SMS Text Marketing

August 26

Bulk SMS Text Guide: Top 7 Tips For Creating Great SMS Text Messaging Campaigns

SMS Text Marketing

In 2021, more than 15 million texts were sent every minute of every day!  It’s absolutely certain it will only climb in the next few years…

SMS texting is incredibly popular!

For every business owner or digital marketer, it means using texting to reach your target audience, no matter your industry, is a “must have” skill. However, before you shoot out your first marketing message over text, you need to get it right…

Here are 7 quick tips to make sure you set up a great SMS Texting marketing campaign.

Let’s get going…

1. Set Your SMS Text Marketing Goals

It’s important to set your goals.
For example:

Increase sales
Generate traffic to a website.

Generate views of a Facebook live event Have people watch a business opportunity presentation.

Get people to call you for more information
Get people to sign up for a webinar

Get people to watch a videoALL of these goals will work fine with SMS Texting. But do remember that each individual campaign should only focus on one goal.

It should be a clear and compelling instruction so your prospects are not confused about what you want them to do.

All you goals should be:  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.
Otherwise how will you ever know if you’re actually meeting your goals.

2. You Need Permission To Send SMS Messages

If you purchase leads from disreputable lead companies, the leads may be cheaper.  But, and this is important, they may not have opted into the lead list. Often bad lead companies have spam lists.

This will only lead you into trouble, expensive trouble.

If you are not sure, then you need to get permissionAn easy way to do this is to have people text a simple keyword to your texting number. Make sure to tell them what they’re signing up for and how frequently you’ll be texting.

3. Don’t Be Annoying

The most annoying thing you could do to your list is text them multiple times per day.

Big mistake!
All you will do is piss people off and generate a big bunch of complaints.

Keep it to once a week at the most.
Don’t send the same message multiple times.

Always come up with a fresh, new, interesting and compelling message
In your first message, remind your list they signed up for your information and tell them how frequently you’ll be texting.

You should also include instructions on how to unsubscribe from your list.

4. Timing is Everything

You want to run great campaigns which hit your goals by generating engagement with your prospects.

Treat them nicely.

Think about who your list is and send messages at an appropriate time.  For example if they are mostly working people with regular jobs, don’t be sending messages late at night.

During the day is going to work much better.

Engagement is the aim, you want them to take action like watch your video or go to your site etc.  Not many are going to do that late at night or before breakfast.

5. A Sense Of Urgency

Everyone is busy these days and that’s not going to change.
Getting people’s attention and to take action is hard.

We all have interruptions going on all day long.  We all are overloaded with incoming advertising messages, social media, emails.

It’s your job as a marketer to present a compelling, urgent message which will get your prospects to take the desired action, right now!

How you can get this sense of urgency going is to use some statements like this:

Offer Closes at Midnight

Sale Ends Thursday at NoonFirst 100 Signups OnlyFree (thing) For The First 50 PeopleYou get the idea.

Take Action Now To Avoid Disappointment

Click Now

Don’t be a bullshitter, if you say it, make sure it’s true!Be sure to include a link to your landing page or website in your message.

Always include who you are so you build recognition and trust
By creating urgency so that people take immediate action, you will increase your conversion rate.

6. Keep It Friendly and Fun

Don’t sound like a robot.

Be personal and informal.If it’s appropriate, inject some fun and humor. Don’t do that if you’re a funeral home.

Be entertaining. If your list becomes used to your style and find it fun, they will open and act on your messages.  That’s what you want, right?

You could feature quizzes, games, and polls.
You want to capture people’s attention by making it feel personal and informal

7. Test, Test, Test Your Messages

I’ve had some customers complain to me that they sent out 100,000 messages and got very little responses.

When I asked them how many messages they tested, the answer is always none.Can you imagine a bigger mistake?

Here is the right way to do itTake a small sample of say 500 leads. Write the best message you can think of.  The first one you think of is very rarely the best.

Write down 10 messages. Get some feedback and choose the best one. Send it to the 500 and record the results.  The stats you want are what time you sent it.

What the message was. How many people you sent it to.  How many responded. How many desired results you got (sales, signups, views, recruits etc)Then change the message slightly.  Only make one change in each test.Then rinse and repeat.

Do this 5 to 10 times until you have a message that is producing a positive ROI (return on investment)When you have that, increase the number or people you are going to send the message to.

Now you should be really rocking it!If you enjoyed these tips, then you will most likely love my step by step course called Mobile Leads Ninja.

You will discover exactly how to set up a campaign, using our recommended messaging company and much much more!

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