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December 13

How to Never Run Out of Things to Say

How to
Never Run Out of Things to Say

The art of keeping the conversation flowing.

You’ve been in the situation where for some reason you are left along with a stranger at a party or a conference and all of a sudden the small talk is drying up because you neither of you has a clue what to say.

Awkward right?

Damn straight.  All my life this has been happening to me unless I’ve had a few drinks, then its nearly impossible to shut me up.

But seriously, it’s a real problem that many of us face over and over. So many times I see others just make conversation like it’s a magical gift.  Effortlessly they get complete strangers to open up and share even quite intimate details of their lifes, hopes and dreams.

I’ve never been good at conversation and become shy and withdrawn.  People then assume I’m aloof and not at all interested in them and worse that I’m completely uninteresting.

Well I found an excellent video on YouTube which can help me and maybe you as well.
It’s short, makes a ton of sense and best of all its easy to remember.

It’s called the FORD method.  Hope you enjoy it and love to hear about your experiences below in the comments.  Please also feel free to share the post via your Facebook

"How to Never Run Out of Things to Say" By Don Reid


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