Pull Up Before You Crash and Burn – Free MLM Training

July 7

Pull Up Before You Crash and Burn – Free MLM Training

Pull Up Before You Crash and Burn – Free MLM Training

Pull Up Before You Crash and Burn – Free MLM Training

Greetings in this post I’m showing you the importance of our Free MLM Training

When you get on a plane to go visit your mother you’re taking it as read that all the crew have had up to date training and have honed their skills in order to perform under any circumstances right? Damn straight! How about you though?

Have you really done all the training in how to be a successful Network Marketer?  Be honest, don’t lie to yourself.

If you have, then no doubt, you are at the top of your game and probably reading this on the pool deck during a luxury cruise or while you munch on brunch in Paris.

No?  You’re not doing any of those things?
Then you need to get some training.

You wouldn’t want a pilot who was super confident, super enthusastic but in all reality had no idea how to fly a plane.  Are you that pilot, trying to fly like an eagle but sadly, crashing and burning?


These days you would be crazy to not be using the amazing array of internet marketing tools available to you.  These tools are what makes it possible for anyone to build a huge lead generating machine which is pumping out any number of qualified EXCLUSIVE leads all day long, every day.

Do you have one of those?

Ok, unless you’re shuffling off to the buffet on the cruise ship I’m guessing not.  Allow me to make a recommendation to you, which is NOT an affiliate link. The site I’m recommending as the very best in all aspects of internet marketing is called Digital Marketer  I’ve been a member for over a year.

I’ve also been learning internet marketing since 1995 and learn something new every day.

cruise ship pool free mlm training

Are You Reading This While You Are At The Pool On A Cruise Ship?

Digital Marketer is owned by Ryan Deiss a well-known and respected marketer who owns many online businesses.  He set up Digital Marketer to share what his team learns from marketing the other businesses.

The information is astounding in both quantity and quality.  The $38 a month is a steal. I’m not making a penny on this ok, I’m just urging you to try it for one month and see for yourself.  I think they have a $1 trial.

Unless you come from years of being an internet marketer, it doesn’t matter what background you come from, you do not know how to buy traffic, build landing pages or convert visitors to leads and to achieve maximum return on investment.

At least give Digital Marketer a trial.  If you think its rubbish or great, I hope to hear from you about your experience.

When I was sponsored into Amway in 1992 it was by an initial phone call from some guy I had never met.  He prospected my wife in a shopping center and asked for my business card.   He called me that night.

At the time I had two companies who were both going down the drain super-fast.
One was an Electrical Contracting business which had just had its largest debtor go broke owing me $550,000 and the other was a Real Estate Agency which had just had a thieving Manager empty the bank account and fire all the staff and then disappear into the night.

My day of the call had consisted of me shoveling sand out of trenches on a construction site in the middle of a Brisbane summer. You think I was in the mood to be sponsored into Amway?

I was in the mood to drink myself into oblivion and try to forget the world for a few hours. In those days I was terribly stressed, over worked, unhappy and alcohol was always my go to solution.  I was a beaten man and didn't know what to do or who to turn to.

When I got the call my (eventual) sponsor used a “curiosity approach” I honestly don’t remember the actual words he used but I guarantee you he told me nothing about the business, only that it was a business and he and his partners were looking to expand into my area and were looking for a couple of sharp people to partner with.

Talk about keeping the posture! This is 1992 so its well before internet presentations and skype/zoom calls.  This was the days when all presentations were in person.

I’m not going to go into his entire process right now, that might be for another time.
My point in sharing this with you is he was an amazing sponsor with a truly enviable track record for sponsoring.

His skill and expertise with sponsoring did NOT come about by accident or by luck or by his past experience (he sold pots n pans door to door before).

It came about because he devoured all the training he could get. He never stopped listening to tapes in his car, in his office, watched training videos, went to every meeting his upline organized, never missed any function or opportunity to spend time with his upline.

He was a great teacher and passed on all these habits to his downline and those who adopted them went onto success.  Those who didn’t crashed and burned eventually.

That’s why I’m always harping on about training.

free mlm training

At Apache Leads we try super hard to make free MLM Training available to all our visitors, not just clients. We recently made the Insiders Club where we have packed it with all our books and tons of training.  You can access the Insiders Club free here  We add to it very regularly and hope you will take advantage of it.

Another highly recommended place for good training and very inexpensive is Amazon Kindle.  There are a ton of instantly downloadable Kindle books relating to Network Marketing.  Kindle MLM Books

The absolute BEST source of information and training are your very own upline.

Your upline have a vested interest in your success and are a fountain of expertise.
Seek out your most active upline, spend time with them, ask questions, listen and learn.  Let them know where you are having trouble and you will be very pleasantly surprised by the great help you will receive.

I don’t necessarily mean the guy who just got in an hour before you.  I mean seek out the upline who you see crossing the stage, hitting new levels in the business and are actively growing the business.

That’s who you want to be hanging out with, because think about it; these are the people you are going to be spending time on the beaches with in the future.

Hope this post was of benefit to you.  If you got something from it, please do leave a comment and click the share buttons so others may also benefit.

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