Noah Kagan

July 29

How To Be Successful In Life And Funny AF

How To Be Successful In Life
And Funny AF

I watched the video embedded below and felt I need to share it and write about How To Be Successful In Life.  OK I’m not claiming to be successful in life, but I do enjoy hearing advice from people who are.

You maybe don’t know the guy who made the video.  His name is Noah Kagan he owns a very successful company called Sumo.  Noah recently paid over a million dollars for that domain name.

Noah was also employee #23 or something like that at Facebook.

So he’s seen some cool stuff and been involved in building successful businesses and lifestyle.

In this video he explains how he learnt the major take ways about life from studying famous comedians and figuring out what they all had in commonIt’s a short and crazy video, enjoy

More success in our personal and professional lives unlocks a lot of doors: more money, better friends, and increased happiness.In today’s video, I reveal some of my best tips for success from a unique source: comedians. In the video, you’ll learn about the tactics of Steve Martin, Rodney Dangerfield, and more.

3 tactics for success in life and to unlock your potential:

– Practice & persistence
– Evolve
– Find your original voice

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"How To Be Successful In Life And Funny AF" By Don Reid


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