What Is the Primary Purpose of Calling a Lead?

June 30

What Is the Primary Purpose of Calling a Lead?

What Is the Primary Purpose of Calling a Lead?

What Is the Primary Purpose of Calling a Lead?

Knowing the answer to this question is a fundamental cornerstone of building any MLM business.  Without knowing the first goal when calling a lead many networkers simply blow the call and burn the lead.

How the heck do I know this?

Two ways I know this:

  1. I made literally made thousands of calls to leads and had to learn the hard way. Thankfully I had an excellent Sponsor who spent the time to train me and reveal what the primary goal is.

  2. Every day we have new Network Marketers telling us that none of the leads they invested in are interested in what they have to say.

Since 2003 we have supplied millions of leads to tens of thousands of networkers, yes now and then some leads are bad and we replace those. But not ALL the leads are bad, not even a significant percentage are bad.  The truth of the matter is the caller is bad.

Some readers are going to not like hearing this but our job is to help you get the very best from leads, so please forgive my bluntness and read on

When a new person joins the business they are excited and want to share all they know with their friends, relatives and leads.  They expect everyone to be just as excited as they are and are terribly disappointed when they are not even interested.

That’s when they get in contact with their leads supplier and vent their frustration.
Blaming the leads is like an unskilled pool player blaming the balls.

If they knew the primary goal when calling leads, all this frustration they feel would disappear, their phone fear will evaporate and their results would be much better.

Imagine if a guy is in bar and spots a beautiful woman.  He goes over to her and blurts out “Hi honey, you’re so beautiful.  Let’s get married”   How well is that going to go?

We can all figure that she is going to think this guy is nuts and want to get away from him as soon as possible.

That’s how leads feel when networkers call them and right away begin blurting out some long winded explanation of their business opportunity.

The leads just want to escape. That’s definitely not how anyone wants to make their prospects feel.

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But here’s the crux of the whole matter

Those people on the end of the phone are not even prospects yet.  Wait….what you talkin about Willis?!? That’s right.  So far the leads are not even prospects, they are just leads.

Here’s why:

Remember the question I asked, What is the Primary Goal Of Calling A Lead?
The primary goal is to determine if the lead QUALIFIES to even hear more about your business or not. That’s the “prime directive” as they say in Sci fi

The Primary Goal is to Qualify the Lead

It’s not to start giving them a run-down of the business. So stay with me here, it’s important to your sanity.

When a lead says any of these things:

“I’m not interested”

“Where the hell did you get my number?”

“I’m only looking for a job”

“You’re the 25th person who called me”

“I never asked for any information”

Or any other major negative response, they DO NOT QUALIFY.  They disqualified themselves and do not deserve to hear or learn anything about your business.  You’re the one with the cookie, always remember that and keep your posture.

Put them back under their rock where you found them and move on.

When it’s kept in mind that the primary goal is to determine if they qualify or not the goal of the call has been achieved and you can move on knowing you achieved the goal.   No hard feelings, no fear.

You Achieved!

You didn’t try and “sell” them something (which you should never try and do) it’s time to cross them off the list and dial the next lead and turn them into a prospect by first seeing if they qualify.

This all relates to the concept of “Posture” which is a subject for a future post.

Feeling good, feeling confident and kicking goals is exactly the attitude you need to be making calls and bearing this lesson in mind will get you there.  The negative people you call will not affect you anymore than water off a ducks back.

Happy prospecting, keep up the great work and soon we will see you on the beaches of the world!

"What Is the Primary Purpose of Calling a Lead?" By Don Reid


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