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Welcome and congratulations for showing up.  That’s always the biggest step and you already took it.

As I promised you in the email we are going to make you a great offer that will equip you to slay your dragon!

You will have the leads and the training needed to get the very best out of your leads.

If anyone wants to know a great leads company...

"I would certainly recommend you guys if anyone wants to know a great leads company. The free overcoming objections and winning phone scripts books were very helpful as well. Thanks Danielle"

Danielle Dickie

Danielle Dickie

The first step with leads is to sort through them to find those that qualify to hear about your business.  Some folks think it’s to get every lead to hear your pitch.  It’s definitely not that.  Pitching to uninterested people is both frustrating and a waste of time.

Leads need to be sorted to find those that are interested and qualify. That’s why we developed a great script for calling Phone Interviewed Leads. The training for this is called "How to Call Phone Interviewed Leads Successfully".  

Those of you who have been in sales careers need to particularly pay attention because you most likely picked up bad habits along the way. No offense meant, it’s a lesson I had to learn the hard way when I first started in MLM.

How To Call Phone Interviewed Leads Successfully
The Mobile Leads Ninja

We also developed a proven system for contacting large numbers of Mobile Leads at the press of a button.  

The training for this is called “Mobile Leads Ninja”.  Those who have followed this course properly have gone onto to build huge businesses.  You can too.

The Big Bonus

You probably remember I also promised you a big bonus on the leads.   I aim to deliver on that promise, right now. 

All leads ordered during this promotion will have 50% Extra added to the order at no extra cost.  It’s a great investment.  Don’t worry if you already have leads orders.  You can put what you order today on pause.

So there’s no reason for you to miss out on this great offer.

Follow the details below to use the coupon correctly and get your 50% Extra

Don, Thank you so very much for your kind and...

Don, Thank you so very much for your kind and prompt response. Your generosity on the filling of this order is very appreciated. I will definitely pass the word to others in regard to your professional and kind response to this matter. Thank you again"

Charles Gregson

Charles Gregson

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Wow! I'm impressed. I just saw the video...

"Wow! I'm impressed. I just saw the video of you and the tutorial. Very nice! And yes, I just got my 1st 100 leads. Working on sending them out to my prospective customers in a few. Let's see how these ones go and as I earn money I'll invest in the elite leads. Now, this is customer service! Very impressed! Thank you!"

Mario L.

Mario L.

Don, I really like your personal touch on...

"Don, I really like your personal touch on how you deliver and tell us about the leads etc. via your video messages. You do it very differently than others (lead vendors) I have seen in the past and I just love your service, so I truly thank you for that!"


Sharon Whyte

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The No Limits Course

All your life you have been limited!  You have been limited by your boss. Your own lack of confidence has limited you.  Fear of failure has limited you. Your friends and family have limited you with their negativity. The school system limited you by only teaching you enough to get a job and to stay broke.  The whole system has kept you broke and limited all your life.


Take A Stand Today. Do Something About It And Break Free And Live With… No Limits! Today Is The Day To Get Out Of Your Limited Lifestyle Once And For All!



How To Call Phone Interviewed Leads Successfully

How To Call Phone Interviewed Leads Successfully

This book is is a solid step toward success with your Phone Interviewed Leads!

Winning by Overcoming Objections & Winning MLM Phone Scripts

Winning MLM Phone Scripts

Stop Getting "NO" From Your Prospects. Start Getting at Least 76% More "Yes" Responses. Lose Your Fear of the Phone Today.


The Mobile Leads Ninja Course

Value $27.00

The Mobile Leads Ninja

Discover the Amazing Legal and Ethical System to Getting Thousands of Excited Leads Calling You at The Press of a Button