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Why People Won’t Join Your Network Marketing Business

Eric Worre Go Pro - Network Marketing Leads

Why People Won’t Join Your Network Marketing Business

Recently I received an email from Eric Worre with this exact same subject line.  It really grabbed my attention so I opened it and read it.

The relevant part was this:

Do you know why most people don’t join your network marketing business?  They don’t really understand what they would do if they got involved.  If they signed up, they’re like, “Uh, what would I do?  I’m not quite sure what I would do.”

So, my encouragement to people is, put a copy of my Go Pro book into the hand of a prospect right away, and just say, “Read a chapter or two.  And if it peaks your interest, you can keep reading.”  But you know what? People get through this pretty quick.  And what happens is, a person goes, “Oh, I thought it was something completely different.”  They make the decision.  They get off the fence, and they decide to go to work.

Eric is a bit of a legend in Network Marketing so I thought it was about time I read his book.  So I went over to Amazon and purchased the Kindle Version of Go Pro.  Id that for a number of reasons; I live in Cambodia, delivery takes ages and costs a fortune, Kindle is great because I can read it across a number of devices and I get it right now.

I started reading it and was truly blown away.  Eric has a real talent for writing and for really capturing the struggles we have all faced in building a Network Marketing business.  From the day we were prospected to the day we walk across stage with a giant pin and pay packet

It really doesn’t matter which stage you are at in your MLM career, Go Pro by Eric Worre is going to help you and help your prospects.  Get it now and never look back.

This is what my friend Jason Lee had to say about Go Pro

This is by far the first recommendation any leader should be putting in the hands of their newest distributor. Not only is it the benchmark and best-selling book on network marketing today, it’s written by Eric Worre, who has successfully built teams of tens of thousands in the trenches.

Go Pro is one of the best network marketing books in existence today and probably will be for some time to come.

Here is a breakdown of what you’ll find by topics in this book: Finding prospects, inviting prospects, presenting your product or opportunity, following up, helping your new distributor start right, promoting live events, and more.

I highly recommend buying the printed version and taking a highlighter to pages 102-105. These pages will actually demonstrate verbatim, how to launch a new person over the phone after they’ve enrolled which is priceless.

Good words Jason.

Well my gentle reader, there you have it, will you take action or click away?  Will you share this post?  Will you leave a comment and be a part of the conversation?

So many questions….we will probably never know hahahah…I’m writing this on a Friday afternoon, my mind is wandering …I’m sure you understand. 

Buy the Printed Version of Go Pro Here or buy the Kindle Version here.  Also don’t forget to check our Network Marketing Leads.

Apacheleads winning mlm phone scripts

Professionals Use MLM Phone Scripts, Amateurs Don’t, They Fail and Quit.

Professionals Use MLM Phone Scripts, Amateurs Don’t, They Fail and Quit.

 Harsh words kids but I can’t sugar coat this lesson, it’s just too important to your future.

Let me say it another way, to make sure it’s super clear:  If you are not using a professional phone script to call leads, you are going to fail and quit, I can guarantee that 100%!

How the hell would I know that you might ask and that would be a reasonable question.  I began in MLM in February 1992, before the internet and before MLM Leads.  I had to do my own prospecting and my own calls.  I made thousands of calls and became very good at making calls.  I could get a meeting with anyone, which was not as good as it sounds.  I sometimes forgot the primary reason to be calling a lead, but I’ll cover that later.

The important thing is I used a script which was killer and I very rarely needed to go “off script”.  I had used the same script so many times I didn’t need it to be written down in front of me anymore, it was pretty much tattooed onto my brain.

Why Use Scripts?

Some people are skeptical of scripts. They recommend you be “natural”, that you simply shoot from the hip, say whatever comes to mind, and let things just be conversational.  That is, quite possibly, the worst advice in the history of giving advice.

Using a script allows you to test new things and to measure its success.  Random conversations are not measurable and just as importantly, they are not something your downline can duplicate.

Eventually the script you find works best for you, will be memorized and it will flow easily.  You will even find yourself modifying it as you go along.  All that is good and as it should be.

Injecting your own personality and modifying the script to meet the circumstances of the call are good things.

The bottom line is to use one because it’s a major difference between professional networkers and those who remain amateurs.

Professionals use scripts, amateurs don’t.

As I mentioned earlier, I first started in MLM in 1992 since then I have, through my networking and my leads business, spoken to thousands of network marketers and those who achieved success quickly, all had one thing in common.

They practiced making calls.

They would practice with their upline and with their downline.  Picking up tips and sharing them downline.  Making practice calls helps to memorize the script and helps you learn to say it naturally instead of sounding like you are reading it.

Amateurs do not have a script and they do not practice calls, instead they just blame the prospects.

Lastly, keep the following in mind: calling a prospect is about qualifying them or disqualifying them.  What I mean by that is you need to decide if this prospect even qualifies to learn anything about your business.   Your primary objective in the first call is NOT to try and coerce some poor unqualified prospect to watch your presentation.  That just leads to wasted time and frustration.  Qualify your leads.

Pick a script and stick to it.

You can grab plenty of Kindle books full of amazing scripts on Amazon  and you can also download all my free phone scripts here.

apache leads winning mlm phone scripts

If this was helpful at all please like it and share it on your favorite social media.  Also, please comment and tell me any challenges you are having with scripts or any fun experiences you have had, we love hearing from you


That Night In Davao When We Went To Bulk Pack Burger Station


Last night we were wandering the streets of downtown Davao City and came across what may be the worst named burger joint

“Bulk Pack Burger Station”

These 4 hotdogs cost less than 50 cents for the lot and sadly that was well overpriced. We ended up giving them away to some hungry looking street kids, who definitely appreciated them much more than we would have.

We were a little excited and loud but seemed to keep the staff and customers amused and entertained for quite some time.

This one is a selfie including the lovely girls who put up with our idiocy while still managing to cook and serve the other customers

Don In Davao

Don In Davao

Davao City is the home town of the current President.  He was the Mayor here for many years.  His daughter is the current mayor.  President Duterte ran this city with an iron fist.  He got rid of all the drug dealers and most criminals. His methods are very controversial.  It’s basically using vigilantes to gun down dealers on the streets.  In the past 90 days over 2,000 killings have taken place around the country.  No one seems to think that’s bad.

Davao City is one of the safest cities in the Philippines.  Mind you that’s not saying much as the entire country is really quite dangerous.

Funnily enough it never actually feels dangerous in Davao.  We first came here in 2013 and established a company here (Shenanigans Inc) and opened an office.  The office is the workplace for about 35 people who mostly work for my son, Kris.  He has built a very successful business which helps websites rank well on Google and manages their reputations.  If you need some work along thos elines, please do check out Ardor SEO

I’m currently here to train some new Customer Support staff who you will soon be interacting with on the phone and live chat.  Also it had been a few years since I was last here.

NEW SERVICE:  Would your website benefit from providing a 24/7 live chat service?  Because we have the trained staff here anyway, we can very easily provide the same service for your website.  We can take calls, take live chats and even respond to emails.  Contact us for more information

Speaking of websites, one thing yours really needs is visitors.  The company you are with mos tlikely provides you with a beautiful, informative site which just needs people to come and visit it.  The more people who come to it, the more who will join your business.  There are a few ways you can increase the visitors to your site.  You can try getting the site to rank in google, but that will be quite difficult and take a lot of time.

You can buy traffic from Facebook advertising which is instant and can be targeted specifically to give you very high quality visitors.  Of course there is a learning curve involved with this but its really not very hard.  You could probably get a campaign going within one day.  If you would like to learn from experts, I highly recommend joining Digital Marketer.   This link takes you to a $1 Trial  (not an affiliate link)

The other way to get targeted traffic to your website is to simply buy a package from us.  Yes we sell home based business traffic and if you order today you can have some home business seekers coming to your site iwthin 24 hours.

We dear reader, it’s a big holiday here for a festival and I can hear drums beating and must be away to investigate and no doubt get up to some sort of shenanigans.

Meanwhile, please share this post, like it and or comment.  I do love to hear your thoughts and always reply to every comment.  Also have you seen our Apache Leads Facebook page?  I have to say it’s pretty good and has a bunch of great stuff on there. Check it out


Apache Leads Jason Lee MLM Recruiting

MLM Recruiting with Jason Lee

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jason Lee, a true super star in network marketing.  Jason is a really dynamic guy with a ton of experience when it comes to growing big MLM businesses fast and even more importantly, efficiently.

Jason Lee Apache MLM Leads

Jason Lee Network Marketing Coach

Really, why do things the hard way when you can use all the tools available to everyone these days and make the task so much easier and faster.  Jason is a Network Marketing Coach with plenty of runs on the board.  Check out the Jason Lee Facebook page and the JasonLeeHQ blog

Jason recently wrote one of the very best posts I’ve ever seen

It’s about the different tools and methods of generating leads and converting them into awesome team members.  While I was devouring his article I was wishing I had written it.  If you want to learn more about MLM Recruiting , do yourself a favor and check out his post.

He really tore into the paid mlm leads industry but fortunately was very kind to Apache Leads (phew!)

Jason’s team have been testing Apache Leads and other leads companies (We were unaware of this) for a while now and we were very pleased to be selected by Jasons team to partner up and provide MLM Leads for his team.   If you have a growing team of 100 or more and would like to learn more about a team support system, please do contact us via the usual channels. We can offer you and your team a range of benefits which can definitely help get your team closer to their dreams faster.

Meanwhile, if you want to discover some very cool ways to attract and generate leads, please do go over and check out the really great article Jason posted, he clearly put a ton of effort into this and could charge hundreds of dollars for this very valuable training.  Let him know you came from Apache Leads by leaving a comment at the bottom of his post. He might buy me a gin tonic for that!

As a partner to Jasons team and yours, Apache Leads has a lot of leads and services designed specifically to support you and we stand behind every product on our site.  Currently I’m in the Philippines adding more customer support staff to our team.  Pretty soon we will be available 24 hours a day.

Some of the services apart from leads which are proving to be winners in fast MLM business building are you the Real Time Phone Interviewed MLM Leads, the Mobile SMS Texting Marketing Leads  and our beautiful MLM Leads Capture Pages. The key is to have a bunch of strategies all working together to get the momentum and growth you need in your network marketing business.  Have you ever thought about getting your own videos ranked on YouTube?  Here’s our Cheatsheet on getting ranked on YouTube

A super popular modern method is the Ringless Voicemail Drop.  This allows you to contact thousands of prospects at the touch of a button and have them call you!!  Training for the Ringless Voicemail Drop System is available here.

OK guys thanks for reading and as always please like and comment if you got anything from this post

Apacheleads Phuket

August is Adventure Month


August is definitely shaping up as “Adventure Month” for us.

Late next week I’ll be heading to Bangkok for a couple of nights to meet with a business associate to discuss a joint venture.  Of course we will have our meeting over a few refreshing drinks at the worlds most famous alley bar, Cheap Charlies. It’s the most amazingly weird bar I’ve ever seen and is always a “must visit” on any trip to Bangkok.  Sadly it will be closing soon to make way for yet another Hotel, so if you’re going to get to Charlies, you better get going on it.

After Bangkok, Then Theary and I are going to Pattaya (Thailand) for a few days in what looks like a gorgeous hotel on the beach. It’s 5 star and cost a measley $35 per night for a luxury room with ocean view.  Pattaya is a short freeway ride to the east of Bangkok.  It’s a mixture of wild crazy nightlife  and upmarket resort and retirement places.

On the 1st August we are flying to the Philippines for a few days on these islands of mind blowing beauty.

Then we will fly down to Davao City (Philippines) to our office and interview some staff for customer support and call center duties.  Davao is where the new President of the Philippines was the Mayor for many years.  He ruled with an iron fist and is alleged to have a vigilante force which were ruthless in wiping out serious crime, in particular drug dealing.  Davao City may have been thefirst city in the world to entrely ban smoking.

After a couple of weeks in Davao we will need to get to a beach again so, on the 30th August we will probably go to Phuket, (Thailand)

So a busy month coming up

What’s the point of me telling you this?

I really had to give posting this quite a lot of thought because some people are definitely going to take it the wrong way.  They will label me as a show off asshole.  Well yeah ok, that’s up to them but they are missing the point.

The point is that when you and I mean you, achieve time and money freedom this is how you could choose to spend a month.  Occasionaly, sharing some of my rather frequent trips and adventures is to prove to you that it really all is possible.  Sure, there are things we all need to learn in order to build a business and often that is going to take soem personal development as well.

Think about it, if we all knew how to build a business and had already been blessed with an awesome personality then it stands to reason we already would have a huge booming business which was still growing everyday.

I had to learn so much stuff and still have to study every day, because if I don’t I’m afraid that I’ll go backwards and no one likes to go backwards.  This blog you are on right now has a ton of tips and mini-lessons which WILL help you grow your business faster.  We also have a FREE club for those wanting even more free training.  It’s called “The Insiders Club”

Apache Leads has invested thousands of dollars in our unique and free Leads Manager.  We are continuing to add more features and improvements every week.  Some you see and some are behind the scenes.  We are striving to make working with us super easy, efficient and very rewarding for you.  The Leads Manager is a marvelous tool for any Network Marketer seriously wanting to build a business and finally achieve the dream of financial freedom.  Please do check out The Leads Manager and see how good it is.  It’s 100% Free

Whats in it for you and me?

Great question!  So glad you asked it.  MLM and the leads business are very closely aligned.  Allow me to explain;  your busienss grows when you share it with new people, introduce them to the products and train them how to buy leads and make calls and sponsor people.  So basically, you need to help some people get what they want so you get what you want.

My business is no different.  We only grow and get what we want if you get what you want.  We really want your busienss to grow and for you and your downline to kepe working with us.  That’s what makes our business grow and provides the lifestyle we want.

This is why we provide so much free training and the very best leads possible.

We want to meet you on the beaches of the world.  Come on, we’re waiting and there is plenty of room for all of us


Don Reid

They Laughed When I Joined an MLM But When I Walked Across Stage…

They Laughed When I Joined an MLM But When I Walked Across Stage…

When you first join an MLM / Network Marketing company many, if not all, your friends and family are going to laugh.  They will do this either to your face or behind your back, but laugh they will.   I know, they all did it to me.

You may wonder why are they doing this.  They are your friends and family right?  These are the people who are meant to …well maybe not love you but at least like you right?  Just kidding, there is no doubt your mum loves you.

The reason they are laughing is not because they don’t like you, in fact it’s probably the opposite, they do like you.  They just don’t want you to be a success.  Deep inside they want you to fail and be just like them.  It’s a sad fact that if you are a success then it makes them look bad because your success would remove all their reasons for being a failure.

There would be no excuses anymore.

Maybe you haven’t seen this with your own eyes but it’s a true thing.  If you have a bucket of live crabs, every now and then you will see one climb up on top of the others and reach up to the rim of the bucket.  As this daring crab struggles to pull himself out of the bucket and find freedom all of a sudden he will be noticed by the

crab mentality

crabs in a bucket will pull each other back down and prevent each other escaping

others who will literally grab him and pull him back down to their level

You need to be like a knight in shining armor.  The knights wore armor to protect themselves from attack by swords and other nasty weapons.  People are going to attack you, not with weapons but with words.

They will try to steal your dream

You need to wear armor against these attacks to protect yourself and to keep your dream alive.  Stay positive and don’t let anyone steal your dream

When I joined an MLM in 2002 everyone laughed and tried to steal my dream.  I worked hard on building that business from early in the morning until late at night, every day.   It wasn’t easy work but it was a lot easier than digging a ditch in the hot summer sun for a living, which I’ve also done.

Every day I was getting over 100 free signups and over 10 paid signups, sometimes 30 or more in a day.  My business had momentum and it came from being focused and doing what was needed to grow the business.

No one ever asked me if I liked this work, no one cared and neither did I.  I didn’t like it at all but I was getting more and more excited every day as I saw more people joining my business.  No one helped, no one applauded along the way.  Lots of people looked down on me and even laughed.

A little over 3 months after starting this business I went to the company convention in Orlando Florida.

It was a huge event where they recognized new levels people had achieved.  Thousands of people were there and it was a great opportunity to finally meet many of the people in my business for the very first time.  What a rush as they treated me like a celebrity, it was like they all knew me already.  I really was getting quite light headed from it all.

Eventually my name was called from the stage.  A big slide announced my name and my new level.  I walked up onto the stage to a tumultuous applause and

Don Reid Diamond

After receiving my Diamond pin and award for the fastest growing business

cheering.  I honestly felt incredibly self-conscious.  But what a blast looking out at the huge crowd all clapping for me as the founder came and congratulated me for reaching the new level of Diamond in record time!

What a blast, Diamond Level after 3 months

It was all worth it and no one ever laughed about it again, especially when I showed them my monthly checks!

Have the last laugh, do the work, protect your dream and we will ….


….see you on the beaches

Apacheleads Worried Family

Are you worried about the future?

How worried are you?

At the time of writing this the UK has just voted to leave the European Union. The US is in their typically overly extended race for the Presidency and control of Government. Australia is also in the voting cycle and will vote next weekend.

All the results of these votes will please some and certainly displease many others. That’s how democracy is, about half will be happy with the result.

The problem is a lot of ordinary people get super worried around election time and fret about the future and the effect it’s going to have on their family and their lifestyle.

In my opinion they should definitely be worried!

The source of their worry is that they have no control over their any of these things. They have always left their wellbeing and lifestyle in the hands of other people, namely politicians and their boss.

Politicians and bosses worry about themselves and their own benefit, not yours. Your concerns are way down the line. For politicians it’s the big money contributors who take first place and for bosses its stock holders and profits which take all their attention.

Your future means nothing to them.

Call me cynical if you want but in your heart of hearts you know what I’m saying is true.

We are racing toward a far right wing world where everything is monitored and controlled by Government. Just have a think about all the freedoms we have lost since this made up “war on terror” began.

Control of people is what it is all about. Keeping wages to a minimum, ensuring everyone is in debt up to their eyeballs and too afraid to speak out for fear of losing their job, their lifestyle and their freedom.

Time is running out

You have an opportunity in your hands right now. It’s a vehicle which can give you both time and money freedom. Your business can provide you with everything you need to break free of being concerned about your job or even worrying too much about whatever shenanigans your Government gets up to.

With both time and money, you could jump on a plane and go anywhere at any time. Can you imagine how good it feels to board a plane knowing you are going to some nice exotic place and you can easily afford it?

When you have both time and money you have a real freedom. With those two things sorted out, there really are not that many problems which cannot be easily overcome.

How much simpler and more pleasant would your life be if every month you cleared the total on your credit card. What if when the electricity bill came in it was not a matter of concern. Need a new car, the biggest problem will be selecting which model, options and color you want.

Long distance flying is a drag, if you are in cattle class. Up the front of the plane it’s a joy being waited on hand and foot.

There is only one thing stopping you right now from enjoying the freedom you and your family not only want by truly need and thing stopping you is you.

The thing is you have not yet paid the price for your freedom. I’ve mentioned this before and will probably say it again. There is a price to pay and it’s easy to find out what it is. Look at your compensation plan and find out what it takes to get to the level you need in order to have freedom.

It will be a certain number of active distributors/members in your group.

If you know what it takes to get one, then you know what it takes to get the required number for freedom.

The sooner you pay the price; the sooner your freedom will be your reality.

No longer will you be worried about the future.

Hanging out with friends on the beaches of the world is much more fun than doing it alone. I really want you to come and join us sooner rather than later.

this selfie was taken on "james bond" island near phuket, thailand

this selfie was taken on “james bond” island near phuket, thailand

Hope to see you soon for a worry free time on a beach

Apacheleads free mlm training - dont crash

Pull Up Before You Crash and Burn – Free MLM Training

Greetings in this post I’m showing you the importance of our Free MLM Training 

When you get on a plane to go visit your mother you’re taking it as read that all the crew have had up to date training and have honed their skills in order to perform under any circumstances right?

Damn straight!

How about you though?

Have you really done all the training in how to be a successful Network Marketer?  Be honest, don’t lie to yourself.

If you have, then no doubt, you are at the top of your game and probably reading this on the pool deck during a luxury cruise or while you munch on brunch in Paris.

No?  You’re not doing any of those things?

Then you need to get some training.

You wouldn’t want a pilot who was super confident, super enthusastic but in all reality had no idea how to fly a plane.  Are you that pilot, trying to fly like an eagle but sadly, crashing and burning?


These days you would be crazy to not be using the amazing array of internet marketing tools available to you.  These tools are what makes it possible for anyone to build a huge lead generating machine which is pumping out any number of qualified EXCLUSIVE leads all day long, every day.

Do you have one of those?

Ok, unless you’re shuffling off to the buffet on the cruise ship I’m guessing not.  Allow me to make a recommendation to you, which is NOT an affiliate link. The site I’m recommending as the very best in all aspects of internet marketing is called Digital Marketer  I’ve been a member for over a year.  I’ve also been learning internet marketing since 1995 and learn something new every day.

cruise ship pool free mlm training

Are You Reading This While You Are At The Pool On A Cruise Ship?

Digital Marketer is owned by Ryan Deiss a well-known and respected marketer who owns many online businesses.  He set up Digital Marketer to share what his team learns from marketing the other businesses.

The information is astounding in both quantity and quality.  The $38 a month is a steal. I’m not making a penny on this ok, I’m just urging you to try it for one month and see for yourself.  I think they have a $1 trial.

Unless you come from years of being an internet marketer, it doesn’t matter what background you come from, you do not know how to buy traffic, build landing pages or convert visitors to leads and to achieve maximum return on investment.

At least give Digital Marketer a trial.  If you think its rubbish or great, I hope to hear from you about your experience.

When I was sponsored into Amway in 1992 it was by an initial phone call from some guy I had never met.  He prospected my wife in a shopping center and asked for my business card.   He called me that night.

At the time I had two companies who were both going down the drain super-fast.  One was an Electrical Contracting business which had just had its largest debtor go broke owing me $550,000 and the other was a Real Estate Agency which had just had a thieving Manager empty the bank account and fire all the staff and then disappear into the night.

My day of the call had consisted of me shoveling sand out of trenches on a construction site in the middle of a Brisbane summer.

You think I was in the mood to be sponsored into Amway?

I was in the mood to drink myself into oblivion and try to forget the world for a few hours.

In those days I was terribly stressed, over worked, unhappy and alcohol was always my go to solution.  I was a beaten man and didnt know what to do or who to turn to.

When I got the call my (eventual) sponsor used a “curiosity approach” I honestly don’t remember the actual words he used but I guarantee you he told me nothing about the business, only that it was a business and he and his partners were looking to expand into my area and were looking for a couple of sharp people to partner with.

Talk about keeping the posture!

This is 1992 so its well before internet presentations and skype/zoom calls.  This was the days when all presentations were in person.

I’m not going to go into his entire process right now, that might be for another time.  My point in sharing this with you is he was an amazing sponsor with a truly enviable track record for sponsoring.  His skill and expertise with sponsoring did NOT come about by accident or by luck or by his past experience (he sold pots n pans door to door before).

It came about because he devoured all the training he could get. He never stopped listening to tapes in his car, in his office, watched training videos, went to every meeting his upline organized, never missed any function or opportunity to spend time with his upline.

He was a great teacher and passed on all these habits to his downline and those who adopted them went onto success.  Those who didn’t crashed and burned eventually.

That’s why I’m always harping on about training.

free mlm training

At Apache Leads we try super hard to make free MLM Training available to all our visitors, not just clients. We recently made the Insiders Club where we have packed it with all our books and tons of training.  You can access the Insiders Club free here  We add to it very regularly and hope you will take advantage of it.

Another highly recommended place for good training and very inexpensive is Amazon Kindle.  There are a ton of instantly downloadable Kindle books relating to Network Marketing.  Kindle MLM Books

The absolute BEST source of information and training are your very own upline.

Your upline have a vested interest in your success and are a fountain of expertise.  Seek out your most active upline, spend time with them, ask questions, listen and learn.  Let them know where you are having trouble and you will be very pleasantly surprised by the great help you will receive.  I don’t necessarily mean the guy who just got in an hour before you.  I mean seek out the upline who you see crossing the stage, hitting new levels in the business and are actively growing the business.

That’s who you want to be hanging out with, because think about it; these are the people you are going to be spending time on the beaches with in the future.

Hope this post was of benefit to you.  If you got something from it, please do leave a comment and click the share buttons so others may also benefit.  You see those 5 stars just below here?  Please give this post your rating out of 5.  This helps me know which articles you like me to write about

Click this link to get to our  Free MLM Training

Apacheleads Primary Goal

What Is the Primary Purpose of Calling a Lead?


Knowing the answer to this question is a fundamental cornerstone of building any MLM business.  Without knowing the first goal when calling a lead many networkers simply blow the call and burn the lead.

How the heck do I know this?

Two ways I know this:

  1. I made literally made thousands of calls to leads and had to learn the hard way. Thankfully I had an excellent Sponsor who spent the time to train me and reveal what the primary goal is.
  2. Every day we have new Network Marketers telling us that none of the leads they invested in are interested in what they have to say.

Since 2003 we have supplied millions of leads to tens of thousands of networkers, yes now and then some leads are bad and we replace those. But not ALL the leads are bad, not even a significant percentage are bad.  The truth of the matter is the caller is bad.

Some readers are going to not like hearing this but our job is to help you get the very best from leads, so please forgive my bluntness and read on…

When a new person joins the business they are excited and want to share all they know with their friends, relatives and leads.  They expect everyone to be just as excited as they are and are terribly disappointed when they are not even interested.

That’s when they get in contact with their leads supplier and vent their frustration.

Blaming the leads is like an unskilled pool player blaming the balls.

If they knew the primary goal when calling leads, all this frustration they feel would disappear, their phone fear will evaporate and their results would be much better.

Imagine if a guy is in bar and spots a beautiful woman.  He goes over to her and blurts out “Hi honey, you’re so beautiful.  Let’s get married”   How well is that going to go?   We can all figure that she is going to think this guy is nuts and want to get away from him as soon as possible.

That’s how leads feel when networkers call them and right away begin blurting out some long winded explanation of their business opportunity.

The leads just want to escape.

That’s definitely not how anyone wants to make their prospects feel.

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But here’s the crux of the whole matter

Those people on the end of the phone are not even prospects yet.  Wait….what you talkin about Willis?!?

That’s right.  So far the leads are not even prospects, they are just leads.

Here’s why:

Remember the question I asked, What is the Primary Goal Of Calling A Lead?

The primary goal is to determine if the lead QUALIFIES to even hear more about your business or not.

That’s the “prime directive” as they say in Sci fi

The Primary Goal is to Qualify the Lead

It’s not to start giving them a run-down of the business. So stay with me here, it’s important to your sanity.

When a lead says any of these things:

“I’m not interested”

“Where the hell did you get my number?”

“I’m only looking for a job”

“You’re the 25th person who called me”

“I never asked for any information”

Or any other major negative response, they DO NOT QUALIFY.  They disqualified themselves and do not deserve to hear or learn anything about your business.  You’re the one with the cookie, always remember that and keep your posture.

Put them back under their rock where you found them and move on.

When it’s kept in mind that the primary goal is to determine if they qualify or not the goal of the call has been achieved and you can move on knowing you achieved the goal.   No hard feelings, no fear.

You Achieved!

You didn’t try and “sell” them something (which you should never try and do) it’s time to cross them off the list and dial the next lead and turn them into a prospect by first seeing if they qualify.

This all relates to the concept of “Posture” which is a subject for a future post.

Feeling good, feeling confident and kicking goals is exactly the attitude you need to be making calls and bearing this lesson in mind will get you there.  The negative people you call will not affect you anymore than water off a ducks back.

Happy prospecting, keep up the great work and soon we will see you on the beaches of the world!

Apache Leads Lead Capture Page

What Makes A Good Landing Page?

Lead Capture Pages: You are busy making a living, building your business and just living life so we wanted to give you some short cuts to success.

Landing Pages (lead capture pages) have rapidly evolved over the last 2 years and unless you are plugged into some of the big time internet marketing gurus you may not have kept pace with what’s working now.

Your business needs new people, new leads every day. Well designed landing pages are the most cost effective way to build your email list and your leads list. The better your landing page works, the less expensive each lead is to you.

Allow me to explain why I’m even writing this article for you. In addition; if you are one of our guaranteed signups clients then this going to have a huge effect on how quickly your order is filled. If you have a landing page that is really popping then the traffic we send to your page will yield a higher percentage of people that signup as opposed to a boring page.

The problem is that most mlm companies do not build good landing pages. I’ve seen a ton of them and very few are interesting let alone compelling. Most a quite boring and want to bang on about product or some boring facts about the company…. Who cares! Not the visitors, they don’t care about the company’s growth or its amazing tonic which cures world hunger.

They only want to know one thing: What’s in it for them! That’s such an important thing to remember. But not many web designers even know it, let alone remember itWhat else is it that most web designers don’t know about landing pages? Glad you asked, cause it’s a fair bit they don’t know.

Number One: A landing page needs an attention grabbing headline. You know from your own actions when surfing around. We all give a website around 2 seconds to impress us or we click away.

That’s what the attention grabbing headline is all about. It gets you interested enough to take a look and start asking… what’s in it for me.

Number Two: Compelling bullet points. Landing pages which drone on and on with facts, figures and other bullshit are boring and no one ever reads them. Landing pages are not meant to be full of details, they are meant to collect he visitors contact information, that’s it, nothing more.

They most certainly are not meant to be trying to sell them on your business, that’s a 100% waste of time and money. So give them the benefits in 3 or 4 snappy bullet points.

Number Three: Call To Action! Wow how many pages have I seen that simply don’t tell the visitor what to do. Worst mistake ever.

The call to action needs to be compelling and have some urgency about it. You don’t want the visitor to go and think about it, you want them to enter their details in your form right now, not next week. Take a look at this page (not an affiliate link) The guy who owns that site is known for testing , testing and testing again.

There is nothing he doesn’t know about landing pages. If you can honestly say your landing page has all those points then great, there is nothing here for you. On the other hand, if you feel your page could do with some work, may I suggest you join Ryans site for just one month and do his course on landing pages.

It’s truly going to help you make tons of money. It’s a measly $38. Go here and check it out (not an affiliate link)