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Momentum: Take your foot off the brakes


The bad news is there is no special pill, no secret short cut, no push button for success.

The good news is, there is an accelerator, it’s called: Momentum.

If you read my post about momentum you will learn how I got it happening and the result was I went from start to Diamond level in 3 months in my Life Force business.

That was caused by momentum.

Without it, getting to Diamond or whatever the equivalent is in your company, will take you years.

Momentum is the magic which can’t be stopped and builds businesses super-fast.

If you don’t have it in your business, don’t you think you should get it and finally get on the fast track or did you just want to build your business …slowly?

A key to momentum is taking action, not just once while you feel highly motivated from the last rally you went to, but over and over.

If you have followed me for any time, you may have noticed I talk about meeting on the beaches a fair bit. The beach is about being free, being happy, being relaxed and stress free. The beach metaphor is easy to visualize, easy to relate to and something most of us have experienced. You need to experience your beach, your goal, your dream as soon as possible.

Think of your business as a vehicle which can DRIVE you to YOUR beach.

LEADS are the FUEL

Do you feel getting some fuel into your business vehicle is going to help you?  You’re smart so sure you do. I put together a really awesome bunch of offers for you here to get you to the “beach”,  FASTER.  These offers really are genuinely huge and you really should do yourself a favor and at least take a look.

Ford Method

How to Never Run Out of Things to Say

The art of keeping the conversation flowing.

You’ve been in the situation where for some reason you are left along with a stranger at a party or a conference and all of a sudden the small talk is drying up because you neither of you has a clue what to say.

Awkward right?

Damn straight.  All my life this has been happening to me unless I’ve had a few drinks, then its nearly impossible to shut me up.

But seriously, it’s a real problem that many of us face over and over. So many times I see others just make conversation like it’s a magical gift.  Effortlessly they get complete strangers to open up and share even quite intimate details of their lifes, hopes and dreams.

I’ve never been good at conversation and become shy and withdrawn.  People then assume I’m aloof and not at all interested in them and worse that I’m completely uninteresting. 

Well I found an excellent video on YouTube which can help me and maybe you as well.  It’s short, makes a ton of sense and best of all its easy to remember.

It’s called the FORD method.  Hope you enjoy it and love to hear about your experiences below in the comments.  Please also feel free to share the post via your Facebook

Goodbye Message

MLM Leads: The Goodbye Message

MLM Leads: The Goodbye Message

Let’s talk about MLM Leads… How often have you had meetings with a person, they seemed interested and now all you get is their answering machine. You sent them an information pack, you took them to a meeting, you even had them on a conference call.  Everything was going great, you had high hopes for this prospect.

Now all of a sudden nothing

It really hurts, right?

It’s infuriating, inside its even humiliating.

You’ve put in all this time and effort and had high hopes for this person.  You maybe even told others that you think this person is going to be great, finally I’m going to sponsor someone who really makes it big and of course you really needed them because your mortgage payment is due, your car payment, etc.

Didn’t they say they needed the extra income too?  Sure they did.

An then all of a sudden….they are gone

So rather than dwelling on it and feeling pain and misery, how about a pre-emptive strike:

Be the first to say NO!

Yes!  This is going to make you feel sooooo much better.

To all your wishy washy prospects get really good at leaving them a great goodbye message, especially on their answering machine, you’ll be amazed at what happens, try it.

Remember your mission is to be finding people who it’s the right thing to be doing now, either joining your business or trying a product or service.  That means never having to recruit people you got to drag across the start line, let alone the finish line.

OK You ready?

You call them one last time and say the following words in a friendly, gentle, kind, warm manner:

Hi Joe, This is Don I’ve left you a couple of messages but this one is the last one.  I won’t be calling you anymore because I don’t want to be a pest.  But whenever you are ready to move out of your car and into an apartment you let me know.  It’s just that I’m on a deadline right now I have to find people who want what they want right now.  So when you’re ready call me OK, talk to you later, bye

Watch what happens.  The ones who really want to change their lives right now will call you right back.  Those for whom the time is not right for any reason will not, but isn’t that all you want?

To find the ones who it’s the right thing to be doing right now instead of spending your whole life finding them?

What do you think about this, do you have some goodbye messages you leave?  Share them with us in the comments.

Confused About MLM Leads

Do MLM Leads Work?

Do MLM Leads Work?

What a great question!

It’s such a great question but it’s also a loaded question.  I say that because after 14 years in the industry and after answering thousands of live chat questions from visitors to my site ( ) I know that anyone asking that question, is both new to MLM and totally untrained in making calls at a professional level.

So, the short answer is Yes of course leads work otherwise there would be no such thing as leads generation companies, right?

So, it’s not a great question in its own right, it’s a plea for help from someone not having success with MLM leads or is not sure how to call MLM leads.  I’m pretty sure that’s the only two alternatives.

Let’s address them individually but funnily enough the same answers will deal with both situations.

First let’s assume that MLM leads do in fact work.  Its obvious, right?  People search online to find ways to make money and end up completing a form (or forms) and becoming MLM leads.   So of course, they are interested in making money.  There is no doubt about that and if you do have doubt you need to get rid of it.

MLM Leads do work but does your calling skill and script work?

This is the biggest area where networkers fail yet the one area which could be fixed quickly and easily.  The problem seems that many new networkers are not teachable, they are pig headed and think they know it all.

Such terrible arrogance, how dare they come to an industry which is entirely new to them and act like they know it all.  When they fail, which is inevitable with such a bad attitude, they blame the leads.

But that’s not the worst of it, people who are unteachable waste so much of their uplines time and money.  The point here is be teachable or get out of the business.

OK rant over

Learning how to call leads is super important and using a proven script.  You need to use a script EVERY time you call, otherwise how can you tell what works and what doesn’t.  With a script you can make small changes to improve it.  After 100 calls your script will probably look nothing like it did when you started but now I bet you have a killer script!

Yes MLM leads do work but only for those who work them.

For MLM leads to work you need to be calling them and setting up meetings and presentations.  If you buy some leads and just let them sit on your computer then no, they don’t work.

Buy quality MLM leads.  Leads are not like wine, they don’t get better with age.

The best leads we have avoidable are the Australian Phone Interviewed MLM Leads and the U.S. Phone Interviewed MLM Leads


Content Marketing: Getting People to Know, Like and Trust You.

Content Marketing: Getting People to Know, Like and Trust You.

No matter what type of business you have, the more people who know and like you, the more  it will drive profit your way. By planning out a strategy and developing credibility thru the use of social media you’ll set yourself up for long term success.

Now I had heard this all before, but never fully understood what it meant. When I, Diana,(Don’s Assistant in New York) starting daily posting to the Apache Leads Facebook page I really realized what an awesome platform it was for reaching our clients and bringing in new customers! (Apache Leads has over 35k likes by the way!! woo hooo!!!)

This is how I’ve noticed it goes often times…. We will post a meme with an inspirational
quote from Don or an article that will then be shared by some of our followers.
Someone will see that meme or article with the Apache logo and come
and visit/like our page. From there we will receive an inbox message asking about leadsand the next thing you know, we have a new customer!

This takes time though, you have to start building a following and posting regularly
to whatever platforms you choose to use and grow your followers. It’s a few minutes
a day that could certainly impact your bottom line if executed properly.

Actually, if you are not following us on Facebook yet, please click the link below
for daily words of inspiration from Don as well as some really great articles :)

But I’ve digressed… I was reading the below article in Entrepreneur and although it’s a short read, it hits on the major points to get you going with content marketing.

One of the most exciting fields for startups right now is content marketing. This engaging way to spread the word about your business has continued to grow as different forms of content gain popularity. Though it all started with the typical blog, companies are now using various forms of content marketing like podcasts to drive more traffic.

If you’re looking to start with the basics, below are three keys to creating engaging content to get more customers:

1. Develop a strategy.
Every house needs a foundation. The same goes for your content marketing. Entrepreneurs creating a blog need to lay out a strategy that focuses on their goals.

As an example, Drift, a messaging app that helps you grow your business, utilizes their blog to create a voice around sales, marketing and customer acquisition. In under eight months, their blog has grown to over 30,000 monthly visitors without a budget, making their company a thought leader in messaging apps.

To develop your strategy, I suggest reading the Grow and Convert blog where Benji Hyam details the Google Suggested Search hack. This basically involves long tail search terms focused around how-to questions, comparisons and questions.

2. Gain credibility.
You have the right foundation for your content strategy. Now you will want to know how to create the content to execute on that strategy.

There are different ways to establish credibility and some ways are better than others. Getting press attention, interviewing influencers in your industry, blogging on other company blogs and answering questions online are all ways to gain credibility.

As an example, at my startup Sourcify where we help entrepreneurs find the right manufacturer in minutes, we like answering specific questions on Quora that address the pain point we are solving. This not only gets us traffic, but also boosts credibility as people upvote our answers.

3. Utilize social media.
Social media is one of the best ways to share your content. With that said, social media is all about engagement and far too many companies overlook this fact. Companies today post on social like they’re talking to a brick wall.

Hillel Fuld, one of the world’s top tech bloggers and co-founder of ZCast recently told me a story of when Gary Vaynerchuck explained the return on investment of social media. He described social media as being your mom. Mothers are always there to compliment their children and instill confidence. Social media is there to do the same for your customers.

Though content marketing may not show immediate results or returns, it is a must in today’s world of online marketing. By growing your blog or starting a podcast, you’ll see long term growth and gains that you wouldn’t have imagined possible. You could be invited to speak at major events or write for major publications, but if you don’t start now, who knows where your content could lead you.

Hoping you enjoyed “3 Keys to Create Engaging Content for More Customers and Sales”. I will keep a lookout for articles I think you might enjoy that are relevant and continue to share them regularly. Hoping it helps you drive closer to your dreams and goals….faster

We really love hearing from you and invite you to leave a comment below and maybe even share the article by clicking one or more of the social buttons below.

Content Marketing: Getting People to Know, Like and Trust You.

MLM Leads

US High Income MLM Leads

Finally: US High Income MLM Leads

Brand new to Apache Leads is the mlm leads you have been waiting for!  Propects who actually have the money to join your home business opportunity.

You know from experience that often times, regular leads are very interested in making money from home and would love to get into your business opportunity but they lack the money to get started.  This is frustrating for you and for the prospect.  There is no need to have to go through this drama anymore.  Imagine, no more concerns about the lead being able to afford to join your work at home biz op.  Those days are gone with our brand new U.S. High Income MLM Leads.

These leads have completed a survey online and by email; they were promised to be shown a home business opportunity.  They have attested that their income is over $75,000 per year.  That is the entry level to be considered a U.S. High Income MLM Lead.  Many of these leads have incomes which are even much higher than that.

Get your best phone calling script ready, maybe even consult with your upline about which script to use.  Make a few practice calls and then grab yourself a bunch of these high income leads.  Remember you only need a handful of people who are keen business builders for you to make it to the top!   We do not have an infinite supply of these awesome leads so we expect they will be in high demand.

Don’t miss out, order U.S. High Income Leads now while you still can.

If you already have a Leads Manager Account then please click here and after you log in go to US leads.

If you are new to Apache Leads and do not have a Leads Manager account you can get one here and you can also learn about U.S. High Income MLM Leads here

As always Apache Leads is endeavoring to bring you the very best MLM Leads in the world.  Once again we have set a new high in the industry with high income leads.  If you have any questions, please ask in the comment box below.

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Heres Why SMS Marketing Is Literally the Best Idea Ever

Here’s Why SMS Marketing Is Literally the Best Idea Ever

Here’s Why SMS Marketing Is Literally the Best Idea Ever

Texts are quick and cheap, and always read by everyone.

I’m always surprised that more network marketers are not using SMS/Text to contact large numbers of leads.  It’s legal, it’s ethical and it so much easier than dialing thousands of leads on the phone right?

Have a read of this really interesting article I just saw on Entrepreneur and then check out our amazing offer on how you can get in on this super method for recruiting in both Australia and the US.

This post is a response to Here’s Why SMS Marketing is Literally the Worst Idea Ever.

*Ding ding* One new text. Maybe it’s that cute boy you’ve been talking to in chem class. Maybe it’s your boss wanting to congratulate you on your performance. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s an irresistible text offer from your favorite retail chain. What’s the first thing you do? Open it, duh. If you swipe left and delete the message before even reading it — well kudos to you, you’re a borderline extraterrestrial. Personally, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t open a text message, and I’m sure you can agree.

Here’s a little bit more about SMS marketing and proof to back up my bold claim.

It’s not spam.

SMS messaging follows the rules of permission based marketing. It’s 100 percent opt-in based. Simply put, customers have to give their expressed consent before receiving SMS messages. This can be done in one of three ways. New subscribers can double opt-in¹ via web widget, add their cell number to a compliant sign-up form or text to join. The latter is the most common. After opting in, the new subscriber will receive an auto reply confirming their subscription. If the opt-in was accidental, they can simply reply STOP, and all messaging will cease.

(Don’s Edit: I want to just add here that leads who complete a survey form on the web requesting information about a home business are giving you permission to text them, email them or call them)

Everyone reads texts. 

Ok, well almost everyone — 90 percent of all text messages are read within three minutes of being received. This isn’t just a fluffy statistic. Recent research gathered by also suggests that “almost one third of of those targeted with SMS advertising campaigns respond to the correspondence; with almost half of this group going on to make a purchase.” This research totally speaks for itself. And yes, U.S. citizens can register with the do not call registry, but this has nothing to do with the sending and receiving of SMS.

In the article cited at the beginning of this post, the author boldly claims that “a major chunk of the population is already registered with the DND.” First, there is no clear statistical research backing up this assumption. Second, in the U.S., the Do Not Call registry protects consumers from just that — unwanted calls. It’s designed to prevent telemarketers from harassing consumers. This has absolutely nothing to do with text messaging. Now, if for some reason you do find yourself receiving unwanted text messages, you can file a complaint. But, knowing the permission-based nature of this marketing method, you may never confront this issue.

Character limitation forces marketers to get right to the point.

There is a 160 character limit on text messages. With SMS, it’s simply about providing an irresistible offer. There’s no point in droning on and on with a 300-word marketing message. Subscribers are opting in to receive an exclusive offer, not to hear about how your day is going. Our current digital age rewards simple marketing messages with easy to understand calls to action. The 160 character limit on SMS messages is actually ideal.

Now, just like with any other marketing method, can SMS sometimes come off as obnoxious? Absolutely. But so can Facebook, direct mail, pay-per-click ads, and so on. It’s not necessarily the channel, but instead the quality of the message and offer.

OK ready to learn a bit more about this exciting approach to mass marketing / recruiting?

Imagine sending out say 1,000 texts each day with a cool message and an instruction to call back for more information.  That’s how to get hot interested leads to call you. We have everything you need to get started.

We have US Mobile Leads which are all 100% mobile numbers, plus all the usual contact information. We have Australian Mobile Leads which are mostly for SMS Texting Marketing.

To teach you how to choose a system to send your SMS message to thousands of leads and how to design a message that get results we put together the ultimate guide.  Initially we wrote the course for Ringless Voicemail Drops but we should have chosen a better name because it works exactly the same way for SMS Marketing

There you have it an explanation of “Here’s Why SMS Marketing Is Literally the Best Idea Ever”  it truly is a fantastically easy method to have any number of leads calling you wanting more information and you can set it all in motion by the press of a button!

Get the drop on your competitors and get it set up and running today

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Everything You Need To Build An Online Business

Building your own income-generating website was never easier!

Site Build-It (SBI) is an online service that helps you build your own money-making website. With SBI you can create multiple streams of passive income and earn income even while you sleep.

Ken Evoy is the entrepreneur who founded SBI. Many years ago he wrote a book to teach people how to build their own money-making websites. The book was very popular and sold more than 100,000 copies.

You can grab a free copy of Kens book here

After the book became a hit, Ken built an online service to automate the action steps in the book as much as possible, thereby making it even easier for people to build money-making websites. He named the service Site Built-It (also called SBI).

Tons of people began joining SBI and used it to create their own passive income streams. As more and more people began making good money with their own websites, word of mouth spread, and SBI became even more popular.

Ken added private discussion forums, so SBI users could connect with each other and share tips, ideas, and resources to help grow their incomes even more. Those forums became another valuable part of SBI, adding an ongoing coaching element to it. The forums are especially helpful for people who are new to online business.

The SBI team continues to upgrade the service keeping it in line with current best practices.  It’s always using current proven technology, you never need to be concerned about learning any technical stuff, you can just focus on making the money.

What most people like best about SBI is that it teaches people how to generate multiple ongoing streams of passive income by creating quality websites that provide real value to the site visitors.  You might have noticed if you have used Apache Leads that we work especially hard to provide a lot of value through free training content.   This is the same concept, over deliver and under promise.

Building and owning a money-making website

If you only want to build a simple website, such as an online resume or a personal blog that only your friends and family will read, you don’t need SBI. For that type of site, just use WordPress.

SBI is a service for building money-making websites. With SBI the focus is on helping you create streams of passive income. SBI gives you the tools, coaching, and guidance to make that happen.

The most difficult part of building a successful online business is growing your traffic. If you want income, you’re going to need traffic. Building a high-traffic website is more difficult than most people realize.

Helping you build traffic is SBI’s key strength. SBI will help you lay a solid foundation by choosing the right type of website to build, the right topic, and the right name for your site. They’ll teach you how to create strong content that attracts visitors and promotes sharing. They’ll provide you with solid research tools for deciding what to put on your website. They’ll help you promote your website in the most efficient ways, so you can attract many visitors to your site for free.

Benefits of SBI

Here are some of the many benefits of using SBI:

Earn passive income

Use SBI to create multiple streams of passive income, so your website makes money for you, even while you’re sleeping.

Achieve your income goals faster

Follow SBI’s proven step-by-step process to build and grow your business faster than you otherwise would.

Enjoy more freedom and abundance

When the traffic and income start flowing, you can improve your lifestyle.

Quit your day job

Many SBI users quit their jobs and live off their passive income streams.

Simplify your life

SBI provides an all-in-one solution with all the tools, training, and support you need. This keeps your business simple and easy to run.

Make better decisions

SBI provides decision-making tools to help you make wise choices regarding your site’s name, topic, content, and more.

Grow your traffic

SBI provides the training, tools, and coaching you need to promote your site and attract lots of visitors. More visitors means more income.

Let the pros help you

SBI does the heavy-lifting for you, so you don’t need to know how to program or how to build a website. You don’t even have to research which tools to use because SBI has already done that for you.

Get coaching and social support

Get all the help you need from experienced entrepreneurs in the SBI forums. This is like having a team of business coaches available to you 24/7.

Contribute to the world

Use your SBI site to contribute value to the world. SBI has tools to help you discover untapped sources of value. Even children are using SBI successfully.

Get started with SBI

I encourage you to use SBI to create your own money-making website. Why bother with a regular job when you can earn passive income online and enjoy more freedom?

SBI comes with a money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk to try it. You can test drive it for 30 days and still get a full refund if you like. So it makes sense to go for it.

When you’re enjoying the benefits of passive income, you’ll be glad you took action. There’s no substitute for freedom

Having more than one stream of passive income is much safer than only having one income.  Think about it, when is the best time to dig a well for water?  Before you’re thirsty or when you are dying of thirst?


Apacheleads winning mlm phone scripts

Professionals Use MLM Phone Scripts, Amateurs Don’t, They Fail and Quit.

Professionals Use MLM Phone Scripts, Amateurs Don’t, They Fail and Quit.

 Harsh words kids but I can’t sugar coat this lesson, it’s just too important to your future.

Let me say it another way, to make sure it’s super clear:  If you are not using a professional phone script to call leads, you are going to fail and quit, I can guarantee that 100%!

How the hell would I know that you might ask and that would be a reasonable question.  I began in MLM in February 1992, before the internet and before MLM Leads.  I had to do my own prospecting and my own calls.  I made thousands of calls and became very good at making calls.  I could get a meeting with anyone, which was not as good as it sounds.  I sometimes forgot the primary reason to be calling a lead, but I’ll cover that later.

The important thing is I used a script which was killer and I very rarely needed to go “off script”.  I had used the same script so many times I didn’t need it to be written down in front of me anymore, it was pretty much tattooed onto my brain.

Why Use Scripts?

Some people are skeptical of scripts. They recommend you be “natural”, that you simply shoot from the hip, say whatever comes to mind, and let things just be conversational.  That is, quite possibly, the worst advice in the history of giving advice.

Using a script allows you to test new things and to measure its success.  Random conversations are not measurable and just as importantly, they are not something your downline can duplicate.

Eventually the script you find works best for you, will be memorized and it will flow easily.  You will even find yourself modifying it as you go along.  All that is good and as it should be.

Injecting your own personality and modifying the script to meet the circumstances of the call are good things.

The bottom line is to use one because it’s a major difference between professional networkers and those who remain amateurs.

Professionals use scripts, amateurs don’t.

As I mentioned earlier, I first started in MLM in 1992 since then I have, through my networking and my leads business, spoken to thousands of network marketers and those who achieved success quickly, all had one thing in common.

They practiced making calls.

They would practice with their upline and with their downline.  Picking up tips and sharing them downline.  Making practice calls helps to memorize the script and helps you learn to say it naturally instead of sounding like you are reading it.

Amateurs do not have a script and they do not practice calls, instead they just blame the prospects.

Lastly, keep the following in mind: calling a prospect is about qualifying them or disqualifying them.  What I mean by that is you need to decide if this prospect even qualifies to learn anything about your business.   Your primary objective in the first call is NOT to try and coerce some poor unqualified prospect to watch your presentation.  That just leads to wasted time and frustration.  Qualify your leads.

Pick a script and stick to it.

You can grab plenty of Kindle books full of amazing scripts on Amazon  and you can also download all my free phone scripts here.

apache leads winning mlm phone scripts

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That Night In Davao When We Went To Bulk Pack Burger Station


Last night we were wandering the streets of downtown Davao City and came across what may be the worst named burger joint

“Bulk Pack Burger Station”

These 4 hotdogs cost less than 50 cents for the lot and sadly that was well overpriced. We ended up giving them away to some hungry looking street kids, who definitely appreciated them much more than we would have.

We were a little excited and loud but seemed to keep the staff and customers amused and entertained for quite some time.

This one is a selfie including the lovely girls who put up with our idiocy while still managing to cook and serve the other customers

Don In Davao

Don In Davao

Davao City is the home town of the current President.  He was the Mayor here for many years.  His daughter is the current mayor.  President Duterte ran this city with an iron fist.  He got rid of all the drug dealers and most criminals. His methods are very controversial.  It’s basically using vigilantes to gun down dealers on the streets.  In the past 90 days over 2,000 killings have taken place around the country.  No one seems to think that’s bad.

Davao City is one of the safest cities in the Philippines.  Mind you that’s not saying much as the entire country is really quite dangerous.

Funnily enough it never actually feels dangerous in Davao.  We first came here in 2013 and established a company here (Shenanigans Inc) and opened an office.  The office is the workplace for about 35 people who mostly work for my son, Kris.  He has built a very successful business which helps websites rank well on Google and manages their reputations.  If you need some work along thos elines, please do check out Ardor SEO

I’m currently here to train some new Customer Support staff who you will soon be interacting with on the phone and live chat.  Also it had been a few years since I was last here.

NEW SERVICE:  Would your website benefit from providing a 24/7 live chat service?  Because we have the trained staff here anyway, we can very easily provide the same service for your website.  We can take calls, take live chats and even respond to emails.  Contact us for more information

Speaking of websites, one thing yours really needs is visitors.  The company you are with mos tlikely provides you with a beautiful, informative site which just needs people to come and visit it.  The more people who come to it, the more who will join your business.  There are a few ways you can increase the visitors to your site.  You can try getting the site to rank in google, but that will be quite difficult and take a lot of time.

You can buy traffic from Facebook advertising which is instant and can be targeted specifically to give you very high quality visitors.  Of course there is a learning curve involved with this but its really not very hard.  You could probably get a campaign going within one day.  If you would like to learn from experts, I highly recommend joining Digital Marketer.   This link takes you to a $1 Trial  (not an affiliate link)

The other way to get targeted traffic to your website is to simply buy a package from us.  Yes we sell home based business traffic and if you order today you can have some home business seekers coming to your site iwthin 24 hours.

We dear reader, it’s a big holiday here for a festival and I can hear drums beating and must be away to investigate and no doubt get up to some sort of shenanigans.

Meanwhile, please share this post, like it and or comment.  I do love to hear your thoughts and always reply to every comment.  Also have you seen our Apache Leads Facebook page?  I have to say it’s pretty good and has a bunch of great stuff on there. Check it out