What is 5Linx?

October 2

What is 5Linx?

What is 5Linx?

Multi-Level Marketing Company with many awards - What is 5Linx?

A Multi-Level Marketing Company with many awards to its name, 5LINX has become a top company in selling and producing life-enhancing products and services such as security systems, nutrition and payment assistance.

It’s the winner of many awards including Inc. 500, an Inc. 5000 nine-time honouree, DSA Top 100 Global and the Rochester Top 100.

5Linx operates by using independent marketing representatives that set up your business goals and constructing a long-term business plan to ensure income readily comes your way.

5Linx also seeks to make businesses reach the goals set out by them by getting to know customers on a personal level and providing training and care for all customers.

What is a Multi-Level Marketing Company?

A Multi-Level Marketing Company (MLM) is a company that encourages suppliers to recruit new providers by paying the existing distributors a percentage of the sales made by recruiters. Each distributor then makes money from the sales made.

How does 5Linx obtain suppliers to do this for them?

This can be done in a number of ways; the most common way is through MLM lead generators who will be able to direct businesses fittingly. 5Linx’s goal is to build from the MLM leads given to them so they can start a business for you, along with the benefits it brings for a number of companies instead of just one.

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