The Goodbye Message

December 6

MLM Leads: The Goodbye Message

The Goodbye Message

MLM Leads: The Goodbye Message

Let’s talk about MLM Leads… How often have you had meetings with a person, they seemed interested and now all you get is their answering machine.

You sent them an information pack, you took them to a meeting, you even had them on a conference call.  Everything was going great, you had high hopes for this prospect.

Now all of a sudden nothing

It really hurts, right? It’s infuriating, inside its even humiliating.

You’ve put in all this time and effort and had high hopes for this person.  You maybe even told others that you think this person is going to be great, finally I’m going to sponsor someone who really makes it big and of course you really needed them because your mortgage payment is due, your car payment, etc.

Didn’t they say they needed the extra income too?  Sure they did.
An then all of a sudden….they are gone

So rather than dwelling on it and feeling pain and misery, how about a pre-emptive strike: Be the first to say NO!

Yes!  This is going to make you feel sooooo much better.

To all your wishy washy prospects get really good at leaving them a great goodbye message, especially on their answering machine, you’ll be amazed at what happens, try it.

Remember your mission is to be finding people who it’s the right thing to be doing now, either joining your business or trying a product or service.  That means never having to recruit people you got to drag across the start line, let alone the finish line.

OK You ready? You call them one last time and say the following words in a friendly, gentle, kind, warm manner:

Hi Joe, This is Don I’ve left you a couple of messages but this one is the last one.  I won’t be calling you anymore because I don’t want to be a pest.  But whenever you are ready to move out of your car and into an apartment you let me know.  It’s just that I’m on a deadline right now I have to find people who want what they want right now.  So when you’re ready call me OK, talk to you later, bye

Watch what happens.  The ones who really want to change their lives right now will call you right back.  Those for whom the time is not right for any reason will not, but isn’t that all you want?

To find the ones who it’s the right thing to be doing right now instead of spending your whole life finding them?

What do you think about this, do you have some goodbye messages you leave?  Share them with us in the comments.


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