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why wont leads return my call

Why Won’t Leads Return My Call

Why Do Leads Ignore Me After the First Call, Won’t Take My Call, Won’t Answer My Messages, So Rude

You’ve been calling leads, spreading the good word about your exciting new business.

You’re super excited because out of all the thousands of MLM companies, you joined the best one. When you saw those products, the compensation plan you knew this was for you.

You couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone. You knew in your heart that everyone you showed this to would be just as excited as you and would want to join up with you right away.

Then you ran into a big problem!

None of these useless leads would let you finish telling them all about your wonder products, the fortune they will make. They were just running out the door and couldn’t hear about it right now.

They promised that when you called back they would be able to give you the time But that’s not what happened… 

Now they won’t take your call

Now they won’t respond to your voicemails and texts 

What’s wrong with these stupid leads!!!

Why Won't Leads Return My Call

OK, you want to know the real reason this is happening?

Well sit down and put your big boy pants on because this might hurt. 

Humans are very social animals, we all like to get along and not offend others. It’s part of our evolution, a tribal thing which helps us all be together. 

Part of this is our dislike of confrontation. We tend to shy away from it.

Humans would prefer to tell you a “white lie” something they think you will believe and accept rather than offend you by saying something like: 

I don’t like what you are saying 

I’m not interested in what you are saying 

I am afraid of you because I don’t know who you are 

I don’t like that you are confusing me etc etc etc 

They really are telling you these little white lies because they don’t want you to get mad at them and they simply do not want confrontation.

Of course, I’m speaking in general terms, you may be one of the minority who love confrontation. If you are,  you need to consider that most people do not like confrontation and try hard to avoid it.

leads dont return my calls  

OK… Bear with me my friend, we are getting to it. 

Let’s retrace some steps and see if I’m kind of on the right track. You got into your business and you’re very excited and keen to share this brilliant opportunity.

That’s great and as it should be.

You went to an MLM leads site and purchased some good quality leads designed to be called. 

For example, you may have invested in our Phone Interviewed Leads. As soon as you got the leads you hit the phone and called up these leads.

As soon as they answered you blasted them with all the cool stuff about your new company, the wonderful products, the giant stacks of cash they could make with you. 

You told them just how thrilling it all was and what a blast they were going to have.

Weirdly, they didn’t respond how you expected.


They ummed and arrred and gave you some weasel excuse about having to go get the dog from the vet, or that the garage just burst into flames or someone had kidnapped their daughter in Amsterdam and they needed to pack a bag and go take her back. 

Whatever they said it was urgent and they had to hang up.

You blurted out that you would call them back again on Tuesday. 

So, you put it in your calendar to call them back on Tuesday. 

No answer. You left a message. 

No response. 

You kept doing this day after day and each time you did you left a more stern and abrupt message

Now you’re angry and frustrated, this is not the first time this has happened.

You’re asking what is the reason this keeps happening? 

The reason is, you left out a step.  A very important step. 

You need this step or you will fail in Network Marketing Leaving out this step is the biggest reason so many people fail in MLM Have you figured it out yet?

The step you left out was training.

I know, you figured your excitement would be infectious and spread to everyone you spoke to and like some magical wand your words would have them begging to sign up right there and then. 

That’s not going to happen.

Why Won't Leads Return My Calls

Yes, it would be great if that’s how it all worked and trust me if it did, I’d be a squillionaire.

Everyone would be in MLM and have a big mansion, fancy pants European cars and a private beach with a bar stocking a bottle of every type of gin known to man.

You just have to trust me on this, no training equals no recruiting, no duplication, no momentum and ultimately no business.

People who don’t bother getting the training and putting it into practice FAIL. 

Have a think about it next time you get on a plane. 

You want that pilot to be really excited, full of enthusiasm or you want him to have been fully trained to fly the plane?

People want leaders, that’s who they join up with leaders who have been trained and can show them the way. 

This is a business, not a party around the pool where the guy who is always the life of the party rules. 

In business, you need to know how things work and in MLM there is a skill to calling leads which you need to know and master.

When you called those leads and told them excitedly all about the business YOU put them off.

They don’t know you from a bar of soap and you came on their phone and blathered about some business, some awesome powder that makes you skinny and how much money you will make next week.

That’s not the way professional Networkers make calls and you shouldn’t either. 

This business is absolutely no different from any other business; it takes hard work, it’s not a get rich scheme, you will not be rich in a month. 

You will probably be less wealthy than you are now because like EVERY business on this planet you need to invest. You need to invest both time and money in learning how to work this business.

You need to be going and seeing your upline as often as possible, bug them and get all the training and advice you can from them. 

Make them see you’re the one they should be coaching and grooming. 

Never have to ask this again: Why Won’t Leads Return My Call? 

You won’t need to, because they WILL return your calls and messages when you are at a professional level.

Later, when your downline group start making calls and ask you: Why Won’t Leads Return My Call? 

You will be able to guide them, teach them and lead them toward being a truly professional network marketing guru!!

Be the best MLM’er you can be

Read some books, listen to some podcasts, follow the leaders, do whatever it takes to be a success… and stop calling people and annoying them. 

Call them and professionally determine if they qualify to even hear about your business. 

Do it correctly and professionally and they will be asking you awesome questions and yes, they will catch your excitement. 

Do these things and you cannot fail, you WILL be a winner and a great leader.

I put together a fantastic introduction you should be using when you call our Phone Interviewed Leads

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How To Call Phone Interviewed Leads Successfully

I absolutely guarantee, if you follow the winning advice in that PDF, your success with calls, presentations and recruiting, will skyrocket!

You can get Phone Interviewed Aged MLM Leads below.

Phone Interviewed Aged MLM Leads

Australian Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads

meet on the beaches

This was taken on a very remote and uninhabited island in the Philippines in 2016

I know this was a pretty full on, no gloves, hard hitting post and you may not feel real friendly toward me right now.  

I hope you will see the value in the lesson and what I’ve shared with you.  Act on it and become the professional you can be. 

It would be really fabulous if you would like this post and share it on the socials so others benefit from the lesson.



Yes "leads" such a simple word but such a diverse and complex industry.  There are pretty much leads for every industry and niche on the planet.  Somewhere, somebody is selling something and generates leads or buys leads to contact and make sales.

Leads have been around forever.


Back in the olden days, before the internet, plenty of direct marketing companies ran ads on the back pages of magazines and comic books to generate leads.  You may remember them.  I grew up in Australia and used to buy a lot of comics from the local news agency.  I loved the ads, probably more than the comics, although I still read comics.

Some guys never grow up.  I loved the ones advertising BB guns which we could not get in Australia, also the ones with X-ray glasses.  They always showed some kid looking at the bones in his hand.  I had other plans for them.

Never did get a pair because the ads for them were all in the USA.


I used to buy Phantom rings so I could leave a skull mark on bad guys chins. They were made of rubber and you needed a stamp pad to leave the skull mark.

Once I bought some real Occupation Currency.  It was printed by the Imperial Japanese Government as part of their plans to occupy Australia during the second world war.  They came mighty close until a raw, poorly trained and badly armed Aussie army became the first to defeat the Japanese in a WW2 battle.

Leads!  While reminiscing I almost forget we were talking about leads.  These ads were what are called lead magnets.  It’s a real thing, we still use them today.  A lead magnet is an offer designed to attract someone into becoming a prospect.  If we think of the ad for the x-ray glasses, it’s also a self-liquidating offer.  That means it is designed to pay for itself by not only generating leads but making sales.  Clever right?

Once someone has filled out the form and sent in the $1 they have become a qualified customer.  Now the company can send them more offers with the confidence of knowing they are a great lead as they already made a purchase.

As I said earlier every industry uses leads.  Most companies use outside consultants and professional leads companies to generate the leads for them.  The reason for this is the internet has taken over as the main platform for lead generation.  Of course there are many methods and sites which can produce traffic which can be turned into prospects.

The big names are Facebook, Google Adwords and Bing.  There are hundreds of others as well, they are just lesser known to most people.  I’m not going to go into it anymore than that in this post as that’s not the point.

The point of this page is to speak about the different types of leads.  

Being an MLM Leads Company since 2003 we focus on the MLM niche.  Even in our niche there is a whole big wide range of types of leads.  This can be very confusing for new people.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leads

Being MLM there are always new people coming into the MLM business.  In an attempt to make it easier for new people and even those more advanced and experienced we have produced a comprehensive guide.

It’s called Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leads. You can get it for free by clicking on the image and entering your email address on the next page.  We promise not to spam you or share your address.  We also promise to send you more useful business building tips and advice.

Don Reid has been a success in MLM since 1992 and the owner of Apache Leads since 2003 when he founded it.  At the time he was at the Diamond level in a company called Life Force and founded this site to provide leads for his own downline.  That expanded quickly to provide quality mlm leads for everyone.

Because of his extensive experience Don has provided a lot of Free MLM Training which can also be found by clicking the book image.

The book covers every type of mlm lead.  Definitely worth a quick read if you are interested in building a home business fast and easily.

Generating your own leads is definitely possible but has a couple of drawbacks; it’s expensive, it’s difficult and it’s not your core business.  It’s better and much more profitable to work on your business rather than in your business.

If you would like to receive discount coupons, tips, tricks and advice on mlm home business building and on the numerous other methods of getting awesome leads then please do subscribe to our email list.  You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

We certainly hope that we have helped your understanding and also hope you have decided to join our email list.  If you have any questions or difficulties building your network marketing business, please comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.

You might also notice we have a live chat system down there in the bottom right hand corner, feel free to chat with one of our very attractive and helpful staff

Why They Say These Are The Best MLM Leads

Best Australian MLM Leads

Best Australian MLM Leads

This video explains why these are the Best Australian MLM Leads in the world!  Yes it’s a big claim and we back it up 100%.  Watch this quick video I made for you in Beijing, China.  By the way, the day I made this video was just a regular day in terms of Beijing air pollution.  I thought it was bad until the next day when we could not see more than 100 meters.

When you want to buy the best Australian MLM Leads for getting rapid growth in your network marketing business you need to understand the process of how these leads are generated.

All other mlm leads companies generate Australian MLM Leads by having people fill out a form. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, that’s a great start.

Trouble is , those leads companies stop there and sell you those half-baked leads

Apache Leads professional call agents jumps on the phone and calls all these leads. They are all interviewed. To become a Phone Interviewed Australian MLM Lead they have to pass the interview.

All the interviews are recorded and are available to clients for free.  How’s that for proof?  Pretty awesome.

Which Phone Interviewed Australian MLM Leads would you prefer to talk to …the half-baked one or the one who passed a real interview about Home Business?

Best Australian MLM Leads – Stack up our leads against any other supplier and you will agree these are the Best Australian MLM Leads ! Yes I am bragging a bit, but come on, you would too right?

Here’s another couple of points worth noting.

All our leads are 100% guaranteed.  If you get a bad lead we will replace it, so there is no risk on you.

Competitive Pricing – Even though these are the Best Australian MLM Leads we have priced them to be competitive to any other mlm leads companies Aussie leads, even those all of them only supply half-baked leads.

So when it comes to choice, there really only is one right?

Best Australian MLM Leads

Here’s a shot when we were on The Great Wall, it’s out in the countryside and you can clearly see the hazy pollution.  It’s really very bad and no wonder China is working hard to reduce it.

Call My Leads For Me

Call My Leads For Me

I have been involved with the MLM industry since 1992.

These many years of experience dealing with people new to Network Marketing have taught me one thing.  Well, that’s not accurate, it’s many things. But one of the most important is this: the hardest challenge for new people is making calls to prospects.

Without the proper preparation, training, practice and handholding, they are going to face a lot of pain.

The pain comes from rejection.

No one likes pain and we all want it to stop as soon as possible.

Because the new guy wants to stay in the business, but is not enjoying the pain, he is going to ask you to:

“Call My Leads”

Why is it new people ask “call my mlm leads”? I have been involved with MLM since 1992 and in the MLM Leads industry since 2003 when I established Apache Leads.

Yes calling mlm leads is the hardest thing for a recruit to develop the courage to do. picking up the phone and calling a stranger, even though they are a qualified mlm lead is difficult and very scary. If you leave your new people to accomplish this task alone, they are inevitably going to quit your business.

Despite the fact that you do training calls with them and teach them how to make calls,  once they need to do it alone they will perform poorly. OK of course not everyone is going to have problems, but most will.

Your new people will follow your directions and buy mlm leads, but that’s where it ends, they don’t always grab the phone and call them. If they do, they often do not have a good script.

When they do call it doesn’t go well and they develop a fear of the phone. The new guy who was all excited last month, now doesn’t come to events, your phone calls to him go unanswered and he goes off auto-ship.

I found this to be true very early in my MLM career and had it reinforced when I moved into the MLM Leads Business.

Here’s a tip for you, most aged mlm leads have never been called. What’s that tell you?

It’s far too much for people who don’t have experience calling for a living to all of a suddenly be expected to become great at making what is essentially a sales call.

Calling their leads is what the new people in your business are wishing!

We do have a lead calling service but these days we only provide custom campaigns.  The service is called We Call Your Leads.

Why we changed the service is we have been producing Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads.   

We call every single lead and they must pass the interview to even become a Phone Interviewed Lead.

We even record every call and make them available on request.

So, in effect we are a Call My MLM Leads Service.

By starting the ball rolling our professional callers will make it super easy for your new guy to jump on the phone and say something like: 

“Hi Bob, you just got off the phone with my appointment manager. I’m James the guy they said was going to call you with more information about getting you into a business”

He wants someone to do the first call to the leads, to warm them up and introduce him so it all goes a lot easier.

See how much easier that is than making the first call?

See how your new guy will have a chance of remaining in business a lot longer and can turn into one of your biggest legs in your business?

Learn more about our Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads by choosing the appropriate Country below

U.S. Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads

Australian Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads

we call your leads

We Call Your Leads

we call your leads

Why Suffer The Rejection, Fear and the Wasted Time Calling Leads.

When you have high anxiety calling leads that fear is detected by the person you are calling, you already know, that’s not going to be a positive experience or result in that lead wanting to get into business with you.  Worse, you then feel rejected and you can even feel depressed.

None of this is good for you, the leads or your business.

Luckily there is a better way.

No more Fear! No More Rejection! No More Wasted Time

Our professional calling staff will use your script (or our proven one) to call your leads while you get on with something else.

When we find an excited lead who really wants to get more information, right now, we will email you their contact details.

Nice one right?

At the end of the calling time we will send you all the leads along with a full report.

See life can be easy

Give us a try we call leads in Australia and the  USA

You can even supply the leads and we will call them for you, or we can supply the leads, the choice is yours.

Select the country you want us to call, select how many leads you want and the amount of time you want us to call.

See the US We Call Your Leads Service Here

See the Aussie We Call Your Leads Service here

This is exactly the same system that the big MLM gurus use, they have staff calling the leads, they only speak with the ones who are ready to get started right now.

Our service will make you look like a big hitter, total respect!  This is the fastest easiest REAL way to grow your business and it’s 100% duplicatable

What do you have to lose?

Just your fear, anxiety and rejection

Get started today and leave all that negative feeling behind

See the US Service Here

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