLM because they are broke. We all know that. It’s sure why I first joined Amway back in 1992.

The problem is many people who join an MLM business don’t have any experience and often no concepts of how a business works.

Sadly they often think that just joining is enough to get rich.

It’s a foreign concept to them that they need to invest time and money to grow a business.

This is kind of understandable if their only real experience since leaving school is to be an employee. They know that if they turn up to work eventually they get paid.  So it’s off to work every morning and back home. No thought about the struggles to keep that business going. No thoughts about juggling the other creditors wanting to be paid, no thought about hiring and firing, no thoughts about trying to make the sales budget.

None of these things cross the employees mind while they sit in front of the TV waiting for the time to go to bed.

Starting and owning an MLM Business is much easier than starting a traditional business.  You can walk the path to success that others before you made.  All you need to do is Contact, Present, Recruit.  You don’t need to rent an office, hire staff, advertise and get loans from the bank.  You just need to stop procrastinating and take some action.

Be the leader

Part of your role as an upline is to not get frustrated by new people not understanding how business works.  Your job is to be a role model for them, to show them the way to build a business. (Yes you can be the leader, read this post )

And if you don’t know how, you need to look upline. You need to keep going upline until you find a leader who will show you the way.  Find an upline who is really crushing it and not just talking about it.  They will be the ones you see getting higher levels at functions, you will see them bringing lots of downline to events and you will probably see the company recognizing them in company magazines and websites.  That’s who you want to be learning from

How to Build an MLM Business:

Contacting, Presenting, Recruiting, Leading….rinse and repeat

That’s it in a nutshell. It means, call some MLM Leads today, get them to a presentation and sign them up.  Over and over and over.  By the way Action Cures Doubt.  When you doubt you can do the business, go out and actually do it instead of sitting on your bum sucking your thumb

Here’s 7 Hardcore Tips to Stop People Quitting Your MLM Business

Can you do it?  If not let me know what your biggest challenge is and I will help you overcome

Why They Say These Are The Best MLM Leads

Best Australian MLM Leads

Best Australian MLM Leads

This video explains why these are the Best Australian MLM Leads in the world!  Yes it’s a big claim and we back it up 100%.  Watch this quick video I made for you in Beijing, China.  By the way, the day I made this video was just a regular day in terms of Beijing air pollution.  I thought it was bad until the next day when we could not see more than 100 meters.

When you want to buy the best Australian MLM Leads for getting rapid growth in your network marketing business you need to understand the process of how these leads are generated.

All other mlm leads companies generate Australian MLM Leads by having people fill out a form. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, that’s a great start.

Trouble is , those leads companies stop there and sell you those half-baked leads

Apache Leads professional call agents jumps on the phone and calls all these leads. They are all interviewed. To become a Phone Interviewed Australian MLM Lead they have to pass the interview.

All the interviews are recorded and are available to clients for free.  How’s that for proof?  Pretty awesome.

Which Phone Interviewed Australian MLM Leads would you prefer to talk to …the half-baked one or the one who passed a real interview about Home Business?

Best Australian MLM Leads – Stack up our leads against any other supplier and you will agree these are the Best Australian MLM Leads ! Yes I am bragging a bit, but come on, you would too right?

Here’s another couple of points worth noting.

All our leads are 100% guaranteed.  If you get a bad lead we will replace it, so there is no risk on you.

Competitive Pricing – Even though these are the Best Australian MLM Leads we have priced them to be competitive to any other mlm leads companies Aussie leads, even those all of them only supply half-baked leads.

So when it comes to choice, there really only is one right?

Best Australian MLM Leads

Here’s a shot when we were on The Great Wall, it’s out in the countryside and you can clearly see the hazy pollution.  It’s really very bad and no wonder China is working hard to reduce it.

Select Your Currency


Now in The Leads Manager you can select your Currency of your choice!

This will eliminate any international currency exchanges that banks and credit card companies just love to charge everyone for.  Clients have been asking for this for some time and trust me, it wasn’t very easy on custom built software but it’s been running for a week now and is working very well indeed.

Now when you order leads from inside your Free Leads Manager Account you can see then in your chosen currency.

Just a note to Australians:  We do not charge GST on top of your leads order like some other sites.

Here’s a very short video I just made showing you how to change your currency

The receipts you receive from Apache Leads and our payment processor will also be in your chosen currency.  So say goodbye to any confusion about currencies and login to your leads manager account and make the switch today

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