How to generate your own MLM Leads

September 4

How to generate your own MLM Leads

How to generate your own MLM Leads

How to generate your own MLM Lead

I see so much garbage advice about how to generate your own mlm leads. One article I saw the other day was making out how its so simple to generate exclusive mlm leads. The author of the article was saying all you need to do is have a website with a form where people can enter their details.

What people I thought. Unless your site is called Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook or some other giant name you will need to buy the visitors that are going to fill out your form.

I’m sure the author of that article has plenty of unicorns at the bottom of her garden prancing around making the world all colorful and happy because she went on to say that just write some articles to attract the visitors, who will fill out your form and become mlm leads.

Queue Dr Evil meme The next step in the article was to have an autoresponder to acknowledge and welcome your new mlm leads. OK fair enough you might say, it’s good and proper to welcome these new mlm leads.

Hang on how are you collecting these information, did you write your form in PHP? How did it connect to your “autoresponder”? No technical details were given by this “expert” on how to generate mlm leads.

Listen kids, we all wish we had a unicorn and the world was always a happy place but wishing never made anything happen. It’s not a matter of writing a few articles and welcoming your new mlm leads to your site.

If it was everyone who needed mlm leads would be doing that already right?

It’s really wrong that people who right these sorts of articles are just leading their readers up some magical garden path.

Then sadly they let them crash and burn. There are no shortcuts to generating mlm leads and yes anyone can do it, but a word of warning before you race off to generate your own leads. There is a learning curve and money to invest and you will be competing against professionals. Also I guarantee you that you can buy mlm leads cheaper than you can generate mlm leads. Still here, ok lets go through what you need.

These are not in any order of when you need these things, you need them all in place before you try to generate mlm leads. I’ve put them in the order of the logical flow so as to make it easier to follow.  Advertisement: You need to write some ads to run on the traffic sites you intend to buy visitors from.

In this case we will stick to Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. Both have specific sizes and compliance rules to follow before your ad will be allowed to run. Knowing those requirements is part of the learning curve.

The ad you choose needs to interrupt people and interest them enough to click on it. Landing Page: Your landing page is the place your potential mlm leads got to after clicking on your ad. To even get them interested, you would have had to offer them something of value which is called a “Lead Magnet”.

Pretty self-explanatory name right? The lead magnet can be all sorts of things but usually it’s a free report or PDF or perhaps access to a video. You may need to put together a mlm leads magnet which is professionally presented.

If you do not already have the skills and software to make a professional presentation, then of course there will be some costs involved. The point is it has to be something of value that entices the prospect to trade their email address.

Assuming you get some people to click and some people to enter their email address, you know have a couple of things to do. Most important of all is you need a mlm leads capture page right? Are you capable of building a professional leads capture page yourself or will you need to hire a web developer to do it for you?

This is likely to cost a few hundred dollars. Apache Leads has beautiful mlm leads capture pages for rent. We will even hook it up to your email system. Email System: There are a ton of professional email systems which you can use to collect site visitors email addresses and to automatically respond to them when they complete your form.

The email service will even provide the script/code you need to place on your site in order to make the mlm leads capture form. Most start at around $20 per month. when you set up your emailing service you will be able to write a series of email messages which will be sent to your mlm leads on a schedule selected by you.

This saves you needing to manually send emails to your new mlm leads. Lead Magnet Delivery: Ok you have someone who has completed your mlm leads capture form what happens next? This is a question you need to ask yourself. For example, lets assume your mlm leads magnet is a PDF book.

The prospect clicks on your ad, come to your mlm leads capture page offering your lead magnet. They complete the form…now what? Here’s what you can do. After completing the form, the code in the form moves them to the “thank you” page.

A thank you page is a common term for any page where you want to thank a visitor for taking a particular action. In this case they completed a form to get your PDF.

You definitely want to have a thank you page but I recommend not delivering your PDF on the thank you page. To ensure you only get real email addresses deliver the PDF via email or with an email giving them a link to where they can download it.

Now on the thank you page you can have a big note congratulating them for completing the form. Also tell them what method you are using to get them the PDF you promised. Maybe something like this;

The PDF you requested is being delivered to your email in a few minutes. Before you race off to grab it, you will find the following information interesting. This gives you an opportunity to share some further information with your new mlm leads.

This is the beginning steps for a sales funnel, but we won’t get into that here. Traffic: Now that you have your new beauty shiny mlm leads generating machine ready to roll you need some traffic. I mentioned both Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.

Adwords is rather complex and has a very steep learning curve of it’s own. There are mountains of books and training courses so lets forget that at the moment and settle on Facebook. Facebook has really made a big splash in the online advertising scene because their advertising system is very easy to use and has amazing targeting.

You know when you like all those movies, music, places, events etc on Facebook? All those actions are collected and used by advertisers to target you with ads for products they think you will like.

To get your advertising going on Facebook you need to create a page for your product or service. Once you have done that you can create a campaign. Facebook has plenty of videos to show you how to do that.

The thing to remember and to be acutely aware of is that you are going to be bidding against others advertisers for the same traffic. Basically you will pay Facebook a pre-agreed amount every time someone clicks on your advertisement.

Let’s look at some typical statistics which a very good, experienced advertiser may achieve Let’s say you are paying $1 per click, this could vary up or down depending on your targeting settings. If your mlm leads capture page converts 10% it would mean for every 100 clicks you would get 10 leads In other words, for every $100 you invested you would get 10 leads.

I’m going to say that 10% is most likely unrealistically high. In reality it would be more like 2 or 3 % But in any case, 10 leads costs $100 total or $10 to generate each of your mlm leads.

Not a bad outcome at all. If you can lower your click cost and increase your pages’ conversion rate you could be onto a winner. MLM Leads are the lifeblood of all network marketing companies. Developing the skill to generate your own exclusive mlm leads is definitely something you could pursue if the above article sounds interesting to you.

Yes there are some technical skills to learn and all advertising requires ongoing management. Taking all the learning and work required to set up it definitely can be a great way to generate your own mlm leads.

If it all sounds a bit too much work and you would rather be working on your own business, then take a look at the best mlm leads available.

We have both Australian Mobile and U.S. Phone Interviewed MLM Leads. If you need any further help or information we would love to hear from you. We have a live chat service in the lower right hand corner, tool free phone numbers and a contact page.


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