Confused About MLM Leads

November 29

Do MLM Leads Work?

Do Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Leads Work? 

What a great question!

It’s such a great question but it’s also a loaded question.  I say that because after answering thousands of live chat questions from visitors to my site ( ) I know that anyone asking that question, is both new to MLM and totally untrained in making calls at a professional level.

So, the short answer is Yes of course leads work otherwise there would be no such thing as leads generation companies, right?

So, it’s not a great question in its own right, it’s a plea for help from someone not having success with MLM leads or is not sure how to call MLM leads.  I’m pretty sure that’s the only two alternatives.

Let’s address them individually but funnily enough the same answers will deal with both situations.

First let’s assume that MLM leads do in fact work.  Its obvious, right?  People search online to find ways to make money and end up completing a form (or forms) and becoming MLM leads.   So of course, they are interested in making money.  There is no doubt about that and if you do have doubt you need to get rid of it.

MLM Leads do work but does your calling skill and script work?

This is the biggest area where networkers fail yet the one area which could be fixed quickly and easily.  The problem seems that many new networkers are not teachable, they are pig headed and think they know it all.

Such terrible arrogance, how dare they come to an industry which is entirely new to them and act like they know it all.  When they fail, which is inevitable with such a bad attitude, they blame the leads.

But that’s not the worst of it, people who are unteachable waste so much of their uplines time and money.  The point here is be teachable or get out of the business.

OK rant over

Learning how to call leads is super important and using a proven script.  You need to use a script EVERY time you call, otherwise how can you tell what works and what doesn’t.  With a script you can make small changes to improve it.  After 100 calls your script will probably look nothing like it did when you started but now I bet you have a killer script!

Yes MLM leads do work but only for those who work them.

For MLM leads to work you need to be calling them and setting up meetings and presentations.  If you buy some leads and just let them sit on your computer then no, they don’t work.

Buy quality MLM leads.  Leads are not like wine, they don’t get better with age.

The best leads we have are the US Real Time Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

"Do Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Leads Work?" By Don Reid


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