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How To Stop No-Shows

How To Stop No-Shows

How To Stop No-Shows

Are you sick of being ghosted by prospects who seemed excited by your presentation but then just don’t show up for the follow-up meeting?

You’re not alone, it happens to everyone but you can dramatically reduce it happening.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is you can never stop it 100%.

To reduce no-shows or ghosting as it’s often called these days, there are a few simple steps you can take when you are arranging the follow-up meeting with your prospect.

  • You need to have made sure you had the prospect’s interests ahead of your own during your conversation(s).

By this I mean you had to have spent considerable time listening to them and digging deep on what it is they would want from a business. You really need to have discovered through questions what their real dream is.

  • You need to have built a relationship with your prospect that is based on trust, openness, leadership, and friendliness.

They need to feel that you would definitely be there for them if they decided to go ahead with the business.

They need to know that you would teach them the ropes and show them the way.

  • If during your conversations you have brought out their pain points and dreams then they are going to be very confident that you have a genuine opportunity for them to fix their problems and to go on to achieve their dreams and goals.  They will definitely show up.
  • Let them know it’s going to be “ok” for them to tell you no.

You can say something like this: “After reviewing the information, you’re either going to love it or you’re not.  That’s fine.  Many people love it, but sometimes others don’t and that’s ok.  It’s cool to say no to me, I will be fine with it.  You could send me a text or a phone call or meet me at the agreed time and tell me no.”

The reason people disappear and don't show up is they do not want to hurt your feelings and they are afraid to say no to you. Removing that fear will definitely reduce no-shows.

This stance actually makes you look even better, more confident, more of a leader, and friendly.  It will enhance your relationship with them rather than weaken it.  Try it and see for yourself.

  • There are two types of people when it comes to appointments. We all fall into one camp or the other. There are those who are always on time and those who are always a little late. 

I’m always on time, it’s the way I was raised and I stress out if I think I’m going to be late.

So what I ask the prospect after we have set a time for the follow-up is: “Are you a person who is always on time or someone who is often a little bit late?”

No matter which way they answer, the response I use is this: “For this very important follow-up appointment can I ask you to promise me you will be on time?” 

That really does cause a lot of people to be there on time for you.

  • Confirm the appointment with a text message an hour or so before the agreed meeting time. Just like your dentist and other professionals do.

Everyone is used to being reminded about appointments these days. It will make you look even more professional and reduce no-shows.

Ok, there you have it, a few easy tips to dramatically reduce no-shows in your business.  Be sure to pass this information downline to your group so they benefit as well.

If you would like to get all the work done in the next 12 months so you can finally begin enjoying the rewards, then consider joining my Go Getters Club and get to the beaches faster.

Do you have the guts and commitment to dream big and get the lifestyle you deserve?

Dream Lifestyle

3 Steps To Your Dream Lifestyle (In 12 Months)

3 Steps To Your Dream Lifestyle (In 12 Months)

How Long Did You Think It Would Take?

When I first started in Amway, way back in 1992, I figured it would take just a couple of months to be making a ton of money.

I dreamed of being completely out of debt.  I wanted to be able to stop working so hard and slow down so I could enjoy life.  My kids were growing up and I wanted to spend more time with them.  I also wanted to get rid of the stress that was driving me to drink and killing me.

How long do you or did you think it would take to have you in a position making enough money to quit your job or start living the dream lifestyle?

How Long Will It Take

Did you think it would just be a month or two?

This can happen because usually when we start a new business, especially in Network Marketing, we are super excited about it.  We can easily make unreal expectations about how fast the business will grow and how quickly we will be picking up our brand new Mercedes.

There’s nothing wrong with having dreams.  In fact, without some big dreams, we wouldn’t have the drive to do the work needed to grow a business.

The problem is when we do not tie the dream to some verifiable reality.

What I mean by that is we need to first determine which level in the business we need to be at to be earning enough money to fuel our dream lifestyle.

Let’s say that we have costed out our dream lifestyle and for the mortgage on the new house, the lease on the new car, the clothes, the travel, the vacations, etc it comes to $250,000 per year.

Successful Network Marketer Lifestyle

That’s how much we are going to pay ourselves FROM our business.

We need to realize that the business needs to keep getting its cash flow to stay functioning and growing.  We can’t just take all the income and spend it. The business would die very fast.  We sure don’t want that.

We also need to be good corporate citizens and make sure we are paying all our taxes.

So to be able to take $250,000 from our business as a salary, the business probably needs to have an income of around $500,000.  That’s just an educated guess.   But hopefully, it makes sense.

The point is your business needs to stay healthy and strong to keep growing.  We cannot take out so much money as a salary that it hurts the business and stunts or even kills its growth.  Believe it or not, that’s a serious mistake many people make.

Obviously, once your business is growing to these sorts of levels you will have engaged an Accountant or Financial Adviser to receive personalized professional advice on these kinds of matters.   I’m not your accountant and this article is purely educational.

So now that we know or at least have a rough idea of how much our business needs to be earning every year for us to live our dream lifestyle we can begin to work out how long it's going to take.

Step 1

Target Income

What Level In Your Business Produces
Your Target Income?

From the compensation plan your company publishes you should be able to zero in on the level you need to get to in order to get your desired income.

When you determine which level it is, you can probably also see how many distributors/members you need in your business to get to the desired level.

Now be careful not to panic or start feeling like it’s going to be impossible to get to that level.  It’s not.  It’s definitely achievable.  I went from start to the Diamond level in the Life Force company in 90 days.

Sure, that’s faster than most people but it shows it can be done if you put the time and effort in.  So what if it took you 12 months instead of 3 months.  You would still be over the moon with happiness, right?

It’s not like you have to personally find and recruit every single person.  If you follow the normal methods of building a NM business you will only have to find a fraction of the people.  Your downline will find the majority of members. 

This will happen faster than you think, especially when a thing called momentum kicks in.

Step 2

How Many People You will need to Recruit

How Many New People Do You Need Each Month?

For arguments sake let's say you need 1,200 members in your group to get to the desired level.  You know your comp plan better than me so this may be across maybe 6 legs or in a binary of course, it’s just the two legs.

You can work that part of the plan out yourself as each company and comp plan will be different.  We are just working in generalities to give you the steps to follow to hit your target.

So let's stick to needing 1,200 total members to hit your goal.  You could easily divide that by 12 months and figure you need 100 new members each month.

Of course that’s not how life works.  On the bad side you’re going to have people quitting or simply sitting on their backside sucking their thumbs.  Not everyone is going to be productively recruiting and moving products.

On the plus side, the more people you have in your group, the more product gets moved, the more people are recruited and the more excitement.  So growth speeds up.  It gets faster and faster.  You finally hit “momentum” and it really takes off.

The hardest part of growing your business is at the start. 

Once you get it moving the easier it becomes.  Did you ever have to push start a car?  If you did, then you know it gets easier and faster after the initial hard part at the start is overcome.


New People


Total Members

Month 1




Month 2




Month 3




Month 4




Month 5




Month 6




Month 7




Month 8




Month 9




Month 10




Month 11




Month 12




As you can see, the table above is just an example but it does illustrate the acceleration that can be achieved.  The end total actually exceeds the number of members needed.

The point is to show you how important it is to have these goals and numbers laid out so you know what you are shooting for.  Each month when you counsel with your mentor you can look and see where you are at with your goals.

This will tell you and your mentor where you need to be putting in the effort. 

There will always be a mix of you personally sponsoring and working in depth.  By that I mean you are working in your downline helping them build.  Teaching them how to be leaders, running events, product promotions...all sorts of business building activities.

Spending lots of time with your upline and mentors is important to keep the whole thing on track.

Be flexible, not be rigid at all.  You will need to be like a sheep dog.  You will be running around your flock and herding them, protecting them, praising them, teaching them and motivating them. 

It doesn't stop until you find more leaders that can relieve some of the burden from you.  Remember, leadership is taken, never given.  Real leaders will just take over the role in their business.  You will know when it happens.

Step 3

Leaders Seek A Mentor

Real Leaders Seek A Mentor

Real leaders know that they don’t know everything.  That they need guidance from a trusted mentor who went before them.  If this wasn’t true why on earth would professional athletes have coaches?

We put together a small band of leaders who want to make it to their dream lifestyle in the next 12 months.  Now, we can’t do the work for you but we can definitely help and guide you.

The benefits to you are free.  That’s right we do not charge you anything over and above the investment in leads each month.

In fact we give you a bunch of extra leads for free, just for being a member. Not bad right?

On top of that we give you 100% access to all our training courses and manuals.  No cost.

The icing on the cake is you get mentoring with me via Zoom calls every month and unlimited email mentoring.

To get started simply choose a package from the two offered below.  I’m sure one of them will suit your budget.

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Being Coachable

The Importance of Being Coachable

The Importance of Being Coachable

For a moment, have a think about your career.  Did it go anything like this: You finished school, went to college or into a trade.  After that you received on the job training.

Without all that education and training would you be able to professionally carry out your duties?  Probably not.

It’s no different for your Network Marketing business.  There are skills to be learned if you wish to be a professional at this gig.

Like all things, some people are gifted and naturally talented, but most of us are not.  Most of us need to be mentored, coached, guided, taught, shown all the skills needed to make it happen for us.

Acquiring the skills and know-how makes the business building much easier, faster and quite importantly, less work and more fun.

Being Coachable - You’ve heard the old saying you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.  This saying proves to be very applicable to humans when it comes to trying to get them to do things they don’t want to do.

I’ve seen plenty of Networkers invest in books, download PDF’s, consult with their upline etc etc but they refused to open their mind and let the information flow in.  No, they just resisted and refused to learn.

They were not coachable.  Those that stayed that way, failed and quit the business.

Look upline, and look at the big names in any company.  They all chose to be coachable, they all took the information onboard and applied it to their businesses and to themselves.

Winners are Grinners.

OK so what have we learned today?

We need to be coachable, we need to open our minds and let the information flow in.  We also need to apply what we learn.

Being Coachable

I work with a small number of people who are itching for success.  They have a big dream and they want to get to it in the next 12 months.  They enjoy extra leads for free, access to all our training and one on one mentoring with myself.

You know they are mighty smart folks, because they get all that for nothing extra.  That’s right, they pay no extra for the training, bonus leads and one on one mentoring.

Who do you think will get to their dreams faster, my Go Getters Club members or those who are not members?

This is a learning moment in your life.  An opportunity is right in front of you. It’s knocking on your door.  Will you open the door?


How To Increase Results From Presentations

How To Increase Results From Presentations

Part of my role is to speak with Network Marketers on a daily basis.  I’ve done it since 1992.  In that time I’ve spoken with thousands about the issues and challenges they face each day.

These daily chats have revealed a particular problem area.  The presentation.

I do have a recommendation which will increase your presentation results and I’ll get to that in a moment.  First allow me to set the context for you.

I started in MLM last century, back in 1992 which was before the internet.  There was no Google, no smart phones, no wifi, no leads sites.

In those days we used to do “prospecting”, that is we would find prospects from people we bumped into in our everyday lives.  We would then call them at some stage and arrange to meet them (usually in their home) and present the business opportunity to them (Presentation)

Our wise upline would drum into us that we needed to have all the decision makers attend the presentation.  By decision makers I mean anyone who is going to decide on whether or not they are going to take up the business opportunity.

Those interested parties could be their wife, husband, partner, life partner, sister, brother etc etc.  It means anyone who is going to have an influence on the outcome.

The worst scenario would be to show the biz op to a guy and he is all excited.  He then tells his wife about it.  She is not excited.  In fact, she is afraid and wants no part of this “scam pyramid scheme”.  The wife makes sure he understands it’s a scam and he will lose money.

Which way do you think he is going to go?

Yes, you’re 100% correct, he’s out and never coming back.

The whole exercise was a waste of time and effort and now you feel somewhat depressed and upset about it.

This is exactly why our upline used to hammer it into us to get both the husband and wife to the presentation.  Of course, these days we are very accepting of many types of relationships.  I’m saying husband and wife for simplicity only.

During the phone call setting up the time/date for the presentation we would ask something like this:  “Bob, do you have a better half?”  If they answer in the affirmative then we would say something like: “Great. Bob, it is very important that your wife be at our meeting.  She needs to see the same information and opportunity as you do.  It’s the best and fairest way to ensure you both have a solid understanding.  Will your wife be able to attend Bob?”

Of course we would sometimes need to do a bit of back and forth to get a date/time suitable to everyone.

We would then attend the meeting with our wives/husbands and go through the presentation.  Having everyone's partner involved increased the success hugely.

Ok now that we do have the internet, things have changed.  We no longer need to go to peoples’ homes and show a presentation.  These days most MLM companies have provided videos which do the presentation for you.

What I’m hearing from a large number of networkers is they get the prospect/lead to watch the presentation video and then the prospect disappears.  They either don’t answer calls or texts or they do answer but are now no longer interested.

What do you think has happened between watching the presentation and the follow-up call?

Yes, they spoke to their “better half” who blew them out of the water.

This can be invited by simply using the same lines we did back in the day.  By getting both parties involved and watching the presentation you have a much better chance of recruiting a happy, excited couple into your group.

Summary:  Don’t make it a deal breaker but try reasonably hard to get both partners to the presentation and for both to be at the follow-up.

You can use any wording you like to make it happen.  Here’s an example to help you.

“Bob, is there someone in your life who would help you decide to go ahead with the business?” (Stop talking and wait for the answer)

“Yes, my wife Julie”

(With enthusiasm say) “Great! Would you please ask her to come and watch the short presentation video with you?  That way she is up to speed with you and will be more helpful in helping you decide”

This has been free training on a subject that I’ve not seen anywhere else.  I’m positive it can help you get to the beach faster with your partner.  If you feel this has been worthwhile and beneficial to you, would you please share it, it means a lot to me.

Just before you click away, I would like to draw your attention to the Go Getters Club which is specifically designed for those folks who want to fast track their business growth.

The goal is to get you to your dream lifestyle in the next 12 months. Two big benefits are you will receive up to 50% extra free leads and 2 personal one on one zoom calls with me.  The idea is I can mentor you and keep you on the right track.  Check out the Go Getters Club here

Why 97% Fail at Network Marketing

Why 97% Fail at Network Marketing

Why 97% Fail at Network Marketing

It's a very serious subject today and one which not many people address. It's true, only 3% of networkers enjoy success.

Not surprisingly the failure rate is very similar to the failure rate in regular businesses.

The reasons are very similar

Most people have no business training, no experience in sales, accounting, cash flow, working long hours, feeling totally alone, stressed because of the risks, dealing with banks for lines of credit, dealing with customers, handling products, delivery and returns.... the list goes on and on

When you pile these factors on the shoulders of someone new to the world it can be enough to kill their enthusiasm, splatter their drive and cause them to give up and quit.

In traditional business, there is no one to help you. No one is going to train you. No one is going to show you the shortcuts. No one is going to encourage you.

That's because in traditional business you are their competitor.

At least in NM, you can search upline for someone who is walking the walk. Someone who is actually doing the work and building the business. They have a vested interest in your success and will be delighted you contacted them. They will help you.

What else can be done to make your odds of being a success much better?

Great question!

It's a fact, those who make it in NM, actually do the training required to develop the skills and knowledge needed to win. Those who "know it all", always fail. Being teachable is a must in this game.

Do the work. So many people fool themselves that they are doing business building work when in reality, they are doing "busy work" that doesn't add any members to their business. Things like reading the company product catalog, rearranging your products. You know what I mean.

Prospecting, Contacting, Presenting, Following Up. Those are the things that put people in your business.

Being Accountable - This is such an important aspect of success. Having regular meetings with a mentor to keep you focused, honest, and on track.

Where can you get ALL these things?

So glad you asked. I put together a program for those who are serious and truly want to get to their dream lifestyle in the next 12 months. That time is going to pass whether you make it or not. It would be better to make it, right?

Damn right!

Arrow - Important Information | MLM Leads

Come and see what I'm talking about

For everyone else, here are some very helpful links

Prospecting, Presenting & Followup

This IS the best time for growing your business. We have a helicopter view and can see so many of our clients having the biggest business year of their lives. You and I cannot make the pandemic go away, but together we can help many, many people escape the trap they are in.

See YOU on the beaches soon!

Young Jeff Bezos

Young Jeff Bezos Shares His Regret Minimization Framework

Young Jeff Bezos Shares His Regret Minimization Framework

If you’re not sure whether you should go full throttle or not with your Network Marketing business, I’ve got something which will help you decide.  It will also save you years of mistakes.

When I was busy building my Amway business back in the early 90’s I was also busy holding two brick and mortar businesses together.  I had lots of responsibilities, stress and was always exhausted.  Huge debt and a recession were heavy loads to carry.

One day I was talking to a Diamond level distributor and decision making came up in the discussion.  He told me that one thing he did during a decision making process was to imagine himself sitting in a rocking chair on the porch reviewing his life.

He hoped it would not be full of regret.

I gave what he said a lot of thought and adopted the strategy.   Today I was given a link to a young Jeff Bezos discussing the exact same thing.  The video is short, to the point and explains how he decided to leave a lucrative Wall St job and start Amazon

Jamie Foxx 10M Mansion

Hanging Out at Jamie Foxx’s $10M Mansion

Hanging Out at Jamie Foxx’s $10M Mansion

Recently I watched a great video Noah Kagan made about a mind blowing visit to Jamie Foxx’s mansion.

There are a bunch of takeaways that might be helpful to your business building activities.  One of the, let’s call it “different” discoveries is the place has jelly (jam) everywhere.

Lots of interesting stuff in this video, check it out

If you’re thinking it’s about time you got to your dream lifestyle, then maybe you need to consider our Go Getters Club.

The club was put together for people who are serious about getting to a level that gives them a fantastic lifestyle over the next 12 months.

Can you imagine it? You, living your dream lifestyle only 12 months from now. Check it out

Why You Need MLM Residual Income

Why You Need MLM Residual Income

Why You Need MLM Residual Income

Nearly everyday I walk past this lovely boat marina located at Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia.  My wife Theary and I are riding out the COVID-19 Pandemic here.

Most days we go for a walk for exercise and pass these boats on our way to the beach.  It’s a lovely view and has some fabulous boats tied up in the marina.  The thing I’ve noticed is that the same boats are there day after day.

Why You Need MLM Residual Income

Edit your caption text here

The reason for that is these are pleasure craft, they are not work boats.  For example, they are not used by professionals for fishing.  These boats are used for fun and amateur fishing.

So why aren’t they out being used for these purposes instead of being tied up everyday?

The simple fact is, their owners make enough money to buy expensive boats BUT, they don’t have the time to use them as much as they would like to.  They are cash rich but time poor.

That’s how it goes in a traditional business or a highly paid executive type job.  You work hard for many years trading your time for dollars.  Eventually you retire and get to enjoy your boat for a few years.

In a typical MLM or Network Marketing business those who build the business to the higher levels can enjoy residual income.  It’s like a royalty payment.  In effect, when you reach those high levels, you become both cash rich AND time rich because you are no longer trading your precious time for dollars.

To get to that level faster, consider joining the Go Getters Club. You can discover all the benefits to you by clicking here

Buying MLM Leads

Does Buying MLM Leads Work?

Does Buying MLM Leads Work?

I see this question a lot from people new to the MLM industry.  The two short answers are yes and no. I understand that’s not very helpful without further explanation, so let's dive in and get it cleared up for you.

Buying MLM Leads works for people who are prepared and work the leads.  By prepared I mean they leave behind their previous experiences in jobs they had before joining their MLM company.

So many times I hear people say “I don’t need any training, I’ve been a phone sales person for 15 years”  I always want to ask them “If you’re so good at it, why are you doing MLM now?”

The problem many people new to MLM have is they think they already have all the skills they need.  They don’t. Everyone starts in MLM at zero.

When I first started back in 1992 I was the owner of a large electrical contracting company and a real estate company. It was a time of very difficult economic times and the businesses were really struggling.  Interest rates were over 18%.

I had to become teachable and learn everything from my sponsor. I was 38 and knew everything.  He was 27 and luckily, was patient and taught me.

He gave me training in prospecting, calling the prospects (leads), presenting the opportunity to them, following up and then how to train them.

I was a good student and he was a great trainer.  We both went on to build successful Amway businesses.

The reason for my success is I was willing to learn, even though I had many years of sales experience under my belt. I was prepared to listen and implement what I was being taught.

I had to read quite a few personal development books because one thing is for sure:  People join an MLM company with the person they trust and believe will help them achieve their dreams.  They do not get into business because of the products and the comp plan.

Being likeable, trustworthy and a leader are paramount to success in MLM.

Those people who blame the leads for their failure remind me of a poor pool player blaming the balls.

So forget about your past experiences, remember, everyone starts at zero in the MLM game.  You have a clean slate.

If your upline is not active in training and mentoring you then that’s ok.  Simply, seek out someone higher up in your upline. Your upline all the way to the company has a vested interest in your success.

Seek out those who are active and growing their business fast.  Find them and ask them for help.

Call them at least every 2 or 3 days.   Let them know things like how many leads you called, how many presentations you did.  How many people you recruited. How many new customers you set up. Tell them your goals and dreams.

Use a phone calling script every time you call a lead. You need to use a proven script that was given to you by your upline or one you read about in a book.  Not one you made up.

Using a script every time allows you (and your upline) to measure your results and to make slight incremental changes for improvement.

When you buy MLM leads, don’t be a cheapskate.  Do not buy old, oversold leads which are rubbish.  Invest in yourself and your business. The best leads are those who have genuinely been phone interviewed by the leads company.

To be sure, before you purchase, ask to see the script they use and to hear some typical recordings of interviews. Their answers to those requests will tell you if they are genuine or not.

Do all that and the answer to whether or not mlm leads work is a resounding YES, mlm leads do work!

If you found this article helpful, please rate it 5 stars below and share it with your business associates.  They will love you for it

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MLM Leads

How to Acquire More MLM Leads

How to Acquire More MLM Leads

MLM Leads are the lifeblood of every network marketing or multilevel marketing business.

The problem is getting a constant flow of high quality mlm leads that don’t cost a fortune.

The good news is there are a number of ways you can acquire plenty of quality converting mlm leads via a few different methods.

Let’s go through these methods.  You can use as many of these methods as you choose, they all work fine and don’t take any special skills.

Buying MLM Leads

This of course is the easiest method but has some traps for those new to the industry.  Some mlm leads companies are better than others.

The good ones have been around for many years and provide guarantees against bad leads.

The best ones provide a back end Leads Manager System which is where you order leads, take delivery of your leads and manage them.  This makes your life as a network marketer much easier.

The not so good ones will just email you the leads.  You have no control over how many you want each day, what time of the day you want them.  You can’t even pause/resume deliveries.

The best leads for one on one calling are Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads.  That means they are delivered to you right after the call center has finished interviewing them.  You just can’t get a fresher lead.

Be aware that some companies advertise they have phone interviewed leads but they only use robots to call the leads.  To be sure if they really interview the leads ask them for a copy of the script they use and a recording of a typical interview.  If they are genuine they should have no problem providing you with that information.

Another type of bought mlm leads are what are known as Mobile Leads.  These leads are great for using bulk contacting methods such as Ringless Voicemail Drops and SMS Texting.  When you leave a compelling message for them, those that are interested will be invited to contact you.

You can learn more about how to do it correctly and have an unlimited number of leads contacting you by following this link to Mobile Leads Ninja

Generating Leads By Prospecting

To many people this is an unknown method.  Many people also get it wrong and end up just annoying the prospects.

When it’s done professionally and correctly this method can produce amazing, qualified mlm leads which will grow your business very quickly.

Before the internet, this was the only way to grow an MLM business.  It’s a proven method which does produce truly excellent mlm leads.

You can learn more by following this link to my "No Limits" course

The course has everything you need, in fact, it’s how I built an Amway business before the internet. Check out No Limits

Elevator Pitch

Every network marketer should be able to explain the benefits of their business within a few seconds.  You should have your elevator pitch memorized so it comes out easily and naturally whenever anyone asks “what do you do?”

For example: Maybe your business is about saving money on travel, you could say:

"I help people save money on their travel."

That statement is short and to the point and takes about 2 to 3 seconds to say. It gives enough information to allow them to decide whether they want more information or not. If they want more information, they’ll ask:

"How does that work?"

You could answer with something like this:

"Well you know how people love to travel but to do it right usually is very expensive? Our company helps people save on their travel bills with lower rates. People love saving money, so they start telling others about it. When you do this enough times, the company starts sending you checks in the mail as their way of saying" thanks'.

"So imagine that you helped your friends save on their travel bills. Well, the best part is that every time you travel, you make money!"

Easy peasy right? It was short and to the point.

Discover how to come up with your own elevator pitch here

Having a Proven Script

It’s amazing how many people new to Network marketing I speak with who do not use a proven, converting phone script.  I hate to say it but this is one of the dumbest mistakes newbies make.

They try to “wing it” and it just doesn't produce results.  If you say something different every time you call a lead, who can you measure the results?  How can you improve the script?

It can’t be done without using a proven phone script.

You can get some free phone scripts that work here  We will even throw in a free PDF which will teach you how to overcome objections from your prospects.  That by itself will increase your conversion by a huge amount.

MLM Training

Many people come into MLM with no experience in calling people, leadership, business building, management etc.   Don’t worry, we have you covered with a ton of very useful MLM Training.

If you feel you have learnt some valuable information from this article, please share it with your friends and business associates.  They will love you for it.

For everything you need to grow your network marketing business check out Apache Leads

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