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Find Your Why

Master Dream Building – Find Your Why

Why did you get into business?

Do you remember?

Was it something you had always wanted, was it freedom, was it security, was it to help others, was it to travel?

What was it?

If you can't answer that instantly you need to go back to the basics and get a dream. If you don't have a dream, you are not going to build a business because you have no reason to do the hard yards.

Nothing worth having in life is easy to get. Olympic champions train for their whole lives, not just for a year before the Olympics. They do what it takes everyday, over and over. Their dream drives them.

World champion boxers, train all their lives, every day, doing the same thing over and over. Their dream drives them.

Read the biography of Elon Musk, he has been training for this all his life... he has a dream

Everyone who succeeds in life has a dream, there are no exceptions...what is your dream

I'd love to hear it and celebrate it with you

What Do MLM Leads REALLY Cost

How much do MLM Leads cost?

One of the very first questions potential MLM leads buyers want to learn when they come to our site or call us is; How much do leads cost?

Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I will try to do my best here to explain some general pricing guidelines.

The investment in MLM leads is somewhat like buying a drink in a bar or a restaurant. I’m going to use that analogy because we’ve all bought a drink at some stage. There are so many options when selecting a drink which all have a substantial effect on the price.

You might be in a local bar with some friends and so you select a local beer because it’s a fun occasion and you’re all just having a few laughs and munching on salty peanuts and nachos. That’s about as cheap as a drink comes, right?

What about if it’s a Saturday night and you’re wanting to impress that special someone and a beer isn’t going to do it. Maybe

But what about if its Saturday night and you’re in a snazzy restaurant with someone you want to impress. You show off your prowess and knowledge of sophisticated cocktails and order something with a combination of 15 ingredients, some flowers, an umbrella and some sparklers shooting out the top. (Clearly, I have no idea about cocktails)

how much do mlm leads cost

The point of the analogy is that these are both drinks but of varying value and for use at different times. The options and quality of the drinks has had a huge effect on the price. One was a cheap beer and one was a more expensive cocktail with a multitude of ingredients (or options)

Both can be awesome but they obviously vary in type, quality and price.

These same principles typically apply to most MLM leads.

Understanding that there are different types of leads and choosing the correct type for the correct use is important in order to get the best results.

Unfortunately, some people only focus on the initial price of the leads with the only goal of finding the "cheapest" leads company.  

They are sacrificing such important things as quality, guarantee, targeting, freshness, number of times sold and designed purpose, which inevitably leads to regret, dissatisfaction and disenchantment. So much so that the buyer might even quit their business!

Now that you hopefully understand my silly drinks analogy, I will list some of the most common things found in the purchase of MLM leads which will affect the price:

  • Real Time Delivery (The Lead is Delivered Right After Being Interviewed)
  • Freshness (Age since the lead was generated)
  • Short Form / Long Form (The amount of information included)
  • Gender Selection (Male or Female Only)
  • State Only (Leads from a selected State)
  • Type of Lead (Method of Contacting, Email, Texting, Voicemail, Phoning)
  • Type of Lead (Method of Contacting, Email, Texting, Voicemail, Phoning)
  • Country (US leads are the least expensive leads in the whole world)
  • Phone Interviewed (leads who have been interviewed in preparation for you to call them)
  • Best Time to Call the Lead
  • The Leads Desired Monthly Income
  • How Many Hours They Can Put to the Business
  • The Leads Investment Capability
  • Gender
  • Leads Date of Birth

As you can see, there are many options available, and when someone asks us "how much do MLM leads cost?" we need to have a discussion to find out a few things before we can answer the question or direct them to the leads which will suit them best.

Unlike most MLM Leads companies we do not try and confuse you with a huge range of different types of leads and options and prices which make no sense.

Those guys are very much like mobile phone plans which are designed to prevent you being able to compare plans or deny you to be able to even understand what you are getting.

We started in the MLM leads business back in 2003. We’ve seen many companies come and go and we’ve also seen many types of leads come and go.

To make selection super easy for our clients we got rid of all the silly bells and whistles and stripped down the range of leads to only what Network Marketers really need.

We examined the most popular leads in the industry, how they were used and the results they achieved. It all boiled down to basically 2 types of leads:

Mobile (Economy) and Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

Just like the fuel you put in your car. For many vehicles, Economy is fine. Phone Interviewed is generally for those wanting higher performance.

Think of your business as a vehicle. It is what is going to take you to your lifestyle goals.

MLM Leads are the fuel.

Let’s examine what each of these lead types has included, what options are available, what they cost and in what way they are best used.

Mobile leads

Apache Leads has both U.S. and Australian Mobile Leads

How Are They Generated?

A Mobile lead is generated when a person completes a form on the internet. The person was directed to the form by any number of different methods. Sometimes banner ads on sites, sometimes as a result of a search engine enquiry, sometimes by them being on an email list

After completing the form the lead will be emailed telling them someone will contact them.

The information they submitted on the web form is placed into the lead company’s database.

The form will include permission for the lead to be contacted even if they are on DNC lists.

Often the form the person is completing is very generic and covers many things they are agreeing to. For example, they may be agreeing to be contacted about weight loss, getting fit, refinancing their home, buying a car, upgrading their phone.

Best Way to Contact

Mobile leads are generated by the hundreds of thousands every day. They are a low-cost lead designed to be contacted by using bulk contacting methods. The reason for this is these systems will find the leads you need to speak with easily and efficiently.

Many clients use SMS Text Messaging Systems or Ringless Voicemail to contact Mobile Leads.

Cost of Mobile Leads

Fresh US Mobile Leads: From $0.003 to $0.10 per lead
Aged US Mobile Leads: From $0.003 to $0.008 per lead

Fresh Australian Mobile Leads: Not available.
Aged Australian Mobile Leads: From $0.05 to $0.12

US Mobile Included Information

First & Last Name, Email Address, Telephone, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Gender, Date/Time Stamp, IP Address, Prospects open to online offers

Australian Mobile Included Information

Full Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, Email Address, Phone Number, Date, IP Address

Recommended Courses to Get The Maximum From These Leads:
The Mobile Leads Ninja - reveals all you need to know to get thousands of leads calling you

Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

We have Phone Interviewed MLM Leads for both the USA and for Australia.

How Are They Generated:

Both are a high quality surveyed lead. Surveyed means they completed a form online which is very comprehensive.

The biggest difference is that the Australian Phone Interviewed Leads are also Phone Interviewed. This means we called every single lead before we allow it into our database. We even recorded every call and do make these recordings available if you request.

Both version, US and AU are superior leads to most MLM leads you will find anywhere else

Best Way to Contact These Leads:

Both versions are designed for you to call them on the phone as soon as they are delivered to you.

Please note: Having spoken with literally thousands of Network Marketers since I started this business back in 2003, I’ve deduced the biggest problem with calling leads is the caller, not the lead. The caller needs to be trained, have a good script and have practiced delivering the script before calling Phone Interviewed MLM Leads. We provide free training here but strongly recommend everyone ask their upline for training.

Cost of Phone Interviewed Leads

US REAL TIME Phone Interviewed Leads: From $2.25 to $2.72 per lead
US Fresh Phone Interviewed Leads: From $0.49 to $1.56 per lead
US Aged Phone Interviewed Leads: From $0.24 to $0.58 per lead

Australian REAL TIME Phone Interviewed Leads: From $3.95 to $4.90 per lead
Australian Fresh Phone Interviewed Leads: From $3.05 to $4.22 per lead
Australian Aged Phone Interviewed Leads: From $0.60 to $1.00 per lead

Information Included

US Phone Interviewed Leads:

First & Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, IP Address, Street (When Available), City, State, Date and Time Stamp, Best Time To Call, How much extra money would they are willing to invest, How much time they can spend each week on your business, Gender Targeting Available, State Targeting Available

Australian Phone Interviewed Leads:

First & Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, IP Address, Street Address, City, Date and Time Stamp, Best Time To Call, How much extra money would they are willing to invest, How much time they can spend each week on your business, Gender Targeting Available, State Targeting Available

There you have it, now you know the answers to the question: How Much Do Leads Cost.  

I hope I have answered the question to your satisfaction.  If so please leave a comment or share this post.  

If you would like more information, please do have a look at our blog which contains tons of easy to read post to help you with your business building. All are honest, open and address the questions you may have.

why wont leads return my call

Why Won’t Leads Return My Call

Why Do Leads Ignore Me After the First Call, Won’t Take My Call, Won’t Answer My Messages, So Rude

You’ve been calling leads, spreading the good word about your exciting new business.

You’re super excited because out of all the thousands of MLM companies, you joined the best one. When you saw those products, the compensation plan you knew this was for you.

You couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone. You knew in your heart that everyone you showed this to would be just as excited as you and would want to join up with you right away.

Then you ran into a big problem!

None of these useless leads would let you finish telling them all about your wonder products, the fortune they will make. They were just running out the door and couldn’t hear about it right now.

They promised that when you called back they would be able to give you the time But that’s not what happened… 

Now they won’t take your call

Now they won’t respond to your voicemails and texts 

What’s wrong with these stupid leads!!!

Why Won't Leads Return My Call

OK, you want to know the real reason this is happening?

Well sit down and put your big boy pants on because this might hurt. 

Humans are very social animals, we all like to get along and not offend others. It’s part of our evolution, a tribal thing which helps us all be together. 

Part of this is our dislike of confrontation. We tend to shy away from it.

Humans would prefer to tell you a “white lie” something they think you will believe and accept rather than offend you by saying something like: 

I don’t like what you are saying 

I’m not interested in what you are saying 

I am afraid of you because I don’t know who you are 

I don’t like that you are confusing me etc etc etc 

They really are telling you these little white lies because they don’t want you to get mad at them and they simply do not want confrontation.

Of course, I’m speaking in general terms, you may be one of the minority who love confrontation. If you are,  you need to consider that most people do not like confrontation and try hard to avoid it.

leads dont return my calls  

OK… Bear with me my friend, we are getting to it. 

Let’s retrace some steps and see if I’m kind of on the right track. You got into your business and you’re very excited and keen to share this brilliant opportunity.

That’s great and as it should be.

You went to an MLM leads site and purchased some good quality leads designed to be called. 

For example, you may have invested in our Phone Interviewed Leads. As soon as you got the leads you hit the phone and called up these leads.

As soon as they answered you blasted them with all the cool stuff about your new company, the wonderful products, the giant stacks of cash they could make with you. 

You told them just how thrilling it all was and what a blast they were going to have.

Weirdly, they didn’t respond how you expected.


They ummed and arrred and gave you some weasel excuse about having to go get the dog from the vet, or that the garage just burst into flames or someone had kidnapped their daughter in Amsterdam and they needed to pack a bag and go take her back. 

Whatever they said it was urgent and they had to hang up.

You blurted out that you would call them back again on Tuesday. 

So, you put it in your calendar to call them back on Tuesday. 

No answer. You left a message. 

No response. 

You kept doing this day after day and each time you did you left a more stern and abrupt message

Now you’re angry and frustrated, this is not the first time this has happened.

You’re asking what is the reason this keeps happening? 

The reason is, you left out a step.  A very important step. 

You need this step or you will fail in Network Marketing Leaving out this step is the biggest reason so many people fail in MLM Have you figured it out yet?

The step you left out was training.

I know, you figured your excitement would be infectious and spread to everyone you spoke to and like some magical wand your words would have them begging to sign up right there and then. 

That’s not going to happen.

Why Won't Leads Return My Calls

Yes, it would be great if that’s how it all worked and trust me if it did, I’d be a squillionaire.

Everyone would be in MLM and have a big mansion, fancy pants European cars and a private beach with a bar stocking a bottle of every type of gin known to man.

You just have to trust me on this, no training equals no recruiting, no duplication, no momentum and ultimately no business.

People who don’t bother getting the training and putting it into practice FAIL. 

Have a think about it next time you get on a plane. 

You want that pilot to be really excited, full of enthusiasm or you want him to have been fully trained to fly the plane?

People want leaders, that’s who they join up with leaders who have been trained and can show them the way. 

This is a business, not a party around the pool where the guy who is always the life of the party rules. 

In business, you need to know how things work and in MLM there is a skill to calling leads which you need to know and master.

When you called those leads and told them excitedly all about the business YOU put them off.

They don’t know you from a bar of soap and you came on their phone and blathered about some business, some awesome powder that makes you skinny and how much money you will make next week.

That’s not the way professional Networkers make calls and you shouldn’t either. 

This business is absolutely no different from any other business; it takes hard work, it’s not a get rich scheme, you will not be rich in a month. 

You will probably be less wealthy than you are now because like EVERY business on this planet you need to invest. You need to invest both time and money in learning how to work this business.

You need to be going and seeing your upline as often as possible, bug them and get all the training and advice you can from them. 

Make them see you’re the one they should be coaching and grooming. 

Never have to ask this again: Why Won’t Leads Return My Call? 

You won’t need to, because they WILL return your calls and messages when you are at a professional level.

Later, when your downline group start making calls and ask you: Why Won’t Leads Return My Call? 

You will be able to guide them, teach them and lead them toward being a truly professional network marketing guru!!

Be the best MLM’er you can be

Read some books, listen to some podcasts, follow the leaders, do whatever it takes to be a success… and stop calling people and annoying them. 

Call them and professionally determine if they qualify to even hear about your business. 

Do it correctly and professionally and they will be asking you awesome questions and yes, they will catch your excitement. 

Do these things and you cannot fail, you WILL be a winner and a great leader.

I put together a fantastic introduction you should be using when you call our Phone Interviewed Leads

Click the link, it’s totally FREE
How To Call Phone Interviewed Leads Successfully

I absolutely guarantee, if you follow the winning advice in that PDF, your success with calls, presentations and recruiting, will skyrocket!

You can get Phone Interviewed Aged MLM Leads below.

Phone Interviewed Aged MLM Leads

Australian Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads

meet on the beaches

This was taken on a very remote and uninhabited island in the Philippines in 2016

I know this was a pretty full on, no gloves, hard hitting post and you may not feel real friendly toward me right now.  

I hope you will see the value in the lesson and what I’ve shared with you.  Act on it and become the professional you can be. 

It would be really fabulous if you would like this post and share it on the socials so others benefit from the lesson.

7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting

7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting

A Big Issue in MLM is New People Quitting, in this post we share 7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting

 Let’s face it, many people join MLM because they are broke. We all know that.

It’s why I first joined Amway back in 1992.

MLM or Network Marketing (same thing) is attractive because it’s a pretty low cost to join.  Unlike say a McDonalds or Subway. Those cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the franchise.  Then there is the rent, utilities, equipment, training and stock.  To set up a Subway from scratch is probably close to $1 Million.

The problem for many people who join an MLM business is they don’t have any experience and often no concepts of how a business works.  Sadly, they often think that just joining their new MLM is enough to get rich.  It’s a foreign concept that they need to invest time and money to grow a business.

Employee Mentality

This is kind of understandable if their only real experience since leaving school is to be an employee. They know that if they turn up to work eventually they get paid. They didn’t need to invest any money into the business to get the job.

So it’s off to work every morning and back home. No thought about the struggles to keep that business going. No thoughts about juggling the other businesses wanting to be paid, no thought about hiring and firing, no thoughts about trying to make the sales budget.  Certainly no thoughts about the boss needing to work 18 hour days to keep the thing going.

None of these things cross the employees mind while they sit in front of the TV waiting for the time to go to bed.  Usually the only work related thoughts are about wishing it was the weekend.

There’s no need to be harsh when trying to urge these people to action but you will need to lead them by the hand.  Explanations about all business needing some investment in money and time are needed.  If these “7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting”  You will be amazed at the growth your business and their business gets from here on in

7 Hardcore MLM Tips

These areas need to be explained in a gentle but firm way to new people who have no real understanding of business.  May I present to you

7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting

1 You’re a Business Owner

The new MLM recruit needs to understand and accept they are a business owner now.  It’s success or failure is 100% in their hands. They need to get out of the employee mindset and start thinking like the owner of a start up.  The sooner they see themselves as a business owner the quicker real results can be achieved.  Keep reading, this was only the first step.

No more “broke” thinking.  Invest in your business, you do not have a better investment vehicle available to you, this is the best.  Don’t starve it to death, nurture it and make it grow into the business that can provide your dream lifestyle.

2. Your Business Needs Money

Every single business on the face of the earth needs money.  No money, no business.  It’s that crucial.  An MLM business needs money to buy product (stock), it needs money for gas to drive to meetings, it needs money for business clothes for prospecting, presentations, followups, meetings, company conferences.  It needs money for coffee with prospects and meetings with others in the business (upline/downline) It needs money for promotion of the business. It needs money for leads, advertising, lead capture and a gazillion other things.

3. Your Business Needs Your Time

A wise person once told me:  “wages are made nine to five but fortunes are made after hours” So true.  No one ever built a business working on it 9 to 5 and then going home and watching TV.  After work hours is when you build your business.  Weekends are not for going to the beach, they are for building your business.  Get off the couch!

Make prospecting calls, book appointments, do presentations, do followups, meet with your upline.

Looking through the catalog or re-stacking your products is not working on your business, it’s time wasting

Always look for any opportunity to work on your business, it’s the very best investment you can make

4. You Need Training

Everyone leaves school unqualified for pretty much everything.  School  is mostly about learn things by being told over and over and kick us out with enough education to perform simple tasks for Employers, such as basic English, basic Maths and to tell the time so as to be at work on time.  None of us leave school trained to be a doctor or a pilot or a plumber.

We need more training for our chosen career.  Lots of it usually. 

So it is with a business, you need training to get your MLM business up and running.

The biggest and maybe the most crucial area I see everyday, is new people thinking calling MLM Leads is a piece of cake.  Their expectations of how leads will react is way out of reality.  Learning how to call leads is not hard and not a secret.  There are thousands of scripts and books.  The best training is to be shown by the upline actually making calls to leads and letting the new people be there to hear what is said.

All aspects of the prospecting, calling, presenting, follow up and leadership should be something which is recently taught every week by every upline

5. You Need to Read Everyday

For sure you have heard the old cliche’ that “Readers are Leaders”.  It’s said by a lot of people, many times because they love to say these rhyming sayings.  If more of them actually read for 15 minutes per day, the results would be remarkable.  Why you need to read is to exercise your brain.  After years of flopping in front of the TV, it’s turned to mush.

The types of books you should read are personal development , business books which cover marketing, start ups how they did it type books.  Millions of them on Amazon.

6. Be a Go-Getter

When I was building my Amway business it was many years before there was such a thing as MLM Leads. I built it with no MLM Leads.   There was no internet, it was 1992.  We used to have to call a prospect, make an appointment to go to their house and present the business opportunity to them.  Then, if things went well we would be back to their house 2 days later for a followup.  Very time consuming.

Our upline Diamond established the Go-Getters’ Club.   Being in the club was prestigious and everyone knew because members wore a special pin.  To wear the pin we had to do 15 presentations each month.

I don’t know what might be a good number of one on one presentations  for you to do in your business but 15 might be a good goal to shoot for. It would sure keep you out of trouble.

7. Use Your Company Products

When we got into Amway, our sponsors came to our house with a product pack they sold us.  They then used the products in the pack to get replace a lot of the products we had in the house.  This took us by surprise but got us using the company products from day one.

Every single month you need to buy at least the minimum amount of product to remain qualified for a  commission from the company.  No ifs or buts on that.

Summary for 7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting

There you have them, the 7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting

Yes I know you veterans out there reading this know there are more tips I could have added, but this is a pretty good introduction to Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting.

Yes I also know I’ve come across very seriously and a bit gruff.  That’s because it’s a serious subject and I knew you wouldn’t want some namby pamby sweet talk.  I’ve given you honest straight talk.  How you present these 7 tips or steps to your group is up to you.

Sweet talk is fine as long as they listen, understand and take action.

You’re fighting for their lives!  Even they aren’t yet.  But, They will later when everything in this post sinks in

Part of your role as their upline is to not get frustrated by this, even though its pretty hard.  Your job is to be a role model for them, to show them the way to build a business.

And if you don’t know how, you need to look upline. You need to keep going upline until you find a leader who will show you the way.

Contacting, Presenting, Recruiting, Leading….rinse and repeat

That’s it in a nutshell.

Can you do it? Let me know and I’ll give you a hand.

Please do give me your thoughts in the comments as it guides me as to what sort of topics you want me to write about

Optimized - leads not interested

Why Aren’t My MLM Leads Interested?

Why Aren’t My MLM Leads Interested?

All leads companies get this question a couple of times a week.  At Apache Leads we usually make individual replies explaining the problems and the solutions by email.  Because it’s such a common question I felt it was a great subject for a post as most likely a lot of people have had the same frustration which this situation causes.

Let’s go over how things happen.  You’re excited, you’ve just joined an amazing business opportunity and you want to grow it as fast as you can.  You want to spread the word to as many people as possible. You might ask your upline how to go about growing your business.

One thing they are likely to recommend is to buy some mlm leads from a really cool, ethical leads company like…well for example, Apache Leads.  Aw come on, you knew I was going to say that.

OK so far all sounds good.

So you click over to Apache Leads (or some other leads company.  There are many ethical and good ones.

You select the leads which sound good to you and match your budget.

You wait excitedly while your order is processed and for the leads to be delivered to your Leads Manager Account.

When they arrive you quickly jump on the phone to call them.

Apache MLM Leads

This is going to be awesome!

So many people are going to get super excited, just like you and join up instantly!

After a few calls, you begin to think something is wrong.  So far the leads have turned out to be totally weird people who simply are not interested in what you are saying.

Some are even downright rude!

What the heck, you remember you heard somewhere; “it’s a numbers game” so you plough on making more calls. Somehow your excitement and confidence levels have gone down quite a lot, you’re starting to doubt everything.

This isn’t how it was meant to be!

All these folks were meant to be really impressed, excited and wanting to join up….what has gone wrong?!?

I’m am going to tell you what has gone wrong and give you the solutions to correct this common problem and go on to become a world class, successful Network Marketer.

You may need to brace yourself as I’m not going to sugarcoat any of this and from my past experience, many people don’t like that.  They would prefer I tell them a fairytale about how rich they are going to be without needing to learn anything or to change in anyway.

Look Away

If you prefer fairytales, then now is the time to look away.

OK, here we go with the good stuff.

When you first signup to a new MLM business, it’s very natural for you to be excited and want to share your business with everyone.  You may have even shared it with some friends and family.

I’m guessing their response was less than enthusiastic.  This is nothing to do with your business.

It’s because a prophet has no credibility in his home town.

That’s a very old saying which means, the people who know you don’t believe you have any way of making them rich.  Remember that big party where you got drunk in front of everyone, stripped down to your undies and danced around with a lampshade on your head?

Would you think that person can make you rich? 

OK, you probably never did that, but you get the idea right?  They have known you for years and up until now you never made anyone rich, including yourself.

This is when your upline recommends buying leads.  Leads are great, for one fantastic reason, they never saw you screw up at anything, so being a stranger, you do have some credibility.

Your upline suggesting you buy mlm leads, that’s a good step but it should not end there.  Regular people who have never been trained in making calls honestly have no idea how it works.  So to give you what your need your upline should provide these trainings and advice:


How to call leads training.

This should include a proven phone script which they personally use.  They should invite you to sit in while they make calls to leads so you can see how they do it and copy what they do.  Training is absolutely essential to your success. So many times I’ve asked clients who are having trouble to send me the phone script they are using.

Can you believe it; some people actually do not even use a script.

That’s a recipe for failure.  If you do not have a script, how can you possibly accurately measure your conversion rate with calls?For example; out of 50 calls, how many will result in a presentation?Without a proven script how can you walk in the steps of those who are already successful?

Without a script how can you tweak it to reflect your personality and to improve its conversion rate?

Please do not misunderstand.I do not mean for you to boringly read a script like a robot.  I want you to learn the script by heart and have it open on your desk while you make calls.  You need to inject your own enthusiasm into it and follow it.

That means not panicking and asking another question before the prospect has had a chance to answer the previous one.  Learn to be relaxed and chill….pause and wait until they respond to your questions.  Be professional.

Do not use a company issued script.

Your company does not know how to recruit distributors, they know how to make the product and pay out the network marketers.  Get a script from your upline or buy some from Amazon Kindle, there are tons of great scripts.  Get my free mlm phone script book here.

Understand the purpose of the initial call to a lead.

If you have ever been on live chat with me, you are probably aware that I ask about this quite often.My question is this: “What is your understanding of the purpose of the initial call to a lead?”I get a wide range of answers, some say it’s to get them to a presentation, some say it’s to see if they are excited.The absolute and only correct answer is this:

The initial call is to determine if the lead qualifies to learn more about your business or not.

That’s it, no more than that.If they do not qualify then thank them for their time and end the call.  Leave them how you found them, they might connect better with the next networker who calls them.

You can get both my Phone Scripts Book and my Overcoming Objections book free by clicking here.

In the final word about this, would you let
someone do dentistry on your teeth with no training

but a great deal of excitement and a positive attitude?

Learn To Listen

Learn to listen:

I know you’ve heard it before, you have two ears and one mouth, use them in that proportion.  By listening to what a prospect is saying you will learn a great deal about what would motivate them and what they need in their life right now.  There is a good chance your business opportunity can provide it.Remember when you first met someone at that nice party and you left thinking “what a nice, smart person”?You had a very good impression of them and felt very comfortable.  It’s very likely they asked you a lot of questions about you and they listened to your answers.Pretty easy right?  I know you can do it

Plus an added bonus of this is a well-known fact among people who do calling professionally, the person asking the questions is in control of the situation.  This allows you to steer it where you want it to go.

Find the right Upline:

Sometimes, unfortunately, distributors can get sponsored under an upline who is not really a leader and who is not really building the business.  Don’t fret, simply go around them, search further upline until you find a leader with runs on the board and who is willing to help you.  Trust me, your upline is always looking for people with their hand up looking for help.  Those are the people who become a success.

Buy the best leads you can afford:

I’m not saying this because I sell leads, it just stands to reason to get the best leads you can.  It’s like getting the best surgeon you can afford or the best car you can afford or the best house you can afford.  It just makes sense.Most lead companies sell a range of leads which vary both in quality and in age.  This is a direct response to market demand.  If it was up to us, which its most certainly not, we would all sell fresh phone interviewed leads.The reason for this is fresh phone interviewed leads (which can also be referred to as surveyed leads) took the time and effort to complete a survey.  The survey asks quite a few questions about their motivation level, their monthly income goals, how much they have to invest and more.  Compare this to a lead who entered just the minimum, like name and contact.Which lead do you feel would be a better prospect?

Attend every upline event you are invited to:

One of the best things to do is to try and spend time with your successful upline.  When you hang around you will learn invaluable golden nuggets which will help to propel you to success.  Good leaders, server others.  With this in mind, always volunteer to help out with the setup, running and cleanup of every event.The more time you spend with your upline, the more you will learn, your leadership skills will develop and your attitude will be right on track

Edify everything:

You can find a definition of edify here  Basically it means praise.  So at all opportunities you should edify your company, the products, the comp plan and your upline.  Especially if you are introducing them to a new distributor or prospect.The reason for this, other than it being the right thing to do is, that you are giving awesome credibility to your upline.  This will cause your prospects or new distributor to really pay attention to whatever your upline says.Make sure it’s always true, no one likes bullshitters.

Be Trainable

Be trainable:

Don’t be that guy who knows everything and you just know the way you do things is the best way for you. Because you just don’t want to be false, you want to be you and so you close off and don’t listen and don’t take onboard anything that people with actual real experience try to share with you.

That’s going to be the most expensive decision of your life because you are condemning yourself and your family to staying broke.

Be a real man or woman, admit and accept this is all new to you and you know nothing about MLM.  Ask for guidance, ask for help, ask for solutions, but don’t be annoying and fail to implement what you are told.  Because soon there will be no time or solutions for you coming from your upline, they are busy people with time only for those who listen and learn.

Yep, said I wasn’t going to sugar coat this right, you can take it, this is the real stuff, no fluff here my friend.

Just two days ago I spent over 30 minutes on live chat with a client answering her questions as to why her leads were not interested.  At the end, she said she wasn’t going to take my advice about using a script, she preferred to just say whatever came into her head, so she could just be herself.

Good luck dear, I truly hope you like your day job….my point in this section is you must be teachable, if you are not open to learning the skills needed, guess what, your downline will not listen to you either.

Some readers are going to think I’ve been too harsh, they may just not be ready for this level of information yet.  This is your life and I take giving you advice very seriously.  It’s just the truth and to grow and MLM business you need to know it.

Keys To Success In Network Marketing


Here’s the good news.

Now you have been given all you need to know to never be wondering why your leads are not interested, because if you follow the information above, there simply will not be a problem anymore.

Let’s recap: 

  • Get some training, advice and practice.
  • Use a proven script. Not a company issued script.
  • The initial call is to find out if the lead qualifies or not.
  • Listen more than you speak, you will learn a lot more.
  • Find an active, successful upline leader who will help you grow.
  • Invest in quality leads
  • Attend all upline events.
  • Edify everything.
  • Be trainable.

When clients contact their leads supplier and claim “none of these leads are interested” we think, “Really you’re telling me, that all these leads who registered to be contacted about a home business are NOT interested in making money”

Have you ever even met someone who doesn’t want more money?  Remember, when a lead says they are not interested, it means (sadly) they are not interested in you and what you are saying.  Ask yourself, is it them or is it me?

They don’t mean they are not interested in making money, or buying a new house, or sending their kids to a good school or having a great holiday.  They just don’t like what you are saying or how you are saying it.

Of course, it could also be a very bad time for them, their kid may have a fever, the car might be on fire or their TV show just started.

Keep all the points above in mind, but more importantly DO them all and you will find you have all the tools you need to deal with any leads and to get on with building your business.

There you have it my friend, nothing very complex, really rather simple stuff but very powerful.  It’s always the same with the good stuff.  If you made it all the way through, you really are on the right track to mlm success and I applaud you.

I’d love to hear what you think and especially if you will be changing some of the things you were doing because of this post.

We are here for you, because if you’re not here, then neither are we.  We have a vested interest in your success and love being a part of your life. Please feel free to let us know of any other problems you have or topics you would like me to write about.

Network Marketing Success

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Thanks for letting us be a part of your success

Optimized Apacheleads - calling mlm leads traffic generated

How To Contact Your MLM Leads Generated By Traffic

Thank you for joining me for another in what appears to becoming a series in “how to…”  I do hope you are enjoying them and getting some great tips on becoming a more effective Networker.

Some of the previous posts which may also be helpful are these

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MLM Leads – The Right Way To email Them

Do You Have a Winning Elevator Pitch?

OK on with the show as they say.

One of the greatest ways known to mankind to generate your very own, exclusive, real time leads is to have your own lead capture page and send paid visitors to it (traffic).  No, the visitors are not paid, the company who provided those visitors is paid, Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords for example.

There are three things you need to set up such a system.

  1. A Lead Capture Page
  2. A Commercial Email System and
  3. Traffic to your Lead Capture Page

Let’s assume you have the system up and running and it’s generating exclusive, real time leads for you.  The leads have signed up on your page, they entered their name, phone and email which has all been automatically entered into your commercial email system.  We recommend Aweber.

Your Aweber system has been sending out your preloaded email messages to your prospects., even when you are asleep. Very cool.

Your prospects have received your emails and been to your presentation page.  What now?

This is the good bit:

  1. Give Them a Call and Say Something Like this: Hi Jane, this is Bob, I’m pressed for time but wanted to introduce myself. You just/recently visited my site which was about making some money for yourself and you requested some more information. This is a quick call just to follow up with you to make sure you get all the information.

  2. Confirm Their Email Address: I have your email address as (read her email address out) Is that correct?

  3. Tell Her the Subject Line: Cool you should have received an email with this subject line (say the subject line) Did you happen to get that already?

  4. Presentation Link: If they got it ask if they have watched the presentation yet. If they have not yet, ask if she has a pen handy and give her the link to the presentation.  It’s going to be best if you use a short URL service so you don’t end up trying to give her a link that is 3 feet long.

  5. Give Her Your Name & Number: OK just before I go I will give you my name and number so you can give me a call with any questions you have.

  6. Begin Qualifying the Prospect: If they have not objected to the call so far then carry on and find out a few things from them.  For instance, how much money are they looking to make, what would they do with that money?  Really drill down on this because what they would do is their real motivation.  If they said buy a car…don’t leave it at that.  Ask what type of car, what color, what would it be used for etc etc

Interviewing the prospect gives you a good feel for how much time you should allot to this person.  If they are showing good signs, like, having watched the presentation, asking questions, sounding excited, then yes, by all means schedule another call or if possible a meeting.   If they have not had an opportunity to watch the presentation yet, then tank them for the time and schedule a call for when they feel they will have had time to watch it.

Building a network marketing business is about using your resources to the best of your ability.  Your most valuable resource is your time.  Try to spend it with the best prospects and pass on what you have learned to them.

Spending time with low level prospects or checking what’s in your product catalog are not good ways to invest your time.  Generating more top quality prospects is a great investment, do more of that.

Apache Leads provides all the services you need to grow your business into something tangible, something which supports you and something which gets you closer to your dreams.  We have the leads and we have the training, we even have a lead calling service (We provide this service for the USA and Australia).

If you are looking for a very good commercial emailing service, we recommend Aweber’s Free Trial.

Thanks for reading and visiting the site, if you got something from this post, please click some of the social media buttons below and it would be fantastic if you left a comment.  I will personally respond to it

SMS Text Marketing

Bulk SMS Text Guide: Top 7 Tips For Creating Great SMS Text Messaging Campaigns

In 2017, more than 15 million texts were sent every minute of every day!  It’s absolutely certain it will only climb in the next few years… 

SMS texting is incredibly popular!

For every business owner or digital marketer, it means using texting to reach your target audience, no matter your industry, is a “must have” skill

However, before you shoot out your first marketing message over text, you need to get it right… 

Here are 7 quick tips to make sure you set up a great SMS Texting marketing campaign.

Let’s get going…

1. Set Your SMS Text Marketing Goals

It’s important to set your goals.

For example:

​Increase sales 

​Generate traffic to a website.

​Generate views of a Facebook live event 

​Have people watch a business opportunity presentation.

​Get people to call you for more information

​Get people to sign up for a webinar

​Get people to watch a video

ALL of these goals will work fine with SMS Texting.  But do remember that each individual campaign should only focus on one goal. 

It should be a clear and compelling instruction so your prospects are not confused about what you want them to do.

All you goals should be:  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Otherwise how will you ever know if you’re actually meeting your goals.

2. You Need Permission To Send SMS Messages

If you purchase leads from disreputable lead companies, the leads may be cheaper.  But, and this is important, they may not have opted into the lead list. Often bad lead companies have spam lists.

This will only lead you into trouble, expensive trouble.

If you are not sure, then you need to get permission

An easy way to do this is to have people text a simple keyword to your texting number. Make sure to tell them what they’re signing up for and how frequently you’ll be texting.


3. Don’t Be Annoying

The most annoying thing you could do to your list is text them multiple times per day.

Big mistake!

All you will do is piss people off and generate a big bunch of complaints.

Keep it to once a week at the most.  

Don’t send the same message multiple times.  Always come up with a fresh, new, interesting and compelling message

In your first message, remind your list they signed up for your information and tell them how frequently you’ll be texting. 

You should also include instructions on how to unsubscribe from your list.

4. Timing is Everything

You want to run great campaigns which hit your goals by generating engagement with your prospects.

Treat them nicely.

Think about who your list is and send messages at an appropriate time.  For example if they are mostly working people with regular jobs, don’t be sending messages late at night.

During the day is going to work much better.

Engagement is the aim, you want them to take action like watch your video or go to your site etc.  Not many are going to do that late at night or before breakfast.

5. A Sense Of Urgency

Everyone is busy these days and that’s not going to change.  Getting people’s attention and to take action is hard.  

We all have interruptions going on all day long.  We all are overloaded with incoming advertising messages, social media, emails.

It’s your job as a marketer to present a compelling, urgent message which will get your prospects to take the desired action, right now!

How you can get this sense of urgency going is to use some statements like this:

Offer Closes at Midnight

Sale Ends Thursday at Noon

First 100 Signups Only

Free (thing) For The First 50 People

You get the idea. 

Take Action Now To Avoid Disappointment

Click Now

Don’t be a bullshitter, if you say it, make sure it’s true!

Be sure to include a link to your landing page or website in your message. 

Always include who you are so you build recognition and trust

By creating urgency so that people take immediate action, you will increase your conversion rate.

6. Keep It Friendly and Fun

Don’t sound like a robot.  

Be personal and informal. 

If it’s appropriate, inject some fun and humor. Don’t do that if you’re a funeral home. 

Be entertaining.  If your list becomes used to your style and find it fun, they will open and act on your messages.  That’s what you want, right?

You could feature quizzes, games, and polls.

You want to capture people’s attention by making it feel personal and informal

7. Test, Test, Test Your Messages

I’ve had some customers complain to me that they sent out 100,000 messages and got very little responses.

When I asked them how many messages they tested, the answer is always none.

Can you imagine a bigger mistake?

Here is the right way to do it

Take a small sample of say 500 leads. 

Write the best message you can think of.  The first one you think of is very rarely the best.  Write down 10 messages. Get some feedback and choose the best one.

Send it to the 500 and record the results.  The stats you want are what time you sent it.  What the message was. How many people you sent it to.  How many responded. How many desired results you got (sales, signups, views, recruits etc)

Then change the message slightly.  Only make one change in each test.  

Then rinse and repeat.

Do this 5 to 10 times until you have a message that is producing a positive ROI (return on investment)

When you have that, increase the number or people you are going to send the message to.

Now you should be really rocking it!

If you enjoyed these tips, then you will most likely love my step by step course called Mobile Leads Ninja.

You will discover exactly how to set up a campaign, using our recommended messaging company and much much more!

You can get the easy to follow, course right here

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Network Marketers

97% of Network Marketers Fail

Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed?

You’re wondering if you have what it takes to build a successful MLM business.  I can't answer that for you but, I will give you the keys to answer those questions and remove all doubts for yourself.

Here’s how to build a business guaranteed to allow you to quit your job within 12 months from now.

Your future is on the line. You’re in a business now, you need to treat it like a real business not a hobby.

If you're thinking, you want to get rich quick with no work, then you should click away.

Still here?  Good, let's move on

Speaking of dreams.  You may be afraid to dream that much because you don’t want to be disappointed in case you don’t achieve the dream.

Sound about right?  Society does it's best to beat our dreams out of us.  People with dreams are not easily controlled.

Dreams are what drive every successful person ever.

In the next few pages I’m going to “reframe” your reality … just a little — but enough to give you some big “Ah-Ha!” moments.

I’m going to show you how to move towards doing $100K/yr in your home business and what it can get you!

This is going to be fun

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Noah Kagan

How To Be Successful In Life And Funny AF

I watched the video embedded below and felt I need to share it and write about How To Be Successful In Life.  OK I’m not claiming to be successful in life, but I do enjoy hearing advice from people who are.

You maybe don’t know the guy who made the video.  His name is Noah Kagan he owns a very successful company called Sumo.  Noah recently paid over a million dollars for that domain name.

Noah was also employee #23 or something like that at Facebook.

So he’s seen some cool stuff and been involved in building successful businesses and lifestyle.

In this video he explains how he learnt the major take ways about life from studying famous comedians and figuring out what they all had in common

It’s a short and crazy video, enjoy

More success in our personal and professional lives unlocks a lot of doors: more money, better friends, and increased happiness.

In today’s video, I reveal some of my best tips for success from a unique source: comedians. In the video, you’ll learn about the tactics of Steve Martin, Rodney Dangerfield, and more.

3 tactics for success in life and to unlock your potential:

– Practice & persistence
– Evolve
– Find your original voice

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Love to hear your comments

Leaders are readers

Leaders Are Readers

Yeah that’s one of those sayings you’re going to hear quite a lot if you stay in MLM circles for any time at all.  Most people just hear it and let it wash over them like water rolling off a ducks’ back.

If only they took it to heart and cracked open a book

What got me to thinking about books was a rare email from a guy I follow.  His name is Andre Chaperon and he’s a professional copywriter of quite some fame in Internet Marketing circles.  His email was talking about a blog post he just read by the very famous American author, Ryan Holiday.

Both Andre and Ryan (yeah like we’re on a first name basis) were talking about the value of buying books, reading and making notes when reading.   We are all bombarded by a jet stream of information on a constant basis now and it’s only going to get worse.  It’s never going to let up.  So how do we know which things to retain in our brain?

Well both these guys take notes.  Ryan has a whole paper system, with index cards and colored tabs.  Andre uses an app called Gingko

Andre mentioned how many books he purchased in the last year and Ryan touched on buying books as a tax deduction.  Both buy books as opposed to borrowing books.  The idea is to build your own library.  Something you can be proud of and go to anytime.

Leaders ARE Readers

It’s not just some stupid saying that someone said to you.  It’s a real thing.  Anyone who has ever made it to the top is a reader.  If you’re not then you’re dooming yourself to failure.  That’s not me being rude and unkind to you, it’s just a fact.

Here’s the link to the Ryan Holiday post.

While I was reading Ryans post I happened to wonder how many books I purchased this year.  I went to my Amazon Account and copied and pasted all the books.  I didn’t go and bother with the many Audible and Kindle versions I also purchased.

Some of these books I’ve read before.  I bought them again because I didn’t have them here in Cambodia.  When I buy anything form Amazon, I have to get it sent to a repackaging, freight forwarding company in Florida.  Then they ship it to me here in Phnom Penh.  It really adds a lot to the cost but it’s really the only sure way I can count on getting what I ordered.


Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine
Michalowicz, Mike

The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field
Michalowicz, Mike

Legion of the Damned
Hassel, Sven

Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team
Sinek, Simon

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen
Miller, Donald

Social Media Marketing – when you have NO CLUE!: Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook
Gabrielle, Gundi

As a Man Thinketh
Allen, James

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Part 2: The End of the Story
Mandino, Og

The Greatest Salesman in the World
Mandino, Og

The Richest Man in Babylon
Clason, George S.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex
Gray, John

You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits
Greenblatt, Joel

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
Kiyosaki, Robert T.

The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire (20th Anniversary Edition)
Deida, David

No More Mr Nice Guy
Glover, Robert A.

Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century
Napoleon Hill

The Little Book That Still Beats the Market
Greenblatt, Joel

Start Writing Your Book Today: A Step-by-Step Plan to Write Your Nonfiction Book, From First Draft to Finished Manuscript
MacDonald, Morgan Gist

The Rational Male
Tomassi, Rollo

The Big Secret for the Small Investor: A New Route to Long-Term Investment Success
by Greenblatt, Joel

Low Carb Easy Family Meals– How to be a low carb family.: 35 easy recipes you and your children will love.
Jenkinson, Libby

Low carb starter pack – The complete beginners’ guide.: The easy way to learn how to start low carb living today.
Jenkinson, Libby

The Wrong Side of Goodbye (A Harry Bosch Novel)
Connelly, Michael

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)
Marshall, Perry

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: How to Access 1 Billion Potential Customers in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)
Marshall, Perry

How to Write a Screenplay That Doesn’t Suck (and Will Actually Sell): Vol. 1 of the ScriptBully Screenwriting Series
Rogan, Michael

How to Write Your Own Life Story: The Classic Guide for the Nonprofessional Writer
Daniel, Lois

The Screenwriter’s Bible, 6th Edition: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script (Expanded & Updated)
David Trottier

Nazi Gold: The Sensational Story of the World’s Greatest Robbery – and the Greatest Criminal Cover-Up
Sayer, Ian

As you can see it’s a list with some assorted genre’s, it’s certainly not all business or self development.  The subjects you read about aren’t what is important.  What is important is that we come to see reading as something essential to our well being, not a chore.  I blame school for that.

It really is a very satisfying feeling when you are deep into a book that is really something you dig.

Tell me, did you buy more books than me this year?

Which books do you like best?

If you feel you are truly ready to get started on your journey to freedom, please click the green “get started” button you will find on this page.  We wish to assure you that you will be in good hands with us

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