Confused About MLM Leads?

October 9

Confused About MLM Leads?

Confused About MLM Leads?

Confused About MLM Leads?

We get a lot of questions from site visitors and clients and so we can see there is some confusion about leads. This short article will clear it all up for you in less than 3 minutes.

Sometimes when you have been doing a thing for a long time you forget that not everyone understands that “thing” like an expert. So with that in mind I wanted to shine a light on leads and the jargon used to make it as clear as day to everyone.

There are many types of leads for many different industries but in this article we are focusing on MLM Leads (Network Marketing Leads, Home Business Leads, they are all the same thing).

Section 1: Lead Ages

Real Time Leads: These are leads which are sent to the client just seconds after being generated. These were very popular a few years ago but lost favor because they would come through only sporadically and quite often when the client was at work or asleep. Not much use to you when your head is on the pillow.

Fresh Leads: These leads are the most popular and “fresh” generally refers to the lead being somewhere between 0 and 72 hours. Unlikely to get any that are zero hours but overall these are pretty fresh leads and the beauty is you can usually get as many as you want all at the one time. This makes it easy to jump on the phone and zoom through the list. Being fresh they are more than likely going to remember filling out the form.

Fresh leads are only sold a maximum of three times but never to people involved with the same organization. This will be discussed further under aged leads.

Aged Leads: Unlike wine, age does not make leads better. Aged leads can be pretty much any age older than 72 hours. I coined the term aged leads many years ago when a client from the US called me and asked did we have any old leads. In those days we only sold fresh leads.

Anyway, I said sure we had thousands of them. I sent him a few hundred and a couple of days later he called back wanting all I had. He had great success with them and so “aged leads” became a thing.

Aged leads are considerably less expensive than fresh leads, not just because they are old but because they have been sold before and therefore they have (most likely) been called before. Bear that in mind before purchasing.

Mind you, I can honestly say that some clients only use aged leads and really do have great success. They can also be very handy for new people to practice calling.

Section 2: Types of Leads

There are numerous types of leads, an understanding of the types can be very useful in making your selection as well as focusing the targeting of the leads. Following are the main lead types.

Phone Verified: In general this term means the leads phone number has been verified to be correct and operating. This type of lead is most common when talking about leads from the USA or Canada. Normally it means a machine was used to call the leads and to test that the phone number was real.

We also have an Australian lead which qualifies to be called phone verified as we have real humans call each lead and interview them.

The point of Phone Verified leads is to save you time and effort calling numbers that are not connected. You can be confident all the numbers are good.

Phone Interviewed: Once again this type of lead is more common with US and Canadian leads, however, Apache Leads can also claim the Aussie Gold lead qualifies as Phone Interviewed as we have our call center contact every lead and interview them.

Phone Interviewed leads are quite rare now as they are labor intensive and generally quite expensive, the exception of our Aussie Gold which are very competitive.

Surveyed Leads: Many companies offer leads which include name, email, telephone and street address. That is pretty standard data for an MLM lead. Surveyed leads, in addition, also include answers to questions. These questions might include such things as:

  • How many hours per week can you devote to a business?
  • How much can you invest in a business?
  • How much do you want to make from a business?
  • How motivated are you to start a new business?

As you can see this type of extra information will make it much easier for you to understand and build a relationship with the lead. Surveyed leads are definitely a phone interviewed lead and well worth the investment. Once again I need to say our Australian Leads List is also a surveyed lead. Our biggest selling US leads are our U.S. Surveyed Leads

Double Optin Leads: These are usually only available in the USA. Double optin means when the lead first completed a form on the internet they were then sent an email which included a link which they needed to click on. Clicking the link then confirmed and verified their email address.

If email marketing is your preferred method of contacting leads, these are the very best leads for that purpose because you know their email address is valid and they have given permission to be contacted.

Economy Leads: These are leads which have completed a very simple form, most likely it only included their name, telephone and email address. A very economical lead but can still yield great results if the calls are made. We have both US Mobile Leads and Aussie Mobile Leads

Email Leads: These leads are very inexpensive and are usually delivered in large quantities like 500,000 leads. The only data with these leads is the email address. These are really only good for experienced email marketers. We have them at this specialist website called Where To Buy Email Lists

State Based Leads: This is a targeting option available with some lead types. The option allows you to choose the State or States you wish the leads to come from. For example if you live in California and you only want to build your business in California then this would be a good option for you.

By the same token you may live in North Carolina and wish to expand your business into California because you want to take the family to Universal Studios, then this would also be a good option for you.

Female Only Leads: This is another targeting option which is self-explanatory.

Many of these leads are available with combinations of the options. Take your time browsing our comprehensive selection, you are sure to find the best leads to suit your individual style.

We love to hear from our site visitors so please say hi and feel free to ask any questions you like.

"Confused About MLM Leads?" By Don Reid


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