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December 14

How to Acquire More MLM Leads

How to Acquire More MLM Leads

MLM Leads are the lifeblood of every network marketing or multilevel marketing business.

The problem is getting a constant flow of high quality mlm leads that don’t cost a fortune.

The good news is there are a number of ways you can acquire plenty of quality converting mlm leads via a few different methods.

Let’s go through these methods.  You can use as many of these methods as you choose, they all work fine and don’t take any special skills.

Buying MLM Leads

This of course is the easiest method but has some traps for those new to the industry.  Some mlm leads companies are better than others.

The good ones have been around for many years and provide guarantees against bad leads.

The best ones provide a back end Leads Manager System which is where you order leads, take delivery of your leads and manage them.  This makes your life as a network marketer much easier.

The not so good ones will just email you the leads.  You have no control over how many you want each day, what time of the day you want them.  You can’t even pause/resume deliveries.

The best leads for one on one calling are Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads.  That means they are delivered to you right after the call center has finished interviewing them.  You just can’t get a fresher lead.

Be aware that some companies advertise they have phone interviewed leads but they only use robots to call the leads.  To be sure if they really interview the leads ask them for a copy of the script they use and a recording of a typical interview.  If they are genuine they should have no problem providing you with that information.

Another type of bought mlm leads are what are known as Mobile Leads.  These leads are great for using bulk contacting methods such as Ringless Voicemail Drops and SMS Texting.  When you leave a compelling message for them, those that are interested will be invited to contact you.

You can learn more about how to do it correctly and have an unlimited number of leads contacting you by following this link to Mobile Leads Ninja

Generating Leads By Prospecting

To many people this is an unknown method.  Many people also get it wrong and end up just annoying the prospects.

When it’s done professionally and correctly this method can produce amazing, qualified mlm leads which will grow your business very quickly.

Before the internet, this was the only way to grow an MLM business.  It’s a proven method which does produce truly excellent mlm leads.

You can learn more by following this link to my "No Limits" course

The course has everything you need, in fact, it’s how I built an Amway business before the internet. Check out No Limits

Elevator Pitch

Every network marketer should be able to explain the benefits of their business within a few seconds.  You should have your elevator pitch memorized so it comes out easily and naturally whenever anyone asks “what do you do?”

For example: Maybe your business is about saving money on travel, you could say:

"I help people save money on their travel."

That statement is short and to the point and takes about 2 to 3 seconds to say. It gives enough information to allow them to decide whether they want more information or not. If they want more information, they’ll ask:

"How does that work?"

You could answer with something like this:

"Well you know how people love to travel but to do it right usually is very expensive? Our company helps people save on their travel bills with lower rates. People love saving money, so they start telling others about it. When you do this enough times, the company starts sending you checks in the mail as their way of saying" thanks'.

"So imagine that you helped your friends save on their travel bills. Well, the best part is that every time you travel, you make money!"

Easy peasy right? It was short and to the point.

Discover how to come up with your own elevator pitch here

Having a Proven Script

It’s amazing how many people new to Network marketing I speak with who do not use a proven, converting phone script.  I hate to say it but this is one of the dumbest mistakes newbies make.

They try to “wing it” and it just doesn't produce results.  If you say something different every time you call a lead, who can you measure the results?  How can you improve the script?

It can’t be done without using a proven phone script.

You can get some free phone scripts that work here  We will even throw in a free PDF which will teach you how to overcome objections from your prospects.  That by itself will increase your conversion by a huge amount.

MLM Training

Many people come into MLM with no experience in calling people, leadership, business building, management etc.   Don’t worry, we have you covered with a ton of very useful MLM Training.

If you feel you have learnt some valuable information from this article, please share it with your friends and business associates.  They will love you for it.

For everything you need to grow your network marketing business check out Apache Leads

Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads


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