How to Overcome Phone Fear

October 7

How to Overcome Phone Fear

How to Overcome Phone Fear

How to Overcome Phone Fear, in this post I'm addressing this very real problem and how to overcome fear of the phone and rejection.

Fear of the phone is a real thing and everyone who must make business calls faces it. You are not alone. Many have gone before you and many have learnt how to conquer this excruciating, stressful problem.

When I was first hired as a Sales Representative for a large multinational company my job was to call up professionals. They were mostly, Architects and Engineers. Every morning on the way to work I would be dreading having to hit the phone.

I habitually procrastinated, did useless busy work, all of which made my agony even more intense because this was my job and I had a sales budget to meet or I would be fired for sure. My family depended on me and I hated that I was letting them down.

I had a bad case of phone fear

Eventually I would put on my big boy pants, bite the bullet and make the calls.

Funny thing was, the more calls I made, the better I got at it. I developed a style that worked for me.

That was my first year and I won some amazingly huge contracts. So large in fact that I smashed my budget. The CEO flew me down to the head office for drinks in the board room. He told me I had made the most sales in the world (for that company).

Pretty good for a guy with chronic phone fear.

How does one overcome fear of the phone?

Well there are a number of steps which we will cover. The good news is that in Network Marketing it’s easier to overcome phone fear than it is in the corporate world.

No one in the corporate world has a vested interest in your success, no one is going to give you a script, no one is going to teach you how to make calls, no one will care if you fail.

In Network Marketing, you have an upline who do want you to succeed, remember that and reach out to them for help. It’s part of their role and responsibility to give you mentoring.

Now, on with the tips to help you overcome phone fear. These tips are not in any particular order.

Tip Number One for Overcoming Fear of the Phone in Network Marketing.

As I already mentioned; actually picking up the phone and doing it eventually lessens the fear. It becomes less and less over time. It might take 5 days or 15 days or even 30 days but if you persevere and make at least 5 calls per day it will subside in its intensity.

It’s not going to go away 100% for most people but just making 5 calls on a regular basis will reduce your anxiety to a manageable level.

It’s also going to make you feel good about yourself and much more confident.

Tip Number Two for Overcoming Fear of the Phone in Network Marketing.

Get some help from your upline. There is absolutely no need to be afraid to reach out to your upline and ask for help and training. This is their job. They want you to be successful as much as you do.

Your upline is always looking for the downline who put up their hand and ask for help. That shows them you are serious about success and that you deserve their attention.

Your upline has the experience and the runs on the board, don’t deny yourself.

Get with them, always have a note book and pen. Take copious notes because you will retain the information much better and it shows respect.

Sit in with them while they make calls. Listen carefully, record it if they allow it and use the same script they use. Because they have made tons of calls they most likely do not have the script written down. They know it off by heart. You should have your script written down until you don’t need it anymore.

The most common problem I encounter when new MLM’ers come on chat and tell me leads don’t work is they themselves are not experienced and are not using a script of any kind.

Leads do work, it’s the new networker who is the cause of the problem.

This leads me to mention that feedback on your method, script, the manner in which you deliver it is a good thing. Feedback form people who have walked the walk is a good thing. It’s not intended to hurt your feelings. It’s intended to identify your weak spots and help you improve.Please do not be thin skinned and cry when given feedback. Take it onboard and use the feedback to be better.

If you can’t get with your upline because of distance, record your calls and send some for your uplines’ analysis and feedback.

How to Overcome Phone Fear

By the way, when I am saying your upline, it does not necessarily mean the person who sponsored you. You might need to go further up until you find an upline who is actively building the business and having good success. Search and you will find.

If you happen to be looking for some good scripts I wrote a free PDF book for MLM Phone Scripts which you can get on Apache Leads.

Tip Number Three for Overcoming Fear of the Phone in Network Marketing.


When you get a script from your upline and training and feedback; study it, internalize it.

Make a hundred calls with the new script and implement the feedback you were given. Every single call you make will incrementally make you better. You will become a master of the script and even begin to modify it on the fly to best suit the situation.

Now you are becoming a ninja at this.

If you make 100 calls and no one is interested and won’t take your material, won’t watch your video; then guess what; you’re still doing it wrong. Those people ARE interested in more money and more time, they are just not interested in you or what you are saying.

I know that’s harsh but I find people who say they have a good script and have had feedback from a mentor and still can’t get good results are lying to themselves. They have NOT implemented what was told to them at all and would rather blame the prospects than admit, they are not being teachable.

No one is born knowing how to be a doctor or a pilot or a rocket scientist or a network marketer. We all must learn these skills. No one cares if you were working as a sales rep. That may give you some skill but it’s not translatable.

Being teachable, sucking up the knowledge and implementing it are key to being a success in this industry. If you want to insist on doing it your way, then good luck with that.

Study what you are doing and saying during calls. Set up a cam to record yourself. I promise it will be very revealing. You will see, maybe, that you are umming and ahhing a lot of the time. It maybe that you see yourself stumbling over words, being a bit of a waffler and going off the script.

Once you see these things you can improve them.

Tip Number Four for Overcoming Fear of the Phone in Network Marketing.

Overcome Phone Fear

Overcome Objections

Listen, everyone who makes phone calls for a living is faced with objections. No one escapes. It’s human nature to object when we first hear a new thing. It’s really a way people are asking for more information.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity for you to see where they are at and lay their mind at ease. You must answer objections in a professional manner and never lie or exaggerate. By the way, your product is not the greatest thing in the world and everyone is going to want it. You know that and so does your prospect, so don’t say such over the top rubbish.

Some of the things you are going to hear will be; “is this a scam?”, “is this one of the pyramid things?

”You need to know how to deal with that in a professional manner which does not involve lying. There are plenty of books on Amazon which you can grab for less than a coffee. I love the amazing lessons given by Kim Klaver. If you can get hold of an amazing book she wrote called “Rules for the New New MLM’er” get it! She also does podcasts. Brilliant networker.

Remember, objections are part of the process and learning how to overcome them is a skill which will serve you very well indeed. I also wrote a free PDF book for overcoming objections which you can get on Apache Leads.

Tip Number Five for Overcoming Fear of the Phone in Network Marketing.

Use a ScriptTruly the number of people who I chat with that are not using a good proven script is beyond belief.

If you are not using a good proven script you must be just saying whatever comes into your brain. That’s not measurable so you cannot improve. You can only stay at the level you’re at right now.

A good, proven script keeps you on track and produces results which is why EVERY successful Networker uses a script.

PLUS, by using a script your downline can duplicate your success much more easily, because you can give them a copy of yours and then they can do the same. Everything you do in MLM will be duplicated, that covers both good and bad things. Best for everyone if you do the good things.You can get a ton of downloadable proven scripts from here and print them out. I also wrote a free PDF book of MLM Phone Scripts which you can get on Apache Leads.

Tip Number Six for Overcoming Fear of the Phone in Network Marketing.

DuplicationIn MLM when anyone refers to duplication, which you will hear quite a lot, it means that knowledge and skills can be transferred to someone else. For example person A can pass onto person B a great script and person B can pass it onto person C.

You can only do that if you are using a good proven script yourself.

Also as part of this tip, it’s super important that you get with new people very quickly and give them training in prospecting, calling leads, handling objections, etc. This will give them some armor plating against the negativity that some people are going to dump on them.

Don’t be using the old thing about make a list of your friends and family, that does not work, all it does is make new people quit. Friends and family are the ones who will dump the most negativity on your new recruits, don’t put them through that if you want to keep them.

Tip Number Seven for Overcoming Fear of the Phone in Network Marketing.

Affirmations, Yes, affirmations, it sounds a bit mumbo jumbo but I became convinced when I heard Scott Adams (the Dilbert Cartoonist) speak about the huge effect they had on his life. It was on a Tim Ferris podcast.

Writing down a phrase about what you want and reading it out loud to yourself seems to have a magical effect on your life.

A good time to read them out might be just before you begin your daily calls.Overall, be confident, be wise and never be begging.


There you have it, my 7 Tips for Overcoming Fear of the Phone. If you action them you will never ever be subject to phone fear again.However, if you wish to enjoy the many benefits of using our professional lead calling service please take a look at it.

It’s really not just for beginners, it’s also for very smart Networkers. While we are calling all your leads and filtering them down to the excited ones, you can be doing other more productive and enjoyable business building activities.

Please do feel free to share the 7 Tips to Overcoming Phone Fear with your associates, they might like to become richer sooner as well.


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