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When you finally find a company who understands you and has walked the walk and gives you exactly what you need… it’s a mighty sweet thing

MLM Leads Price Guarantee

After years of working with millions of leads we have focussed the range we offer to the very best. You have probably been to some other leads sites and been totally confused with the ridiculously huge range of leads, some do this, some do that, some have this data but not that data. It’s worse than trying to figure out a phone companies deal.

We’ve learned through many years of client feedback what the optimal lead is for a network marketer.

Welcome to our

Premium MLM Leads

These leads have everything you need to get your business to not only the next level but beyond , all the way to your dreams. You know they are excited and interested simply because of the detailed form they submitted to even become a lead.

Select from the oven fresh ones (0-72 hours) or the still mighty good, aged ones. The choice is entirely yours, some clients love the fresh others prefer to save some bucks and churn through the aged and find the diamonds who got away.

Whichever you choose they all come packed with great data to make it easy for you to start a conversation and build a trusting relationship.

  • First & Last Name
  • Street, City, State, Post Code
  • Email Address
  • Telephone
  • Gender
  • Best Time To Call
  • Reason They Are Looking For A Home Business
  • How Much They Are Willing To Invest
  • How Many Hours They Can Put To The Business
  • Their Interest Level
  • Desired Monthly Income
  • Date/Time Stamp & IP Address

As you can see, these leads have everything you want and maybe even a bit more.
These are the Cadillac of leads and have been responsible for building thousands of network marketing businesses.

Want Some Optional Extras?

Sure, who doesn’t want to add some nice targeting options to their leads. Look no further, we have what you want:

Gender Targeting

Got a product aimed at women? Perfect, choose females only. Got a rugged guy product? Easy, select males only in the options.

State Targeting

Want to build your business in Texas? Great no problem select the State Based option and you’re all set.


Fresh 0-3 Days Old MLM Leads

LeadsPrice Per LeadPrice (USD)
25 x 0-3 Days Fresh Premium US Leads$0.92 per Lead $23
50 x 0-3 Days Fresh Premium US Leads$0.80 per Lead $40
100 x 0-3 Days Fresh Premium US Leads $0.70 per Lead $70
200 x 0-3 Days Fresh Premium US Leads $0.60 per Lead $120

4 To 7 Days Old MLM Leads

LeadsPrice Per LeadPrice (USD)
50 x 4-7 Days Aged Premium Leads$0.70 per Lead $35
100 x 4-7 Days Aged Premium Leads$0.60 per Lead $60
200 x 4-7 Days Aged Premium Leads $0.49 per Lead $99
1000 x 4-7 Days Aged Premium Leads $0.45 per Lead $450

8 To 15 Days Old MLM Leads

LeadsPrice Per LeadPrice (USD)
100 x 8-15 Days Aged Premium Leads$0.35 per Lead $35
200 x 8-15 Days Aged Premium Leads$0.30 per Lead $59

30 Days Old+ MLM Leads

LeadsPrice Per LeadPrice (USD)
10000 x 30+ Days Aged Premium Leads$0.03 per Lead $260
20000 x 30+ Days Aged Premium Leads$0.02 per Lead $495

Premium Leads – it’s just a smarter choice!

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Brian Garvin Brian Garvin

Wow! I was floored at the responsiveness of these leads. Usually when I join a lead company I never know what to expect next. It's one of the best programs I've been involved with not to mention an easy sell. And being personal friends with the owner should vouch for the credibility of this site even more!

James Hannan James Hannan

Don you and your company continue to impress me. You have under promised and over delivered in so many areas and have given me so much confidence in you, your team and your company. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use your services.