Professionals Use MLM Phone Scripts, Amateurs Don’t, They Fail and Quit.

September 28

Professionals Use MLM Phone Scripts, Amateurs Don’t, They Fail and Quit.

Professionals Use MLM Phone Scripts, Amateurs Don’t, They Fail and Quit.

Professionals Use MLM Phone Scripts, Amateurs Don’t, They Fail and Quit.

Harsh words kids but I can’t sugar coat this lesson, it’s just too important to your future.

Let me say it another way, to make sure it’s super clear:  If you are not using a professional phone script to call leads, you are going to fail and quit, I can guarantee that 100%!

How the hell would I know that you might ask and that would be a reasonable question.  I began in MLM in February 1992, before the internet and before MLM Leads.

I had to do my own prospecting and my own calls.

I made thousands of calls and became very good at making calls.  I could get a meeting with anyone, which was not as good as it sounds.  I sometimes forgot the primary reason to be calling a lead, but I’ll cover that later.

The important thing is I used a script which was killer and I very rarely needed to go “off script”.  I had used the same script so many times I didn’t need it to be written down in front of me anymore, it was pretty much tattooed onto my brain.

Why Use Scripts?

Some people are skeptical of scripts. They recommend you be “natural”, that you simply shoot from the hip, say whatever comes to mind, and let things just be conversational.  That is, quite possibly, the worst advice in the history of giving advice.

Using a script allows you to test new things and to measure its success.  Random conversations are not measurable and just as importantly, they are not something your downline can duplicate.

Eventually the script you find works best for you, will be memorized and it will flow easily.  You will even find yourself modifying it as you go along.  All that is good and as it should be.

Injecting your own personality and modifying the script to meet the circumstances of the call are good things.

The bottom line is to use one because it’s a major difference between professional networkers and those who remain amateurs.

Professionals use scripts, amateurs don’t.

As I mentioned earlier, I first started in MLM in 1992 since then I have, through my networking and my leads business, spoken to thousands of network marketers and those who achieved success quickly, all had one thing in common.

They practiced making calls.

They would practice with their upline and with their downline.  Picking up tips and sharing them downline.  Making practice calls helps to memorize the script and helps you learn to say it naturally instead of sounding like you are reading it.

Amateurs do not have a script and they do not practice calls, instead they just blame the prospects.

Lastly, keep the following in mind: calling a prospect is about qualifying them or disqualifying them.  What I mean by that is you need to decide if this prospect even qualifies to learn anything about your business.

Your primary objective in the first call is NOT to try and coerce some poor unqualified prospect to watch your presentation.  That just leads to wasted time and frustration.

Qualify your leads.

Pick a script and stick to it.

You can grab plenty of Kindle books full of amazing scripts on Amazon  and you can also download all my free phone scripts here.

Winning MLM Phone Scripts

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