How To Contact Your MLM Leads Generated By Traffic

September 30

How To Contact Your MLM Leads Generated By Traffic

How To Contact Your MLM Leads Generated By Traffic

Thank you for joining me for another in what appears to becoming a series in “how to…”  I do hope you are enjoying them and getting some great tips on becoming a more effective Networker.

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OK on with the show as they say.

One of the greatest ways known to mankind to generate your very own, exclusive, real time leads is to have your own lead capture page and send paid visitors to it (traffic).  No, the visitors are not paid, the company who provided those visitors is paid, Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords for example.

There are three things you need to set up such a system.

  1. A Lead Capture Page
  2. A Commercial Email System and
  3. Traffic to your Lead Capture Page

Let’s assume you have the system up and running and it’s generating exclusive, real time leads for you.  The leads have signed up on your page, they entered their name, phone and email which has all been automatically entered into your commercial email system.  We recommend Aweber.

Your Aweber system has been sending out your preloaded email messages to your prospects., even when you are asleep. Very cool.

Your prospects have received your emails and been to your presentation page.  What now?

This is the good bit:

  1. Give Them a Call and Say Something Like this: Hi Jane, this is Bob, I’m pressed for time but wanted to introduce myself. You just/recently visited my site which was about making some money for yourself and you requested some more information. This is a quick call just to follow up with you to make sure you get all the information.

  2. Confirm Their Email Address: I have your email address as (read her email address out) Is that correct?

  3. Tell Her the Subject Line: Cool you should have received an email with this subject line (say the subject line) Did you happen to get that already?

  4. Presentation Link: If they got it ask if they have watched the presentation yet. If they have not yet, ask if she has a pen handy and give her the link to the presentation.  It’s going to be best if you use a short URL service so you don’t end up trying to give her a link that is 3 feet long.

  5. Give Her Your Name & Number: OK just before I go I will give you my name and number so you can give me a call with any questions you have.

  6. Begin Qualifying the Prospect: If they have not objected to the call so far then carry on and find out a few things from them.  For instance, how much money are they looking to make, what would they do with that money?  Really drill down on this because what they would do is their real motivation.  If they said buy a car…don’t leave it at that.  Ask what type of car, what color, what would it be used for etc etc

Interviewing the prospect gives you a good feel for how much time you should allot to this person.  If they are showing good signs, like, having watched the presentation, asking questions, sounding excited, then yes, by all means schedule another call or if possible a meeting.   If they have not had an opportunity to watch the presentation yet, then tank them for the time and schedule a call for when they feel they will have had time to watch it.

Building a network marketing business is about using your resources to the best of your ability.  Your most valuable resource is your time.  Try to spend it with the best prospects and pass on what you have learned to them.

Spending time with low level prospects or checking what’s in your product catalog are not good ways to invest your time.  Generating more top quality prospects is a great investment, do more of that.

Apache Leads provides all the services you need to grow your business into something tangible, something which supports you and something which gets you closer to your dreams.  We have the leads and we have the training, we even have a lead calling service (We provide this service for the USA and Australia).

If you are looking for a very good commercial emailing service, we recommend Aweber’s Free Trial.

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"How To Contact Your MLM Leads Generated By Traffic" By Don Reid

Article: How To Contact Your MLM Leads - Article By Don Reid


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