Why Aren’t My MLM Leads Interested?

All leads companies get this question a couple of times a week.  At Apache Leads we usually make individual replies explaining the problems and the solutions by email.  Because it’s such a common question I felt it was a great subject for a post as most likely a lot of people have had the same frustration which this situation causes.

Let’s go over how things happen.  You’re excited, you’ve just joined an amazing business opportunity and you want to grow it as fast as you can.  You want to spread the word to as many people as possible. You might ask your upline how to go about growing your business.

One thing they are likely to recommend is to buy some mlm leads from a really cool, ethical leads company like…well for example, Apache Leads.  Aw come on, you knew I was going to say that.

OK so far all sounds good.

So you click over to Apache Leads (or some other leads company.  There are many ethical and good ones.

You select the leads which sound good to you and match your budget.

You wait excitedly while your order is processed and for the leads to be delivered to your Leads Manager Account.

When they arrive you quickly jump on the phone to call them.

Apache MLM Leads

This is going to be awesome!

So many people are going to get super excited, just like you and join up instantly!
After a few calls, you begin to think something is wrong.  So far the leads have turned out to be totally weird people who simply are not interested in what you are saying.

Some are even downright rude!

What the heck, you remember you heard somewhere; “it’s a numbers game” so you plough on making more calls. Somehow your excitement and confidence levels have gone down quite a lot, you’re starting to doubt everything.

This isn’t how it was meant to be!

All these folks were meant to be really impressed, excited and wanting to join up…. what has gone wrong?!?

I’m am going to tell you what has gone wrong and give you the solutions to correct this common problem and go on to become a world class, successful Network Marketer. You may need to brace yourself as I’m not going to sugarcoat any of this and from my past experience, many people don’t like that.  They would prefer I tell them a fairytale about how rich they are going to be without needing to learn anything or to change in anyway.

Look Away

If you prefer fairytales, then now is the time to look away.

OK, here we go with the good stuff.

When you first signup to a new MLM business, it’s very natural for you to be excited and want to share your business with everyone.  You may have even shared it with some friends and family.

I’m guessing their response was less than enthusiastic.  This is nothing to do with your business.

It’s because a prophet has no credibility in his home town.

That’s a very old saying which means, the people who know you don’t believe you have any way of making them rich.  Remember that big party where you got drunk in front of everyone, stripped down to your undies and danced around with a lampshade on your head?

Would you think that person can make you rich?

OK, you probably never did that, but you get the idea right?  They have known you for years and up until now you never made anyone rich, including yourself.

This is when your upline recommends buying leads.  Leads are great, for one fantastic reason, they never saw you screw up at anything, so being a stranger, you do have some credibility.

Your upline suggesting you buy mlm leads, that’s a good step but it should not end there.  Regular people who have never been trained in making calls honestly have no idea how it works.  So to give you what your need your upline should provide these trainings and advice:


How to call leads training.

This should include a proven phone script which they personally use.  They should invite you to sit in while they make calls to leads so you can see how they do it and copy what they do.  Training is absolutely essential to your success. So many times I’ve asked clients who are having trouble to send me the phone script they are using.

Can you believe it; some people actually do not even use a script.

That’s a recipe for failure.  If you do not have a script, how can you possibly accurately measure your conversion rate with calls?For example; out of 50 calls, how many will result in a presentation?Without a proven script how can you walk in the steps of those who are already successful?

Without a script how can you tweak it to reflect your personality and to improve its conversion rate?

Please do not misunderstand. I do not mean for you to boringly read a script like a robot.  I want you to learn the script by heart and have it open on your desk while you make calls. You need to inject your own enthusiasm into it and follow it.

That means not panicking and asking another question before the prospect has had a chance to answer the previous one.  Learn to be relaxed and chill…. Pause and wait until they respond to your questions.  Be professional.

Do not use a company issued script.

Your company does not know how to recruit distributors, they know how to make the product and pay out the network marketers.  Get a script from your upline or buy some from Amazon Kindle, there are tons of great scripts.  Get my free mlm phone script book here.

Understand the purpose of the initial call to a lead.

If you have ever been on live chat with me, you are probably aware that I ask about this quite often. My question is this: “What is your understanding of the purpose of the initial call to a lead?” I get a wide range of answers, some say it’s to get them to a presentation, some say it’s to see if they are excited. The absolute and only correct answer is this:

The initial call is to determine if the lead qualifies to learn more about your business or not.

That’s it, no more than that. If they do not qualify then thank them for their time and end the call. Leave them how you found them, they might connect better with the next networker who calls them.

You can get both my Phone Scripts Book and my Overcoming Objections book free by clicking here.

In the final word about this, would you let someone do dentistry on your teeth with no training but a great deal of excitement and a positive attitude?

Learn To Listen

Learn to listen:

I know you’ve heard it before, you have two ears and one mouth, use them in that proportion.  By listening to what a prospect is saying you will learn a great deal about what would motivate them and what they need in their life right now.

There is a good chance your business opportunity can provide it. Remember when you first met someone at that nice party and you left thinking “what a nice, smart person”?You had a very good impression of them and felt very comfortable.  It’s very likely they asked you a lot of questions about you and they listened to your answers. Pretty easy right?  I know you can do it.

Plus an added bonus of this is a well-known fact among people who do calling professionally, the person asking the questions is in control of the situation.  This allows you to steer it where you want it to go.

Find the right Upline:

Sometimes, unfortunately, distributors can get sponsored under an upline who is not really a leader and who is not really building the business.  Don’t fret, simply go around them, search further upline until you find a leader with runs on the board and who is willing to help you. Trust me, your upline is always looking for people with their hand up looking for help. Those are the people who become a success.

Buy the best leads you can afford:

I’m not saying this because I sell leads, it just stands to reason to get the best leads you can.  It’s like getting the best surgeon you can afford or the best car you can afford or the best house you can afford.  It just makes sense. Most lead companies sell a range of leads which vary both in quality and in age.

This is a direct response to market demand.  If it was up to us, which its most certainly not, we would all sell fresh phone interviewed leads. The reason for this is fresh phone interviewed leads (which can also be referred to as surveyed leads) took the time and effort to complete a survey.

The survey asks quite a few questions about their motivation level, their monthly income goals, how much they have to invest and more.  Compare this to a lead who entered just the minimum, like name and contact. Which lead do you feel would be a better prospect

Attend every upline event you are invited to:

One of the best things to do is to try and spend time with your successful upline.  When you hang around you will learn invaluable golden nuggets which will help to propel you to success.  Good leaders, server others.  With this in mind, always volunteer to help out with the setup, running and cleanup of every event. The more time you spend with your upline, the more you will learn, your leadership skills will develop and your attitude will be right on track.

Edify everything:

You can find a definition of edify here  Basically it means praise.  So at all opportunities you should edify your company, the products, the comp plan and your upline.  Especially if you are introducing them to a new distributor or prospect. The reason for this, other than it being the right thing to do is, that you are giving awesome credibility to your upline.  This will cause your prospects or new distributor to really pay attention to whatever your upline says. Make sure it’s always true, no one likes bullshitters.

Be Trainable

Be trainable:

Don’t be that guy who knows everything and you just know the way you do things is the best way for you. Because you just don’t want to be false, you want to be you and so you close off and don’t listen and don’t take onboard anything that people with actual real experience try to share with you.

That’s going to be the most expensive decision of your life because you are condemning yourself and your family to staying broke.

Be a real man or woman, admit and accept this is all new to you and you know nothing about MLM.  Ask for guidance, ask for help, ask for solutions, but don’t be annoying and fail to implement what you are told.  Because soon there will be no time or solutions for you coming from your upline, they are busy people with time only for those who listen and learn.

Yep, said I wasn’t going to sugar coat this right, you can take it, this is the real stuff, no fluff here my friend.

Just two days ago I spent over 30 minutes on live chat with a client answering her questions as to why her leads were not interested. At the end, she said she wasn’t going to take my advice about using a script, she preferred to just say whatever came into her head, so she could just be herself.

Good luck dear, I truly hope you like your day job…. My point in this section is you must be teachable, if you are not open to learning the skills needed, guess what, your downline will not listen to you either.

Some readers are going to think I’ve been too harsh, they may just not be ready for this level of information yet.  This is your life and I take giving you advice very seriously.  It’s just the truth and to grow and MLM business you need to know it.

Keys To Success In Network Marketing


Here’s the good news.

Now you have been given all you need to know to never be wondering why your leads are not interested, because if you follow the information above, there simply will not be a problem anymore.

Let’s recap:

  1. Get some training, advice and practice.
  2. Use a proven script. Not a company issued script.
  3. The initial call is to find out if the lead qualifies or not.
  4. Listen more than you speak, you will learn a lot more.
  5. Find an active, successful upline leader who will help you grow.
  6. Invest in quality leads.
  7. Attend all upline events.
  8. Edify everything.
  9. Be trainable.

When clients contact their leads supplier and claim “none of these leads are interested” we think, “Really you’re telling me, that all these leads who registered to be contacted about a home business are NOT interested in making money”

Have you ever even met someone who doesn’t want more money?  Remember, when a lead says they are not interested, it means (sadly) they are not interested in you and what you are saying.  Ask yourself, is it them or is it me?

They don’t mean they are not interested in making money, or buying a new house, or sending their kids to a good school or having a great holiday.  They just don’t like what you are saying or how you are saying it.

Of course, it could also be a very bad time for them, their kid may have a fever, the car might be on fire or their TV show just started.

Keep all the points above in mind, but more importantly DO them all and you will find you have all the tools you need to deal with any leads and to get on with building your business.

There you have it my friend, nothing very complex, really rather simple stuff but very powerful.  It’s always the same with the good stuff.  If you made it all the way through, you really are on the right track to mlm success and I applaud you.

I’d love to hear what you think and especially if you will be changing some of the things you were doing because of this post.

We are here for you, because if you’re not here, then neither are we.  We have a vested interest in your success and love being a part of your life. Please feel free to let us know of any other problems you have or topics you would like me to write about.

Network Marketing Success

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Why Aren’t My MLM Leads Interested?

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