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We Call Your US MLM Leads

We Call Your US MLM Leads

We Call Your US MLM Leads: Discover how fast and easy we can stop the anxiety, save you time and present you with excited leads who are waiting for your call. No more wrong numbers, no more rejection!"

We Call Your US MLM Leads:

Tests have proven that calling a warmed up lead reduces stress and increases conversion rates. Science can prove it, but as humans we already know that’s true.

If you follow these 2 simple steps you will never have to feel rejection, disappointment and phone fear again.

Here’s the 2 steps that will save you time, end your frustration, fear and anxiety PLUS will give you the results you want.

Those results are, of course, the bigger business, the bigger bank account and that fancy pants foreign car you always wanted.

We Call Your U.S. MLM Leads
  1. Select how many leads you want called
  2. Select how many hours you want our professional callers to spend generating eager leads who will be waiting to hear from you

That’s it, no secret, no complexity, just 2 simple steps We Call Your MLM Leads
Genuine, Converting MLM Biz Op Traffic

We Call Your  MLM Leads

Warning: Picking up the phone and calling a lead
can cause you high anxiety

Don't have a script?

That’s no problem, we will send you script template after you order. You can modify it or send us your favorite phone calling script

  • Fresh MLM Leads & Call Center Time is Included
  • Choose a block of Call Center Dial Time
  • We’ll send you a custom phone script template to complete
  • Send us your completed custom phone script
  • Our highly trained professionals will pre-qualify your leads
  • Receive the “YES” prospects real-time via email. Spend your valuable time with serious prospects only!
  • No big up-front fees contracts

  • How Much Call Center Time Do You Need?

    We recommend dialing thru a list 5 times to get the full use of the list, however the statistics we have show that 10 hours of calling time produces considerably more leads for you.

    What is the conversion rate on the We Call Your Leads service?

    We’ve had that question a few times and so we started measuring it so that we had a pretty correct answer for you.

    Now bear in mind it varies quite a bit and that is because of the variances in scripts. That’s really the only thing that changes.

    Happy Phone

    The leads are the same, the calling agents are the same, so the only variance is the scripts. We also noticed that people selecting 10 hours over 5 hours of calling got a much better results. This is due to the fact that often people are not reachable for any number of reasons and so a second or third call can make the difference.

    So the answer to what is the conversion rate is that it is between 3% and 10%

    New Improvements

    Calling hours: To increase the conversions even more we have limited all calling to the hours of 6pm and 9pm in order to increase the number of people we speak with.

    Real Time Delivery: As soon as our agents get a yes from a lead we will send the information to you in real time so that you can contact the lead instantly. This has to be a fantastic improvement and a great help to grow your business

    The lead calling service saves you hours of time and produces real results in real time.

    You only need to speak with the leads who are ready to get into business right now

    Guaranteed Minimum Leads

    Right now we will call your leads for you and GUARANTEE you a minimum number of hot exclusive real time leads!

    • 5 Hours Calling Time will produce a minimum of 4 exclusive real time leads
    • 10 Hours Calling Time will produce a minimum of 8 exclusive real time leads
    • 20 Hours Calling Time will produce a minimum of 17 exclusive real time leads

    Please remember, these are only minimum numbers, do not be surprised if we produce more for you.

    This guarantee can only be extended to orders where we provide the leads and our script is used. We have no way of knowing how other leads and scripts perform and so cannot offer a guarantee other than we will most certainly do our best for you.

    How It Works?

    • Fresh MLM Leads & Call Center Time is Included
    • Choose a block of Call Center Dial Time
    • We’ll send you a custom phone script template to complete
    • Send us your completed custom phone script
    • Our highly trained professionals will pre-qualify your leads
    • Receive the “YES” prospects real-time via email. Spend your valuable time with serious prospects only!
    • No big up-front fees or contracts

    Monthly Program Available

    Serious business builders what truly want their dreams and goals know it takes consistent action. Doing what it takes just part time and sometimes is a big waste of time.

    To succeed you need momentum and that only comes when you and your downline are keeping the foot on the pedal, no let up. So step up and be a professional and get to your dreams faster.

    Commit to your business growth by investing in our monthly program for real professionals

    For taking the recurring monthly program take up some discounts as your incentive and reward for stepping up to the professional level

Do you try and recruit the leads for me?

The purpose of our call is to find the leads who want to learn more about your business, right now. So whenever we find one of these leads, we will email their details to you in real time. We do not try to recruit them for you for 2 reasons; we do not know your business and long scripts or a long time on the phone burn up the calling time allowed.

if I get the 100 leads with 5 hours call time does that mean you are calling the 100 leads?

We will attempt to call and speak with all 100 leads. 5 hours can sometimes be a bit short depending on how many people we speak with. The more we speak with the longer the time taken of course, but that’s a good thing. It means we are likely to be generating more leads for you. If you want to be 100% sure we will call all the leads, it’s better to select the 10 hours calling time.

Can you explain the whole process to me in a nutshell?

We will provide 100 leads on your behalf to our call center. They will call the leads and use either the script we provide or your script. We are not trying to recruit these leads; we are only trying to find the ones who want more information from you right now. Whenever we get a positive response from a lead, we will send their contact details to you in real time. If there is calling time left over once we have gone through the 100 leads list, we will begin again by calling those we did not get a chance to speak with the first time.

What reporting do you provide?

At the end of the calling time, we will send you all 100 leads and a full report on our calling activity. You will see who didn’t answer, who we spoke with and the results of those calls. You can keep all 100 leads and contact them again if you so choose.

Is this a recurring monthly purchase?

There are two options: recurring and a once off payment. The recurring is a better choice if you are serious about building your business over the long haul, because it forces you to focus on the business more than the one off. Remember that consistent effort is what grows a business fast. Note that on the recurring plan, you can cancel any time prior to the next payment.

How many positive leads will you generate for me?

This is a difficult question to answer because we just don’t know for sure. However, we will generate a minimum guaranteed number of leads for you. Maybe even more. The minimum number is posted on the page above

Will you use my script?

If your script is only trying to determine if they are interested in more information right now, then yes we are happy to use your script. If your script is directing them to a presentation, then we will most likely not use your script. The reason for this is, it takes a long time to read out a link and very annoying for the leads because they most likely do not have a pen and paper with them. Also there is no way to tell if they go to the presentation. Try not to let your desires make you misunderstand what we are offering. We are offering to call leads and determine if they want to hear more information from you right now or not. That’s it, no more than that.

Will you call the leads during the evening in my time zone?

Yes, we will, we will do that for sure, you don’t even need to ask us J We want the best result for you and so we will be calling when we are most likely to get the best results.

How long does it take to get my calls started?

This depends on how many jobs are ahead of you, but usually 3 business days at the most.

What do I need to do now to get this going?

Yes, indeed you will, we want you to be ready and able to make the most of this project. We will send you an email letting you know we are about to start.

Can I see your script?

Yes of course you can download it by clicking here

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with our Leads

Don Reid

Don Reid 

Founder & CEO 

Our No-Bad Lead Policy applies to every fresh lead we supply.

"We strive to verify all of our data and to also ensure your best experience we also offer this Replacement policy. If you receive a disconnected, wrong number or bad email address, we will replace them"

What Our Customers Have to Say...
Brenda Baeumler
Brenda Baeumler
I do have to say you are the best at providing great helpful information to others. I feel like you do really care about our success...and I like that!!!I filtered through a lot of lead selling sites. Like I said, Yours sounded the best... being able to actually view what you have and all the helpful tools you have...before actually having to purchase anything. Like I said I really feel safe here...because you seem very sincere to help us succeed... not just provide leads and take our money. So Thank-You again.
Brenda Baeumler
Natalie Odumes Missouri, USA
Natalie Odumes Missouri, USA
You have the best lead service by the way :-)
Melinda DiPrinzio  Ashburn, Virginia USA
Melinda DiPrinzio Ashburn, Virginia USA
No other company ever responds to clients like you do. I appreciate your commitment!
Dan Quay Sales and Marketing Business Consultant
Dan Quay Sales and Marketing Business Consultant
Don is a great person to work with. He has a lot of knowledge. The Apache Leads support team will answer any questions that you have.After searching long and hard for a legitimate MLM phone lead company on Google, I discovered Apache Leads. I gave them a go and I'm glad that I did.You won't be disappointed, the leads were real people who are genuine, who are actually looking for a home-based business. I will continue to use Apache Leads to help expand my business.
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