MLM Leads - The Right Way To Email Them

MLM Leads – The Right Way To Email Them

In a recent post I warned that emailing MLM leads as a first contact method was a time waster of the highest degree.  If you missed it you can read that post here So is there ever a good time to email mlm leads?

The simple answer, of course, is yes, right after you spoke with them on the phone.

When you are speaking with a lead or prospect and they have indicated interest in your opportunity,  you may offer to send them some links and further information.  If they accept your offer, then of course you may ask for their email and go from there.

Make sure you tell them who the email will be from and what the subject line will say.
This will help them to find it more easily and prompt them to actually open it and read it.

Speaking of who it’s from, what is your email address?

Is it something you made up in high school that sounded cute way back then?  The SexyOne98@hotmail?  If it is, then invest 5 minutes and get yourself a business sounding email because no one is going to take the sexyone98 seriously.

Oh and if you have an AOL email…. Really?

The best type of email is your own domain but I understand not everyone knows how to go about getting that set up.  You have probably seen businesses who spent a ton of money, say on a restaurant fit out, signage and advertising only to notice their email is something like:

I just made that address up but I’m willing to wager, someone owns it.  You get the point though its not as good as say

Don’t Spam Your New Prospect

Once you have permission to email prospects be careful not to abuse the privilege by pounding them with emails.  You will soon be shuffled off to the spam folder.

Sending email about a business to a prospect can be considered “commercial” email and to comply with laws in most parts of the world it is meant to carry an automatic unsubscribe link.

Considering you are likely only emailing to a small number of prospects it’s probably ok to go without the unsubscribe link.  But do comply with any requests you receive from prospects asking you to stop sending them email.

Don’t be that guy who just keeps on sending.

If you begin getting a larger list, then it’s better for you to move to a commercial emailing system such as Aweber or Get Response.  Both have very good, easy to use systems with excellent deliverability.  I used Aweber for over 10 years before migrating to Active Campaign late in 2015. It’s very powerful and complex so you really don’t need to jump to it right away.  Aweber will do a great job for you and offers a free trial. 

A big advantage of having a commercial system is you can easily build lead capture pages which collect visitors name, email and phone and enter them into your system.  Those prospects are then sent your preloaded email messages.  If they want to stop, they just click the unsubscribe link and they are removed from your system automatically.  Sweet right?

Another business building reason to have Aweber is you can generate your own leads.  If you go this way, you never need rely on lead companies and you make yourself fresh exclusive leads.

How to do all that is a subject for another post.
Now you know about mlm leads – the right way to email them.

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