MLM Lead Generation

We’ve got an exciting topic for you today; MLM Lead Generation. Many Network Marketers ask lots of questions about how to do MLM Lead generation. We get asked things like can I see your MLM Leads capture page? What’s the exact wording on the form used to generate the mlm leads?

MLM Lead Generation is clearly a topic of interest to MLM’ers and so, without further ado, may I present for your edification

MLM Lead Generation

Lets start at the start of the MLM Lead generation process

How MLM Leads Are Generated

Most MLM Leads are generated on the internet. The process begins with an advertisement which will appeal to people looking to increase their income. Most of these people are just regular folks with a job. So looking at home business opportunities appeals to them.

When they click on the ad, they are redirected to a MLM Leads Capture Page. The page will have compelling content which encourages the prospect to complete a survey form in order to get more information. Those who are interested will complete the survey.

That’s how MLM Lead Generation works in a nutshell. Sounds easy right?

The Main Factors Affecting MLM Lead Generation

Of course nothing is as easy as it first seems and MLM Lead generation is no different. Here are some of the various things which go into the mix

Traffic – traffic is the common name for people visiting a website. All traffic is not created equally. Some is much better and some is terrible. Targeted traffic is best and costs the most. Yes costs. People very rarely just find websites, most websites have to pay to get traffic.

The more targeted your traffic is, meaning the more aligned the visitors are to the message on your MLM Leads Capture Page then the more people will complete the form. This will be a more effective MLM Lead Generation than using cheap untargeted traffic.

Video on your MLM Lead Generation Page

these days video is very popular. Having a video on your lead capture page will increase your conversions. Conversions is the measurement of people who sign up on your page as a percentage of the total number of people who came to your page. A very good conversion rate would be 30%. That means out of every 100 people who visit you can expect 30 to become leads.

MLM Lead Capture Page Design

The design of your page is crucial to it’s success. Visitors should be able to instantly see what it’s about. They should be able to very quickly understand the benefits to them of completing the form. The writing on the page is called “copy” That’s where the word copyright comes from. The copy needs a lot of attention and must be compelling.

mlm lead generation design

A Beautiful Example of Our MLM Lead Generation Pages

Headline and Sub-Headline

You only have 2 or 3 seconds to grab the visitors attention. Good use of the headline will hook them. The sub-headline will reinforce the headline and encourage them to keep reading. The better these two items are the more MLM Leads will be generated.

Information You Want

In the case of you generating leads for your MLM business, we recommend you limit the information you ask for. Keep it to Name, Email and Telephone. That is all you really need for your purposes. Of course professional MLM Lead Generation companies need to collect a lot more information. But for your purposes, lets keep it simple.

The Copy

The text you write on the page to give information and to encourage the visitors should be accurate, not wild and crazy claims that no one will believe. Keep it real.

Email Autoresponder

The form on your MLM Lead Capture Page needs to do something with the information it collects from the visitor. The best way to store this information and to communicate with your new leads, is to use an email autoresponder.

The job of your email autoresponder is to collect the leads information for you and to send them a series of emails. There are a few very good companies providing this service. If you do not already have an account with one, we highly recommend Aweber. We used them for 10 years before moving to a more sophisticated service. For your purposes Aweber is perfect. Great service, easy tutorials and very good pricing.

Setting Up the Email Autoresponder

There are a few very good companies providing this service. If you do not already have an account with one, we highly recommend Aweber. We used them for 10 years before moving to a more sophisticated service. For your purposes Aweber is perfect. Great service, easy tutorials and very good pricing.

If  you sign up for an Aweber account on this link, you will get a 30 day free trial with Aweber and we will also help you set it up.

Business Presentation

As soon as the MLM lead completes your form and clicks the submit button Aweber will redirect them to any page you decide. We would recommend you redirect them to your MLM business presentation page.

Getting MLM Lead Generation Traffic to Your Page

Everyday there are over 2 million new pages put on the internet. No one is going to find your page. It needs to have targeted traffic sent to it.

You can definitely buy the traffic yourself. You should learn how to do it though as it’s very complex, very expensive and easy to lose a lot of money. I’m really not kidding about that. I wrote about The 6 Best Ways to Generate MLM Leads.

There you have it; everything you need to get MLM Lead Generation up and running producing exclusive MLM Leads for you.  Sine 2003 we have been supporting tens of thousands of Network Marketers, just like you.  Talk to us right now if you have any questions.  We will walk you through the entire process and help you get going as soon as possible

Looking forward to working with you

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