Apache Leads Review

April 1

Apache Leads Review

Apache Leads Review

Apache Leads Review!

Apache Leads Review: All companies on the internet get reviews and reports, sometimes good and sometimes not.  Apache Leads Review are sometimes great and sometimes bad. Here’s a really nice review from top MLM’er Brian Garvin


Don Reid 2003 With Diamond Awards in Orlando FL

Like all legitimate MLM Leads companies, Apache Leads tries hard to supply good quality MLM Leads and associated Services. Along with this Apache Leads provides a cutting-edge Leads Management System for free to its clients and a very good level of Customer Support.

In this Apache Leads Review we probably need to go right back to the beginning, which was in 2003. Don Reid, the founder of Apache Leads was busy building a very successful Diamond level business in an American MLM business called Life Force.

In those days, there was not many MLM Leads companies so Don had to start his own to get leads for his group. The leads he was providing were good quality and were helping his group grow much faster than they would have if they relied solely on their warm market.

It was also meant to be a secret, but word soon spread and soon Network Marketers from all over the world were buying MLM leads from Apache Leads.

Ever since that time Apache Leads has provided not only good, guaranteed MLM Leads but free MLM Training and Leads Management tools.

Apache Leads has been in business now much longer than most businesses. They must be doing something right.

But not all is roses in the world of MLM. One of the benefits of MLM is its very low barrier to entry. In reality, it’s a double-edged sword. I say this because it attracts many people who simply do not understand business at all and have no real aptitude for it.

Here’s how it typically goes: They are presented a business opportunity and (rightfully) get all excited and join up. They go and buy some leads from a MLM leads company.

They call all the leads and get a ton of NO answers and lots of rejection. They then get the idea that they were mistaken to get all excited and decide to quit. But the first thing they want to do is get their money back from that lying, cheating MLM Leads company.

apache leads review finger

So they call or write an angry, rude email to the MLM leads company informing the company that those leads were no good and they want their money back.

They are informed that per the terms and conditions of sale, which they agreed to when making a purchase, there are no refunds.

This is, of course, the first time they have ever heard of such a thing and go into a crazy fit of swearing and probably frothing at the mouth.

It’s explained to them that the leads lose significant value after they have been sold and are of no use to the MLM Leads company anymore. It’s not like buying a pair of shoes on Zappos. Those shoes still have value.

When they are asked what happened when they called the leads, they say none of the leads were interested in making money. Have you ever met anyone who wouldn’t want more money? No me neither.

When it’s explained to them that it takes practice, skill, experience and a good proven script to call MLM leads they go into an even deeper screaming fit.

The company will try very hard to placate the client by offering, more leads, more training anything to try and resolve the situation. It’s sometimes simply not possible to satisfy the clients when they are in this mood.

They then resolve to get the MLM leads company back. They call their bank and open a charge back claiming the company did not provide what was promised. Huh?!?

Then they go to an anonymous complaints / review site and post slanderous Apache Leads Review

The next thing they do is quit their MLM business and tell all their friends that MLM and MLM Leads companies are a scam End of story for them. It’s not the end of the story for the Company.

Now the company has a damaged reputation, which in most of, these cases, is totally undeserved and unfair.  We don’t claim to be perfect and error free, sometimes we make mistakes just like everyone else on this planet.

We do try very hard to learn from them and improve.  If the Apache Leads Review was fair then the review sites would not allow anonymous unsubstantiated posts.

Anonymous Review Sites make money by charging victims thousands of dollars to remove the malicious posts.

It also hurts new people to MLM. When they see these ridiculous lies on an Apache Leads Review they are scared away and never go on to build a business. That’s probably the saddest effect.

All legitimate businesses know that without customers they go broke. Every business tries very hard to provide what they promise and to delight their clients. That’s the only way a company can grow and stay in business, there is no other way. If MLM Leads companies really were ripping off clients they would all be broke.

Some leads companies have been in business even longer than Apache Leads. Type in MLM Leads in Google. ALL the leads companies on the first page (not counting the ads) are legitimate, long term companies in good standing.

So please beware of taking the word of anonymous reviews of any company. Do your own “due diligence” go and find out for sure what they offer, what their guarantees are, what their free training involves, what their leads manager system is all about and how long they have been in business.

Instead of just accepting anonymous, hurtful Apache Leads Reviews, make up your own mind with actual facts.

We welcome your Apache Leads Review, we even welcome helping you with it.  You can ask us anything, any time and you can rely upon transparency throughout all our dealings.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Apache Leads Review, we hope it inspires you to seek the truth.

Bad Leads

The leads Apache Leads supplies come in two main types of quality.  We named them according to their quality.  We have Economy MLM Leads and Phone Interviewed MLM Leads for both Australia and the USA.  The economy leads are best use when contacting by bulk methods and the phone interviewed are best used when you are calling the leads one on one.

New people to MLM think all leads are going to be super excited to hear from them.
That’s not the case.  Just because the new recruit is super excited doesn’t mean leads will be.  As soon as new MLM’ers discover this they jump to the conclusion that they are bad leads and that the leads company has ripped them off.  It’s just not true at all.

There would be no sense in ripping off clients.  If that was the goal of mlm leads companies then they would be out of business in a matter of weeks.  Apache Leads has been operating since 2003.

It doesn’t matter where the leads are supplied from or how they are generated.  They are just regular people.  They need to be treated professionally, with courtesy and presented with a business opportunity correctly.  anything less is ripping them off and wasting everyone’s time and money.

Apache Leads Review for Real

The Apache Leads Service is real, it’s legitimate and employs people supporting their families.  It’s so disappointing when short sighted people who do not bother to learn how to build and MLM business, who do not bother to avail themselves of all the free information, just go and defame our efforts without any moral reason.

I write this in the hope that if you are such a person you simply just go to some other site and leave us to work with those who deserve our help.

Don’t sign up, don’t buy anything, just move on.  Of course please do feel free to comment below as we give all comments equal importance and respond to all.
Australia is where I come from but now I live in Cambodia.

I do this because I married a Cambodian and like the lifestyle here.  We pay staff in various countries and give to charities.  I’ve been working on the internet for many years, since 1995 actually.  

I started Apache Leads in 2003, initially to provide support for my own downline group.  The business expanded and has helped thousands of Network Marketers get closer to their dreams.  You can contact us by phone, live chat, email, please do so if you have any questions, any complaints.

We are always here for you.  Pretty much every day is a working day for me, I’m quite addicted to the leads business.  If you feel like you would like to get to know more about us, please join our email list where a few times a week I’ll send you some interesting stuff.

Everything I send is about helping your home business grow faster and stronger and it’s free. Sign up here

Refund Policy – Sometimes new people ask for a refund, I wrote a post about why mlm leads companies don’t give refunds

If you have read to here, do you think our team, our company is a rip off?  Please do comment and let us all know.  We care what every person thinks.  We’ve made dozens of videos to help people with every aspect of their home business, that alone takes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to produce.  Does that sound like a rip off team?


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