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That Time We Went Off The Grid

In this post I describe That Time We Went Off The Grid in the Philippines and you can discover how to do it too!

We were picked up in a minibus at our hotel in Iloilo Philippines early on Wednesday morning.  Armed with snacks and drinks we settled in for a 3 hour drive to the boat harbor where our outrigger boat would be waiting to take us to

Isle Gigantes where we would spend 3 days without internet, without phones and with very minimal electricity.

The trip begins

We all felt a little bit of dread but we had all seen the photos of these amazingly beautiful tropical islands so we figured it was going to be well and truly worth it. (spoiler alert: it was definitely worth it)

When we arrived on the wharf we were greeted by a crowd of people.  Some of whom were the people running the tour.  Everyone was super friendly.  They ushered us out of the minibus and insisted we leave our bags and that the guys would load them onto the boat.  Meanwhile we should come and sit in the shade and have something to drink.

After sorting out the money side of things we were directed to the boat and off we went.  The day was lovely, nice blue sky, calm sea, light breeze.  Under instructions from the skipper we wore our bright orange life jackets, even though it is nearly impossible to sink or capsize these boats.

After an hour of sailing we arrived at an island which was on the way to ours.  The boat stopped as it ran out of water very close to the beach.  A plank was put down and we unsteadily scampered down to the beach.  It was not the white sand I’m used to in Australia but broken up coral. Coconut trees waving from the edge of the beach made it very picturesque.

We went for a swim while the crew and our hosts prepared lunch.  The warm tropical water was crystal clear and so refreshing.  Tiny fish could be seen flitting around our legs.

Theary holds up a crab

Theary displaying one of the many crabs

Soon lunch was ready, I doubt many westerners have ever seen anything like this and it’s going to sound like an exaggeration; there were dozens of large fresh crabs and then another heap in bowl of a mild curry.

The food was amazing in both taste and quantity; I can tell you that each of these crabs would cost at least $60 back in Brisbane. It’s amazing to see but we ate it all.  A dog was hanging around me at the table and hungrily ate any scraps including the crab shell whenever I dropped a morsel in his vicinity.

We lazily climbed back onto the boat after having made some silly jokes about helping with the washing up

In about 10 minutes our island came into view. The harbor was guarded by a reef which can only be seen at low tide.  Fishing boats were dotted all around the harbor and even more were up on the sand in various states of repair.

Our hosts led us to our compound which consisted of half a dozen huts and a communal eating and relaxing area.  By that I mean it had some handmade tables and bench seats which were reminiscent of hastily made saw horses.


panorama view of the living area of our camp

panorama view of the living area of our camp

A few of us went for a walk after we had all been assigned a hut.   We found the village to be full of the friendliest people on earth.  Everyone was intrigued to see these three white guys wandering around their village but no one was worried, they all waved and the kids all said hello.  It was really nice.  We stopped at some little shops and bought some bananas and some barbecued corn on the cob.

Time for some drinks so we went back to the dining area under a makeshift tent.  Now that it was getting dark the generator was turned on and so we had some light and fans.  There were no other electrical appliances.  I produced a bottle of Johnnie Walker Double Black.  Magically some cups and ice appeared, which made it all very civilized.

Theary sent me off for a shower which was an enclosure with no roof.  The shower or more accurately “bathing area and toilet” The toilet flush was a scoop of water and the shower was the same scoop tipped over one’s head and body.  This is roughing it folks, but refreshing nonetheless.

After a dinner of spaghetti made in the Filipino manner which is incredibly sugar laden and not to my taste, we went back to the beach.  We built a fire on the beach.  A bunch of kids came by so we gave them some marshmallows to toast.

don reid - apache mlm leads - sitting around the beach fire

red in glow from the beach fire not the red horse beer

We “adults” decided to try the working man’s beer.  It’s called “Red Horse” beer.  This was my first time so it was a bit of a surprise, it’s drunk with a fair bit of ice so that its really cold.  Its nearly 8% alcohol so it’s pretty strong for beer and I might add it goes down a treat!

We were all pretty tired as it had been a long day and an even bigger one was promised for tomorrow.  I’ve been in the tropics for over 5 years now but admit it was very difficult to get comfortable with just a fan.  I discovered during the night that the generator was not producing a very stable electricity supply.  It must have been surging and dropping.

The silly fan in our cabin was not your basic electric one, they had opted for a fancy pants electronic one.  As soon as the voltage dropped the fan turned itself off and would not restart.  So of course, I would wake lathered in sweat.  The lights outside the cabin in the dining area were also electronic like all lights these days and would dim and then flare up in tune with the generator.  No switches could be found.

So at 3am I went out to the dining area.  Weird surreal time for me; sitting there alone with only an occasional cat wandering through the camp for company.

using a rope to climb the mountain

using a rope to climb the mountain

Mind you one of the crew was sleeping peacefully on a bench.  I was kind of jealous as I knew I would be tired in the morning.

A little before dawn I went back to bed and crashed out for a nap and got up in time for breakfast of coffee.  Our hosts prepared, fried eggs, some quite chewy and sour cupcakes and some sweet cakes.  The coffee was enough for me.

It was then announced that the first activity of the day was to climb a mountain in order to clamber about in a cave.  Everyone in the group knew not to even bother asking if I was going to come along.  So as they marched off on their mountaineering safari, I headed back to bed.  It’s amazing how fast I can fall asleep sometimes, not often enough I might add.

About an hour later I woke up refreshed, went out to the dining table and made another coffee and settled down to read a book.  Absolutely highly recommend this book by Dan Kennedy  It’s called “No BS Guide To Direct Response Social Media Marketing”

Just as I was getting settled one of our party came dashing into the camp clearly in a distressed condition.  Quickly it was established that she had been attacked by some sort of jelly fish with tentacles.  Her lower leg had ugly red welts all over it and the venom was causing considerable pain.

Some of the staff began pouring what appeared to be bleach onto the wounds.


inside the cave

inside the cave

This had all happened after they had climbed the mountain and explored the huge cavern and cave.

Then rather than return the same way, they opted to climb down to the water via the jungle and wade back in the water.  That’s when the dreaded jelly fish attacked!!

Soon the rest of the party returned and we learned that Theary had also been attacked and had similar welts on her leg.  My mate, Patrick had carried her about a kilometer in the water.

Anyway after a fairly short time their  pain was mostly gone and we boarded the boat for another island. This island contained a hidden lagoon just like you see in the movies.  The boat was pulled alongside a rocky outcrop and we clambered ashore.  The island was very rocky and had a clearly volcanic origin.  We climbed unsteadily (well me anyway) over a dozen meters of rocky track until the lagoon was revealed.


don and theary at the lagoon

don and theary at the lagoon


The lagoon was clear, emerald green and super refreshing to swim in.  


the whole team n the lagoon

the whole team n the lagoon


Next stop was another island for more seafood lunch!

This was a very small island with a few huts, some stray dogs and some cliff jumping spots. Of course the giant spread of crab and other assorted seafood was laid out for lunch again.  I reckon we must have eaten $1,000 worth of crab.

After lunch and another swim we jumped aboard and headed to the jewel in the crown.  This island has a small hill naturally carved from rocks.  It’s a bit of a climb but well worth it as it gives a fantastic view of the entire island and is fantastic for photographs.


gigantes island, the most spectacular view

gigantes island, the most spectacular view


What was the cost of this epic adventure?

Dear reader, I’m going to reveal how much this adventure cost and I hope you are sitting down and don’t end up throwing something at your computer screen.  Allow me to recap what it included.  Transport, 3 hours each way from our hotel to the boat, 3 days of boat trips, 2 nights of accommodation, 7 islands, all meals and drinks.  Best of all was none of us ever had to lift a finger, no bag carrying, no cleaning, no cooking, no washing up, nothing.

The whole thing cost us P4,400 (Philippines Pesos) which is about $US100 each.   Yep a measly 100 bucks.  I’m willing to bet you were thinking this was going to cost us a truckload of money right?

This was an epic adventure and my poor writing skills do not do it justice.  This was something we will all remember for the rest of our days and it was so incredibly cheap.  There are adventures like this going on all over the world all the time and they do not have to break the bank.

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Get your passport, your swimmers, snorkel and join us on the beaches of the world.

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Apache Leads Jason Lee MLM Recruiting

MLM Recruiting with Jason Lee

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jason Lee, a true super star in network marketing.  Jason is a really dynamic guy with a ton of experience when it comes to growing big MLM businesses fast and even more importantly, efficiently.

Jason Lee Apache MLM Leads

Jason Lee Network Marketing Coach

Really, why do things the hard way when you can use all the tools available to everyone these days and make the task so much easier and faster.  Jason is a Network Marketing Coach with plenty of runs on the board.  Check out the Jason Lee Facebook page and the JasonLeeHQ blog

Jason recently wrote one of the very best posts I’ve ever seen

It’s about the different tools and methods of generating leads and converting them into awesome team members.  While I was devouring his article I was wishing I had written it.  If you want to learn more about MLM Recruiting , do yourself a favor and check out his post.

He really tore into the paid mlm leads industry but fortunately was very kind to Apache Leads (phew!)

Jason’s team have been testing Apache Leads and other leads companies (We were unaware of this) for a while now and we were very pleased to be selected by Jasons team to partner up and provide MLM Leads for his team.   If you have a growing team of 100 or more and would like to learn more about a team support system, please do contact us via the usual channels. We can offer you and your team a range of benefits which can definitely help get your team closer to their dreams faster.

Meanwhile, if you want to discover some very cool ways to attract and generate leads, please do go over and check out the really great article Jason posted, he clearly put a ton of effort into this and could charge hundreds of dollars for this very valuable training.  Let him know you came from Apache Leads by leaving a comment at the bottom of his post. He might buy me a gin tonic for that!

As a partner to Jasons team and yours, Apache Leads has a lot of leads and services designed specifically to support you and we stand behind every product on our site.  Currently I’m in the Philippines adding more customer support staff to our team.  Pretty soon we will be available 24 hours a day.

Some of the services apart from leads which are proving to be winners in fast MLM business building are you the Real Time Phone Interviewed MLM Leads, the Mobile SMS Texting Marketing Leads  and our beautiful MLM Leads Capture Pages. The key is to have a bunch of strategies all working together to get the momentum and growth you need in your network marketing business.  Have you ever thought about getting your own videos ranked on YouTube?  Here’s our Cheatsheet on getting ranked on YouTube

A super popular modern method is the Ringless Voicemail Drop.  This allows you to contact thousands of prospects at the touch of a button and have them call you!!  Training for the Ringless Voicemail Drop System is available here.

OK guys thanks for reading and as always please like and comment if you got anything from this post

MLM Leads Are Not Magic Beans

MLM Leads Are NOT Magic Beans

MLM Leads are a great tool but they are not magic beans.  Like any tool it’s up to the person using the tool to learn the skills required to get the best from the tool.

Carpenters spend years learning how to use the tools of their trade, Doctors, Pilots, Lawyers, Bus Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Sales People, everyone needs to learn the skills of their trade.

MLM or Network Marketing is no different yet every single day I speak to new people on live chat and they come across as way too  know it all to be teachable.  The irony of them being on live chat asking for help escapes them totally.   Got to laugh.

Here’s two tips that I mentioned in the video above which bear repeating here.

Tip 1: The absolute best leads are the Real Time Phone Interviewed MLM Leads. There is simply no question about that. They are the best because they had to spend time completing a comprehensive survey form.

The questions they gave are included with the lead so you can really establish a solid trusting relationship.

In addition to that our own Call Center phoned them and interviewed the leads. Only those who passed the interview are used as Phone Interviewed Leads.

Unlike our competitors we publish the script we use and we even record the interviews. We use real humans to make the calls not robocalls.

You can see more information here

US Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads

Aussie Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads

"Real Time" means we deliver the leads to you as soon as we finish the phone interview with the prospects. You can't get a better fresher lead than that anywhere in the world

Tip 2: Your skill level is tied exactly to your success level.  If you only want a little success then great, don’t bother getting any training.  If you truly want to grow a business which can support the life style you and your family deserve then YOU NEED TO CHANGE.  What?!?!?

YES you need to change because the knowledge and skill levels you already possess got you this far in life.

Are you happy with where your lifestyle is right now this very moment?


Good that’s the first step to improving.  I know it’s an old saying and you might have heard it before but it’s dead-set true and you might as well accept that and start applying it to yourself.


We are all a sum of the books we have read and the people we hang out with.  That’s why we are all at where we are today.

Apache Leads has invested a great deal of time and money for you.  We have provided you with some top class training manuals for free.  Did you read them….did you?  Downloading them (sadly) does not magically transfer the information to your brain.  You need to dust those books off and crack them open and devour the information and then practice practice practice.

You’re maybe thinking I’m harping on and being a bit tough in the post, it’s because I give a shit and want you to achieve the success you deserve. I see thousands of networkers come and go, it’s a 90 day cycle.  More quit than make it big.  You know this right?

Which side of the ledger will you be on …. the quitters or the winners?

Please do comment below with your toughest struggle right now and I will do my best to help out.

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Apacheleads Phuket

August is Adventure Month


August is definitely shaping up as “Adventure Month” for us.

Late next week I’ll be heading to Bangkok for a couple of nights to meet with a business associate to discuss a joint venture.  Of course we will have our meeting over a few refreshing drinks at the worlds most famous alley bar, Cheap Charlies. It’s the most amazingly weird bar I’ve ever seen and is always a “must visit” on any trip to Bangkok.  Sadly it will be closing soon to make way for yet another Hotel, so if you’re going to get to Charlies, you better get going on it.

After Bangkok, Then Theary and I are going to Pattaya (Thailand) for a few days in what looks like a gorgeous hotel on the beach. It’s 5 star and cost a measley $35 per night for a luxury room with ocean view.  Pattaya is a short freeway ride to the east of Bangkok.  It’s a mixture of wild crazy nightlife  and upmarket resort and retirement places.

On the 1st August we are flying to the Philippines for a few days on these islands of mind blowing beauty.

Then we will fly down to Davao City (Philippines) to our office and interview some staff for customer support and call center duties.  Davao is where the new President of the Philippines was the Mayor for many years.  He ruled with an iron fist and is alleged to have a vigilante force which were ruthless in wiping out serious crime, in particular drug dealing.  Davao City may have been thefirst city in the world to entrely ban smoking.

After a couple of weeks in Davao we will need to get to a beach again so, on the 30th August we will probably go to Phuket, (Thailand)

So a busy month coming up

What’s the point of me telling you this?

I really had to give posting this quite a lot of thought because some people are definitely going to take it the wrong way.  They will label me as a show off asshole.  Well yeah ok, that’s up to them but they are missing the point.

The point is that when you and I mean you, achieve time and money freedom this is how you could choose to spend a month.  Occasionaly, sharing some of my rather frequent trips and adventures is to prove to you that it really all is possible.  Sure, there are things we all need to learn in order to build a business and often that is going to take soem personal development as well.

Think about it, if we all knew how to build a business and had already been blessed with an awesome personality then it stands to reason we already would have a huge booming business which was still growing everyday.

I had to learn so much stuff and still have to study every day, because if I don’t I’m afraid that I’ll go backwards and no one likes to go backwards.  This blog you are on right now has a ton of tips and mini-lessons which WILL help you grow your business faster.  We also have a FREE club for those wanting even more free training.  It’s called “The Insiders Club”

Apache Leads has invested thousands of dollars in our unique and free Leads Manager.  We are continuing to add more features and improvements every week.  Some you see and some are behind the scenes.  We are striving to make working with us super easy, efficient and very rewarding for you.  The Leads Manager is a marvelous tool for any Network Marketer seriously wanting to build a business and finally achieve the dream of financial freedom.  Please do check out The Leads Manager and see how good it is.  It’s 100% Free

Whats in it for you and me?

Great question!  So glad you asked it.  MLM and the leads business are very closely aligned.  Allow me to explain;  your busienss grows when you share it with new people, introduce them to the products and train them how to buy leads and make calls and sponsor people.  So basically, you need to help some people get what they want so you get what you want.

My business is no different.  We only grow and get what we want if you get what you want.  We really want your busienss to grow and for you and your downline to kepe working with us.  That’s what makes our business grow and provides the lifestyle we want.

This is why we provide so much free training and the very best leads possible.

We want to meet you on the beaches of the world.  Come on, we’re waiting and there is plenty of room for all of us


Don Reid

They Laughed When I Joined an MLM But When I Walked Across Stage…

They Laughed When I Joined an MLM But When I Walked Across Stage…

When you first join an MLM / Network Marketing company many, if not all, your friends and family are going to laugh.  They will do this either to your face or behind your back, but laugh they will.   I know, they all did it to me.

You may wonder why are they doing this.  They are your friends and family right?  These are the people who are meant to …well maybe not love you but at least like you right?  Just kidding, there is no doubt your mum loves you.

The reason they are laughing is not because they don’t like you, in fact it’s probably the opposite, they do like you.  They just don’t want you to be a success.  Deep inside they want you to fail and be just like them.  It’s a sad fact that if you are a success then it makes them look bad because your success would remove all their reasons for being a failure.

There would be no excuses anymore.

Maybe you haven’t seen this with your own eyes but it’s a true thing.  If you have a bucket of live crabs, every now and then you will see one climb up on top of the others and reach up to the rim of the bucket.  As this daring crab struggles to pull himself out of the bucket and find freedom all of a sudden he will be noticed by the

crab mentality

crabs in a bucket will pull each other back down and prevent each other escaping

others who will literally grab him and pull him back down to their level

You need to be like a knight in shining armor.  The knights wore armor to protect themselves from attack by swords and other nasty weapons.  People are going to attack you, not with weapons but with words.

They will try to steal your dream

You need to wear armor against these attacks to protect yourself and to keep your dream alive.  Stay positive and don’t let anyone steal your dream

When I joined an MLM in 2002 everyone laughed and tried to steal my dream.  I worked hard on building that business from early in the morning until late at night, every day.   It wasn’t easy work but it was a lot easier than digging a ditch in the hot summer sun for a living, which I’ve also done.

Every day I was getting over 100 free signups and over 10 paid signups, sometimes 30 or more in a day.  My business had momentum and it came from being focused and doing what was needed to grow the business.

No one ever asked me if I liked this work, no one cared and neither did I.  I didn’t like it at all but I was getting more and more excited every day as I saw more people joining my business.  No one helped, no one applauded along the way.  Lots of people looked down on me and even laughed.

A little over 3 months after starting this business I went to the company convention in Orlando Florida.

It was a huge event where they recognized new levels people had achieved.  Thousands of people were there and it was a great opportunity to finally meet many of the people in my business for the very first time.  What a rush as they treated me like a celebrity, it was like they all knew me already.  I really was getting quite light headed from it all.

Eventually my name was called from the stage.  A big slide announced my name and my new level.  I walked up onto the stage to a tumultuous applause and

Don Reid Diamond

After receiving my Diamond pin and award for the fastest growing business

cheering.  I honestly felt incredibly self-conscious.  But what a blast looking out at the huge crowd all clapping for me as the founder came and congratulated me for reaching the new level of Diamond in record time!

What a blast, Diamond Level after 3 months

It was all worth it and no one ever laughed about it again, especially when I showed them my monthly checks!

Have the last laugh, do the work, protect your dream and we will ….


….see you on the beaches

Bulk Messaging

Bulk Text Messaging

These days we all face a constant uninterrupted barrage of noise from advertising, phone calls, social media,email, billboards, etc etc, it is increasing by the day according to many recent reports.

As a marketer this is making your job of communicating with your prospects more difficult by the day.  The bad news is it’s only going to get worse.

The good news is there is one avenue which people can still be reliably reached and you can be 97% sure they will open and read your message.

Being the sharp operator I know you to be, you already know what I’m talking about.

Text Messaging

bulk text messaging

The Growth Of Text Messaging

Yes that’s right it’s one of the very few mediums which is pretty much guaranteed to be seen by the receiver. Not many people can resist reading a text message right?

But who is going to sit around texting prospects one at a time, not you I bet

No way

It’s much easier and way more productive to send out hundreds of text messages at the press of a button.

Imagine hundreds of people receiving your message and calling back wanting more information.  Would that help your business grow in leaps and bounds?   You betcha it would!

We recommend Leads Rain for your cloud based texting service.   It’s very competitively priced, has a ton of features and is easy to use.  Yes they will allow you to import leads you purchase from Apache Leads.

Leads Rain works for the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia

Go here to check it out. Navigate to the Cloud Texting to find all the information you need to get started today

Leads Rain also are our recommended service for Ringless Voicemail Drops.  You can read our course on this new amazing way to get thousands of leads calling you and get a discount coupon for Mobile Leads here.   If you are already up to speed on Voicemail Drops and Bulk Text Mesaging then get a hot supply of Mobile Leads here

If you wish to use text messaging and / or voicemail drops for Australia then go here to load up on a bunch of Australian Economy MLM Leads.  The vast majority contain mobile phone numbers.

It should be noted that I’m not a lawyer as pretty much anyone could attest to.  If you feel there is a concern in your area about contacting people by text then you should seek your own legal advice.  My thoughts on the matter are that if soemone completes are lead capture form on the internet then they are giving you permission to contact them.  Simple as that, but that’s not legal advice.

Everyone gets and sends text messages everyday, it’s a very common form of communication these days.

A word of advice.  when importing leads into any system whether it’s email, texting or voicemail drops, don’t go over board and import 10,000 leads in one go.  Be sensible and avoid shocking your system provider by importing a few hundred at a time.  That’s a pro tip gained from experience.

So, what are you waiting for, saddle up and get your business automated and really rocking.

We cant wait to see you on the beaches!

HMAS Perth

Who knows where your life will lead

Today on Facebook, I saw the photo above. I served on two of these ships while I was in the Royal Australian Navy about 1,000 years ago.

Instantly it took me back in time to a life of long hours, hard work and the most amazing adventures!

Sailor Don in Suva, Fiji 1974, somewhat hungover

Sailor Don in Suva, Fiji 1974, somewhat hungover

It really was an amazing time for me. My parents had (basically) forced me to join the Navy to get me straightened out. Got to say the Navy did a pretty good job of teaching me to turn up on time, drink to excess, hang out in bars and play poker.

Just kidding, I certainly came out a better person than when I went in. For example I had been a laborer when I joined and left as a qualified Electronics Technician.

I had no idea how my life was going to play out …

When I was discharged I got a job maintaining pinball machines…didnt last long.  Got fired for having a long lunch one day, even though I had worked through every other lunch time.  Then I was employed by Sperry Univac which at the time, was the second largest computer company in the world.  They didnt see the future of PC’s and failed to change fast enough.  They fired me twice.

Then I sold used photocopiers as an interim job until something better came along.  That something was as a Sales Represnetative for Chubb Security.  My job interview basically was about if I “liked a drink”.  I did so was hired.  This was a great job and unexpectedly, I was rather good at it and was their best rep worldwide.  Sadly my drink loving boss was fired and his extremely easy going style went with him.  He was replaced by a German who would have done very well in the Reich.

That didnt suit me so I made myself available and was snapped up by a young Aussie high tech security company.  Once again I did very well and even was promoted to open a new office for them in Silicon Valley in the mid 80’s.

What a rush that was.

I moved there with the family and got a taste of life in the Valley. ( I had already lived in Los angeles for a year while my Navy ship was doing a refit there)

A couple of years later we moved back and I took a job with a Brisbane based company in the same game.  This job was interesting because we worked with another company and developed some cool new products.

All this time I was really wanting to work for myself.

I really didnt enjoy being an employee.  So much politics and most of the time I felt my ideas were better and often they were overlooked.

So in 1989 I left and started my own company which was an Electrical & Security Systems Contractor.  Not the best time to start a new business as it was a terrible time economically and interest rates were 18%!  That’s nearly the same as credit card rates (which are the worlds biggest ripoff).  Even considering the bad economy, the business grew and we employed around 25 people and worked all over the State.  Being an electrical contractor most of these contracts were worth a heck of a lot of money.

One very sad day I learned that the biggest job we had was with a building contractor who just declared bankruptcy.  They owed me over $550,000.  Great.

So I went broke.

We lost everything, including the house and cars.  Had to lay off all the staff and close the business.  I had to go through very humiliating meetings with a liquidator and creditors.  The scorn and derision heaped on me by them is soemthing I will never forget.  Eventually we came to a repayment schedule which was to be inforced by the court.

We were so broke, we had to move in with the inlaws.  That humiliation made what I felt witht he creditors feel like a picnic.

That’s when I joined Amway.

I  also got a job as a sales rep for a company which sold systems for car parking.  Boom gates, ticket machines etc.  I really didnt like it at all, goingback to being an employee was a difficult adjustment.   The head office was in Sydney and I worked out of a serviced office in Brisbane.   There were a bunch of companies using the building and soon enough I met a guy who worked for another Sydney based company.  We got along like a house on fire and pretty soon he offered me his job.

He was moving on to be the State Manager for Ericsson.  His job paid way more than mine and he had a much nicer company car.

I took the job.

the shortcut to success

The Shortcut To Success

Meanwhile on the Amway side of things, I was working the business super hard.  Every night I wa sout either “showing the plan” or helping downline.  I attended every meeting that my upline held and every event.  Trust me there was a lot of them.  I even went to an event in Canberra with the company car which was about 1300 kilometers away.  The boss found out and wasn’t impressed

The Amway business was growing strongly and my friendship with my sponsor was getting very deep.  We were like brothers and spent nearly all our time together.  We even moved into the house next door.   Around this time my boss got tired of me not being a very good employee.  I cant say I blamed him.  He turned up in the office one day and fired me.  No hard feelings on that one, we just were not a good match and I wasn’t very interested in the job.  It wasn’t a very smart mov eon my part though as I was kissing goodbye to $80,000 salary and company car.   I’m really not a very smart person most of the time.

My sponsor and I became totally addicted to computer games and put a team together to write one which I designed called “Gangster”  This was a ton of fun and very educational.  No one was getting paid.  The coders would meet at my sponsors house at night and we would feed them pizza and coke til the early morning.

At the same time we were still building our Amway businesses.  during the day we would go to trade shows and get peoples cards and then call them to show them the plan.

It was all a pretty heavy work load.  After a few months we had a beta version of the game, including awesoem graphics.  It ran on DOS as this was before Windows 95.  We contacted Electronic Arts and took the game to give them a demo.  They loved it!  A lucrative contract was offered.  All was great, the world was full of unicorns and rainbows.

Screeech! Not so fast fella.

The coders revolted and wanted a bigger share…. a much much bigger share.  Lawyers were called, meetings were held, negotiations took place.  The coders agreed to hand over the source code as they had a contract with us which ensured we owned the copyright.

Being pretty naive and inexperienced in these sor tof things we didnt see their next move.

Sure they handed over a disk with the source code on it.  But being clever little geeks, they encrypted it and would not give us the key.

That was the end of that budding career.

Next I got addicted to a stupid thing called AOL, everyone remember them?  I loved to chat on it and stupidly (yes being stupid again) ran up a huge bill because AOL had a time based charge.

Talk about being an idiot.  However it did lead to something good in the end.  A friend of ours heard about the AOL debacle and said you should use the internet it has free chat.

This was 1994, it was the very first time I had even heard of the internet.  Believe it or not he was running an ISP out of his mums garage.  Being a true nerdy geek he lived with his parents.

On top of the highest mountain in Slovakia

On top of the highest mountain in Slovakia

He hooked us up with a free dial up account.

Wow this is getting so long, sorry about that, hope to make it worth it, probably no one reading it anyway.

OK, so here I am with free internet and free chat.  The only problem with the internet chat back in those days was it was called IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and it was very difficult to use.

So I invented a much better user friendly system which incorporated text to speech and avatars which were lip-synced to the words being spoken by the text to speech engine.  It was revolutionary!  It was amazing. I even got in the newspapers about it.

No one really wanted it that much so at the same time we bought our own ISP called Cynergy Internet.  We disrupted the market by offering internet for a dollar a day.  We even made a pretty amazing TV commercial.

Life was good again and money was flowing in.

We also built some websites which processed internet payment transactions, way before anyone else.  I’m even credited with inventing recurring billing.  Don’t hate me.   Business boomed and my career of having internet businesses took off.

In 2002 I got interested in MLM again and joined LifeForce which was a California based health tonic company.  The founders came to Brisbane and I went to a meeting and was super excited.  They announced there would be a convention in Florida in three months.  My excitement was so grand,  I vowed to the founder that I would be there as a new diamond.  Man what was that all about, anyone else ever committed that much and to a founder?

Well I got home and thought …this is going to take a bunch of work, so I got stuck into it.  In a few weeks I got a check in the mail from LifeForce.  I calculated it to be probably around $600.  I was wrong.  I opened it up and my mind was blown!

The check was over $6,000!!

Now my excitement knew no bounds at all.

I slaved on this business all day and most of the night everyday.  It wasn’t easy, it was a lot of work and I was exhausted but you know it was all worth it when I walked across the stage in Florida and was presented as a brand new diamond.  In addition to that I was also awarded the trophy and prize for having the fastest growing business within the entire company.

I’ll cut this story short, you’ve suffered enough.

Later I founded Apache Leads (2003) to assist my downline to grow their businesses.  Soon the word spread and Apache Leads became my life.  I love it, over that time we have helped thousands of network marketers get closer to their dreams and goals.  We have tried ot make it more than a leads company.  We have always wanted to help our clients grow their businesses by providing plenty of free mlm training.

The point is no matter how hard it all gets, the trick is to never give up.  It’s all worth it in the end.   For many years now I’ve lived an amazing life.  I’ve traveled around the world a few times, been to over 40 countries, I can go on vacation whenver and wherever I feel like it.  4 weeks ago I was in Bali and Singapore. Two weeks ago I was in Bangkok.  In march I was in Europe.

YOU can do this business, it just takes that YOU don’t give up.

Find the price for your freedom and pay it, that’s the shortcut.

Thank you so much for reading this, it was kind of you and quite cathartic for me.  If you found it useful, please share it and I would love to hear your thoughts, struggles and success stories in the comments below

Don & Theary in Kampot, Cambodia

Don and Theary in Kampot, Cambodia


Thai Beach

Where Do You Want To Be For Christmas?


Last Christmas day I was on a beach in Thailand with my son and my girlfriend.  It was a glorious day, we swam in the warm clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand.  A Thai lady kept us supplied with icy cold bottles of beer as we sat in the shade on the sandy beach chatting and laughing.

It was a wonderful experience and one you should experience for yourself. 

On a side note I think it’s fair to say I’m never going to make it as a topless model.  Mind you I have lost 7 kilos since that photo was taken.

Here we are in the second half of the year already.  Have you thought to yourself; “wow time is going faster every year”.  Soon enough it’s going to be Christmas. That time of the year that is meant to be fun with family and friends, sharing gifts and partying.

For many it’s not so much fun for the simple reason, they are broke and have to go into more credit card debt to pay for the gifts they want to give.

Imagine if only they had a home based business that could provide all that and more.

Imagine if they had spent the year doing what was needed to grow the business instead of folling themselves with “busy work”.  You know what I mean, straightening out their desk so it’s all neat and tidy for when they find soem time to make calls.   Flipping through the product catalogue and being all excited about the wonderous efeects the latest postion has on skin care.  Chatting to other distributors about how well that new guy crossline from them is doing.

None of those things build a business.  Prospecting people, calling and qualifying leads, getting the leads to presentations, getting them started, teaching them. Doing these things over and over and over causes momentum in the business and solid growth.

All of which leads to new pin levels, walking across stage, becoming more magnetic to prospects and it leads to having a much bigger bank account with zero credit card debt.

Where Do You Want To Be For Christmas?

Whatever it is, do you actually want it enough to take the action needed to get it?

MLM business is not rocket science, it’s a simple formula.  Every MLM busienss has a variation of the same theme.  You help 6 people get what they want and you will get what you want.

That’s the price.  There’s no secrets, there’s not magical bullets, it’s a matter of paying the price, that is the onyl shortcut.

Well that and getting trained by reading self development books, learning the best scripts, overcoming objections and getting people to presentations and meetings.

You can do this business, sure some guys get it easy and move up the ranks quickly.  They do so because they are at a higher level of development than most other people.  They have already paid some of the price by reading self help books and applying what they learnt.  It really does speed things up.

On the Apache Leads site under the TRAINING menu we have a bunch of free downloads to help you.  Just because they are free certainly does not mean they are worthless, quite the contrary.  They will quite probably improve your calls, which gets you better results which in turn, makes calling leads much more enjoyable and profitable.

The faster and bigger your business grows, the more confident you become and the more magnetic.  People will seek you out, they will ask to be in your business.

Pay the price, get it over and done with and spend a vacation on an exotic beach, remember time is speeding up and the years are racing by.  Better to do it now and enjoy a whole bunch of time in the sun.

Since that photo was taken, we’ve been back to Thailand a few times as well as took off for a holiday in Bali, Indonesia and Singapore. Later this year we will be spending 6 weeks in Australia.  The reason for saying this is to prove it to you that the rewards you get from having both time and money freedom are definitely worth any price you have to pay.

I urge you, make the committment and take the action

He’re a photo of myself, a mate of mine and my girlfriend in Bali.   When I say “see you on the beaches” I’m not kidding, you need to be here


Where Do You Want To Be For Christmas?

Let us know where you want to be this Christmas.  Maybe we can meet you there

Giant Trees With Lights & Music In Singapore

Giant Trees With Lights & Music In Singapore

Last night I went along to the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore for a truly spectacular nightly show.  The gardens feature gigantic trees, one so large it has a restuarant on top.

As the sun goes down they let loose with a stunning music and light show which is truly astonishing.

I took a short video to give you a taste and spur you along into building your busienss so you can come and experience this breathtaking show.

The point of showing you this video is to help you realize that the world is full of amazing things to see and do.  Working at a job for 40 odd years takes up most of your time and keeps you enslaved making someone else rich.

You are in a business right now which can break all those bonds and give you freedom of time and money.  Please trust me on this, it’s really worth it.

Figure out the price you are going to have to pay to be free.  For example, if you needed 12 downline members who were actively growing their businesses to begin to be free, then that is the price you need to pay.  Go find those 12 people now and get it over and done with.

It’s like a bandaid, you can take years and years doing it slowly or you can just rip it off and be free years earlier.

I dont know how many people you need in your business to be free, most comp plans are pretty awesome though in that they really are structured so you only need a few good people.  So stop procrastinating, stop playing with product catalogues, stop learning all about the juice or the tonic or whatever….just get on the phone and call some leads and do some presentations and make some money.

The faster you build your business the faster the rewards come to you.

Maybe its getting to the point where your partner can quit their job, or where you can afford to expand your business into new areas, or begin making extra payments on your mortgage.  Whatever it is, really drill down into your dream and internalize it.  Thats the force which will make you do this thing.  Nothing else but a real internalized dream can make you build this.

We do want to help you and be part of your journey. As you probably know our site is jampacked with free MLM training and we often offer excellent offers on leads.  We want this to be a long term relationship with you and your group.  Since 2003, when I first launched Apache Leads, we have helped thousands of Networkers, just like you reach their goals and dreams.


Optimized Apacheleads - email marketing to mlm leads

MLM Leads – The Right Way To Email Them

In a recent post I warned that emailing MLM leads as a first contact method was a time waster of the highest degree.  If you missed it you can read that post here

So is there ever a good time to email mlm leads?

The simple answer, of course, is yes, right after you spoke with them on the phone.

When you are speaking with a lead or prospect and they have indicated interest in your opportunity,  you may offer to send them some links and further information.  If they accept your offer, then of course you may ask for their email and go from there.

Make sure you tell them who the email will be from and what the subject line will say.  This will help them to find it more easily and prompt them to actually open it and read it.

Speaking of who it’s from, what is your email address?

Is it something you made up in high school that sounded cute way back then?  The [email protected]?  If it is, then invest 5 minutes and get yourself a business sounding email because no one is going to take the sexyone98 seriously.

Oh and if you have an AOL email…. Really?

The best type of email is your own domain but I understand not everyone knows how to go about getting that set up.  You have probably seen businesses who spent a ton of money, say on a restaurant fit out, signage and advertising only to notice their email is something like: [email protected]   I just made that address up but I’m willing to wager, someone owns it.  You get the point though its not as good as say [email protected]

Don’t Spam Your New Prospect

Once you have permission to email prospects be careful not to abuse the privilege by pounding them with emails.  You will soon be shuffled off to the spam folder.

Sending email about a business to a prospect can be considered “commercial” email and to comply with laws in most parts of the world it is meant to carry an automatic unsubscribe link.  Considering you are likely only emailing to a small number of prospects it’s probably ok to go without the unsubscribe link.  But do comply with any requests you receive from prospects asking you to stop sending them email.

Don’t be that guy who just keeps on sending.

If you begin getting a larger list, then it’s better for you to move to a commercial emailing system such as Aweber or Get Response.  Both have very good, easy to use systems with excellent deliverability.  I used Aweber for over 10 years before migrating to Active Campaign late in 2015. It’s very powerful and complex so you really don’t need to jump to it right away.  Aweber will do a great job for you and the ad below offers a free trial. 

Start Your Free Trial Today!

A big advantage of having a commercial system is you can easily build lead capture pages which collect visitors name, email and phone and enter them into your system.  Those prospects are then sent your preloaded email messages.  If they want to stop, they just click the unsubscribe link and they are removed from your system automatically.  Sweet right?

Another business building reason to have Aweber is you can generate your own leads.  If you go this way, you never need rely on lead companies and you make yourself fresh exclusive leads.

How to do all that is a subject for another post.

Now you know about mlm leads – the right way to email them.

If you got some value from this, please leave me a comment, I promise to reply and hit some of the social media sharing buttons

See you on the beaches!