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97% of New Network Marketers Fail In The First Year.  That’s a Fact.

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Millions of people join an MLM / Network Marketing Home Business.  These folks come from all sorts of backgrounds. Not many have developed the skills or experience to do the stuff needed to grow an MLM business.

The experiences and the people they know have got them to where they are in life right now.

Mostly they are debt propelled.  They have so much debt it is difficult for them to see how to escape the debt trap they now find themselves in.

Many have jobs which don’t pay enough for them to have a decent life.  They dream of having a nicer house, a much better car, nice clothes, great vacations.

They want freedom from the drudgery of their lives, the crappy job, the soul sapping commute, the boss they hate.

Often, as a last resort, they join an MLM.

Believe it or not, that’s actually one of the best moves they have ever made.  It can be a ticket to their dream lifestyle

Why Do So Many Fail at MLM?

Don't hit the wall get proper training - Apache MLM Leads

It should be remembered that the people who join MLM are regular folks.  They are not stupid, they are not lazy, they are not greedy and they are not from any particular walk of life or belief.

They are just plain vanilla regular people.

They are excited about their business.

They truly want to succeed.

They are (usually) willing to do the work.

The ONLY difference between the 97% who will fail and the 3% who will succeed is training and developing the required skills.

Have a think about this:  What industry offers the chance to earn at least 6 figures per year without training or education in that industry?

The answer is NONE.

Pilots, engineers, CEO’s, Doctors, Lawyers all studied and all gained experience before they got to the top of their game.

Network Marketer Just Like Pilots Need Training

Beats me why people think it’s different for MLM.

I guarantee you it’s not.

Every Networker who makes it big undertook training and paid their dues with hard work and gaining experience.

There is no other way.

I know, I’ve built 2 successful MLM businesses.  In one I am still the fastest person to go from start to the Diamond level, which was a mid six figure income.  It took me only 90 days.

If You Read To Here, You Can Be In the 3% Who Succeed

By taking the effort to read here and learn why most networkers fail you’ve shown yourself to be in the 3% already.

I’ve written many training manuals over the years which have helped tens of thousands of networkers achieve their dreams and goals.

Knowledge is power

Don’t Panic We’re Not Going To Charge You a Penny

Look I’ll be open and honest with you.  Your success is my success. I’ve been involved with MLM since 1992.  I’ve been a leading MLM Leads and MLM Trainer since 2003

If you’re interested you can read my story here

If you use our MLM Leads and MLM Training on your journey to success, you’re probably going to recommend me to your business associates, right?

I’m sure you would.

So as you can see your success would be my success.  That's why I want to help you on your journey

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There is no obligation to buy anything at anytime with us.  We genuinely want to see you succeed.

We know that only 3% will take us up on this great offer and 97% will click away.

You see the correlation?

Which group will you be in?


How To Call Phone Interviewed Leads Successfully

How To Call Your Phone Interviewed Leads Successfully Cheat Sheet

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Winning by Overcoming Objections & Winning MLM Phone Scripts

Winning By Overcoming Objections and Winning MLM Phone Scripts

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The One Thing

The One Thing(That Every Network Marketer Must Know)



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73 Must Have Resources

73 Must Have



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Outsource to Maximize Growth

Outsource to
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This book will teach you everything you need to set yourself free to focus on the things that matter in your life.

The Ultimate Youtube Ranking Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate
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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leads

Everything You Ever
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How To Overcome Phone Fear

How To
Phone Fear



Fear of the phone is a real thing and everyone who must make business calls faces it...

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Had a good day on the phone. Modified your killer phone script. Talked to 6 leads, got positive responses from 6!!


Mark Piper

Joliet USA

Hey Don, Two enrolled yesterday from the Real Time Phone Interviewed leads!  Most are great and some not to good but way better than any others I have ever bought.  The majority are waiting for my call..keep up the good work


Paul Fleming

Brockton USA

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