Why People Won’t Join Your Network Marketing Business

October 10

Why People Won’t Join Your Network Marketing Business

Why People Won’t Join Your Network Marketing Business

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"Why People Won’t Join Your Network Marketing Business"

Recently I received an email from Eric Worre with this exact same subject line.  It really grabbed my attention so I opened it and read it.

The relevant part was this:

Do you know why most people don’t join your network marketing business?  They don’t really understand what they would do if they got involved.  If they signed up, they’re like, “Uh, what would I do?  I’m not quite sure what I would do.”

So, my encouragement to people is, put a copy of my Go Pro book into the hand of a prospect right away, and just say, “Read a chapter or two.  And if it peaks your interest, you can keep reading.”  But you know what? People get through this pretty quick.  And what happens is, a person goes, “Oh, I thought it was something completely different.”  They make the decision.  They get off the fence, and they decide to go to work.

Eric is a bit of a legend in Network Marketing so I thought it was about time I read his book.  So I went over to Amazon and purchased the Kindle Version of Go Pro.  Id that for a number of reasons; I live in Cambodia, delivery takes ages and costs a fortune, Kindle is great because I can read it across a number of devices and I get it right now.

I started reading it and was truly blown away.  Eric has a real talent for writing and for really capturing the struggles we have all faced in building a Network Marketing business.  From the day we were prospected to the day we walk across stage with a giant pin and pay packet

It really doesn’t matter which stage you are at in your MLM career, Go Pro by Eric Worre is going to help you and help your prospects.  Get it now and never look back.

This is what my friend Jason Lee had to say about Go Pro

This is by far the first recommendation any leader should be putting in the hands of their newest distributor. Not only is it the benchmark and best-selling book on network marketing today, it’s written by Eric Worre, who has successfully built teams of tens of thousands in the trenches.

Go Pro is one of the best network marketing books in existence today and probably will be for some time to come.

Here is a breakdown of what you’ll find by topics in this book: Finding prospects, inviting prospects, presenting your product or opportunity, following up, helping your new distributor start right, promoting live events, and more.

I highly recommend buying the printed version and taking a highlighter to pages 102-105. These pages will actually demonstrate verbatim, how to launch a new person over the phone after they’ve enrolled which is priceless.

Good words Jason.

Well my gentle reader, there you have it, will you take action or click away?  Will you share this post?  Will you leave a comment and be a part of the conversation?

So many questions….we will probably never know hahahah…I’m writing this on a Friday afternoon, my mind is wandering …I’m sure you understand. 

Buy the Printed Version of Go Pro Here or buy the Kindle Version here.  Also don’t forget to check our Network Marketing Leads.


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